1 Moment of Time: Silentville

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Original mini-games
  • Intriguing story
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 518

Review for game 1 Moment of Time: Silentville

Uncover a mystery and save a town from a curse in 1 Moment Of Time: Silentville! Once upon a time in the small, undistinguished town of Silentville people started disappearing - one by one. Even the visitors suddenly disappeared without a trace. Airplanes and birds, trains and pedestrians, drivers, tourists and even bicyclers - all of them have vanished! Will you be able to solve the mystery and release Silentville from its cursed non-existence?

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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June 17, 2012

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1 Moment of Time: Silentville - many moments of fun!
June 16, 2012

Silentville has it all, for me. An unusual story, charming scenes, no on-screen "help" to guide me - which makes it rather challenging, having to guess what to do next. But the HO scenes are what really makes it fun. I couldn't just hunt for an object and click on it, almost every item on the list was interactive, and there were multiple doors and cupboards to open, items to repair, to match, or to put together. For example, one item was "lit cigarette," so after finding the cigarette I kept looking for the matches; finally realized I had to light the cigarette from the candle. The game is challenging without being truly difficult, the puzzles aren't too hard or unusual, and the story progresses nicely. It is a long game, I suspect, tho I haven't finished it yet, because it took forever to download. While there is an evil out there to banish, the story - and the scenery - is not dreary. Haven't seen skull, crypt, or rainy night, so far!

A True iHOG...love it!
June 16, 2012

Although I haven't written many reviews, I knew, with this one, I had to write! After playing 15 min. of the Free Trial, I purchased this one. Now, I've completed 1 hour & I'm not disappointed in my purchase. So far, all the HO scenes require interaction in order to uncover the required HO...well concealed, but not impossible to locate, due to very clear graphics, good color & brightness in HO scenes. HINT refills quickly, MAP & JOURNAL available. HINT button takes you directly to the location needed to complete next step. Mini-games are fairly typical, require a bit of thinking, but not impossibly frustrating as some tend to be. This is one of the few stories that is interesting, with dialogue that provides necessary info; you may SKIP dialogue, but you may miss needed info. Although the characters are "frozen" in time, due to magic, I haven't found any gory scenes, murders, etc... I enjoy these mysteries, but tend to tire of all the blood & gore! I'm playing in the Expert mode, but Casual is available for those not real familiar with iHOG. I'm deaf, so I play with sound muted. I highly recommend this iHOG, based on my first hour...especially during this "buy 1-get 1 free" weekend ! Thanks, BFG, for another keeper!

June 16, 2012

Have just finished the SE one hour trial, and it was quite challenging. Opted for the "Expert" mode, as I don't like games to be too easy. The HO scenes were not the usual "fine one object at a time" - quite the opposite - which I found to be quite an achievement once I had solved each one. In my opinion this makes it a good game to play. Only got to part one of chapter 2, so obviously cannot comment on rest of game, but if it continues in the same vein, I am sure it will be truly excellent! Will definitely be purchasing this one.

Good enough to buy after 12 minutes!
June 16, 2012

Alright, I admit I should likely wait to review this as it could all go horribly wrong further in, but suffice for now to say that I realized, in playing the demo, I was playing w/ a BIG smile on my face, and it's been a while since I've felt that. Soooo after 12 minutes of great graphics, wonderful voice over, intriguing story and 2 of the most highly interactive Hidden Object scenes I have *ever* played I had to stop and buy. Particularly because this is NOT a Collector's Edition and I want to encourage, through my dollars spent, this kind of quality in Standard Editions. It's shaping up to be a good night!

I loved it! I played 30 minutes and bought it!
June 16, 2012

Everyone disappears mysteriously Silentville! Very attractive and well developed story, especially because the cutscenes bring how was the disappearance of each character. Good crisp graphics, made with care, as well as VO and pleasant soundtrack. Many locations to explore, with good level of challenge. Sometimes we do not know where to go. But ... it has a good map, and a journal - and hint takes you to where you have to interact. Really interactive HOS, for example, to get the cheese you have to remove the mouse, which will be placed near a cat, which is also hidden.Or put together parts of objects, or even actions like extinguishing a candle. Popular mini games, like connect the railroad tracks (connecting pipes) and others brand new. This game provides very good entertainment for the weekend! Enjoy!

Impressive for a Regular Game (NOT CE)
June 23, 2012

I really enjoyed this game. While the storyline was pretty much the usual thing compared to other HO games, the puzzles, HO scenes and overall play was very good and worthy of CE status (of course there was no extra gameplay). The length of the game was a LOT longer than I expected and I actually got stuck a few times and looked at the walkthrough - something that I haven't done in a long time. Graphics were good, voiceovers ok (don't really care about this). Have fun!

loved (almost) everything about it!
June 17, 2012

Very quirky game design compared to the standard we've seen lately, but that just made it more enjoyable for me. Ran much better on my computer than a lot of games, no floating cursor or any technical problems after 1 hr trial and minimal translation bloopers. I do agree with the comments about the sound of the doors opening all the time and then having to click to go through being annoying, but that's minor. What's great about this game are the ingenious H0 scenes which combine some FROG and IHOG elements to really make you think, not just blindly look for their particular picture of a mushroom or whatever. (Having to pay for the gas to turn on the stove was a great one and totally unexpected.) Yes, the cut scenes are sketches, not live action or animated, but that gave an old-world, out of the past feeling that went nicely with the game. Love this one enough to pay full price. Now I just have to find another one to get the 2-fer. Absolutely recommend to anyone wanting something out of the ordinary without the usual death, dungeons and disease themes.

More to the game than meets the eye!
July 6, 2013

This review is based on the full game played on Challenging. I was fortunate enough to purchase this game when it was on sale. I admit, I had a love/hate relationship playing it...frustrating and then rewarding. An unusual storm comes to Silentville causing no past, no present, no future, and you need to unravel the mystery. The game is by 2 Monkeys, and there are 2 levels of play...Casual and Challenging. Beautiful graphics Good Tutorial Good Sound A Map where you can transport yourself to different locations. You can skip the dialogue and cutscenes. Puzzles were definitely different! HOS were probably the most challenging because you need to combine items. Puzzles were entertaining - not too difficult. My biggest complaint is that you can't move the dialogue and cutscenes manually screen by screen. Also, sometimes I really didn't know what I was supposed to be doing besides moving from location to location. But, being a refreshing change from the usual adventure/puzzle game was great. I DID miss the morphing objects! This is a definite buy if on sale!

Off the Charts! Fantastic Interactive Game!
June 19, 2012

This game takes the usual interactive game play and then builds up from there! This game will keep you busy and entertained for hours. I loved it! (I finished the whole game) The graphics were awesome! I really loved the hidden object sparkles that looked more like Christmas lights. Close to 90% of the objects in the hidden object games were interactive--and some of them required 2 or 3 actions before you could pick up the object! It makes it much more fun to play them! The mini-games were somewhat unique and fun. I had to skip a couple of them but the rest I finished without help. The length of the game seemed perfect. It wasn't too short. It took me 2 days to finish it. The voiceovers were fantastic! They matched the characters and were easy to understand. There was a lot of backtracking (which I love) but there was a map to skip to where you wanted to go. If you get stuck, just push the hint button and it teleports you to the scene where you need to be doing something. If you still don't see what it is you are supposed to do, then hit the hint button again and it will show you specifically what to do in that scene. To me, that is the perfect amount of help--however much you need. There is even some humor thrown in here and there to make you smile while you are playing. Thank-you 2 Monkeys for making this game! Keep up the good work. I HIGHLY recommend this game!

June 16, 2012

Based on the demo: Played this game on Hard Mode. For those who do not like black side bars-this did not fill my screen, but I really didn't notice at first, was to busy playing. Absolutely love this gem of a game. Voice overs are excellent-narrarator's voice reminds me of Jim Dale (who did narraration for tv show "Pushing Daisies") H. O. scenes are interactive, not overly difficult to get through and alot more interesting than just finding objects. Game flowed smoothly, I didn't get stuck wondering what to do next. Your character is affected by what is going on, which, to me, makes sense. Graphics are clear. A definite buy.

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