3 Days: Zoo Mystery

  • Clever minigames
  • Mysterious characters
  • Save the zoo!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 138

Review for game 3 Days: Zoo Mystery

3 Days: Zoo Mystery finds five of the world`s most unique animals stolen! Help Anna track down and return these rare animals to her uncle`s zoo. The ultra-picky zoo inspectors are on their way, so you will only have three days to solve this mystery and save the zoo. This Hidden Object Adventure game is full of challenging minigames and dark secrets. Will you be able to capture the crook and save the family zoo?

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

May 10, 2009

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2205 points

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3 Days : Zoo Mystery
May 19, 2012

Good HOG, but best part was the mini games, there was 27 levels and you had 3 to 7 tasks in each level. In the levels were numerous mini games and quite different then other ones and yet some were the same, such as matching keys of the same, match 3 or more balls , place plates on top of each other and so forth. If you completed the mini games you were awarded 1500 points, but if not you could skip them and go to a HOG game and find 8 items for 100 points each. You will get penalized for too many wrong clicks,and it was fairly easy, not the kind of game if you`re really looking for a challenge, but, great game to just relax and play.There is a hint button and it will cost you 100 pts. if you use it, I only played with the sound for awhile and that wasn`t too bad. The object of the game is too find out who took some Zoo animals and during the search you meet different characters and each one has you doing something, such as waiting on customers, fixing their boat, finding clues and such. I`m glad this was on the DD and I bought this just 10 min. in the game. Finished in 2 days as I just was goofing off. I`m not an expert game player and usually don`t write that many reviews, but I loved this game, a lot of the HOGs you have to backtrack a lot, or use the blog, or walkthru, but not this one, If you love a real challenge, then this one is not for you, a laid-back game.

Best of the mosaic games so far
February 17, 2014

I like these types of puzzles, and I think Ihave most of them. This one however bring something new. Not just one color, but at least 2 (haven't come very far yet, so who knows) and ones you unlocked the other color, you can switch between them and as they comes with different helping numbers, you manage to see the board better. There are also other help options. Like one will show 3x3 spots, or another a full column.

Fave Big Fish Game!
January 14, 2012

This is the one game of all 20 I have bought from Big Fish that I play again & again. I loved that not all of the puzzles were hidden object - I feel this game offers the most diverse amount of puzzles.I also think it is the longest game I have purchased from them - which is is a plus in my book. It's truly for all ages: my 5 year old daughter & my 15 year old son love it too. My one comment is that the graphics are a bit simple caompared to most big fish games.

fun hidden object game
November 7, 2012

its easy and good for all ages

Great game for all ages
February 20, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this HOG! It was a nice diversion to all the dark HOGs that BFG offers. Grant it I'm able to get AARP but I enjoy a good murder mystery. This game gave me a rest from that type of game. I was also able to replay and enjoy the game with my 10 year old nephew. Please try the game if you're looking for a change of pace or you want to introduce the younger generation to the world of HOGs!

I loved this game
May 23, 2012

Fun to play, lots of mini games, hint button recharged quickly, a game I'd play again not hard to play after a busy day :)

September 13, 2012

Although at first glance, it looks like a kid's game, this game was a lot of fun and held my interest throughout. The variety of puzzles and combinations of HOS kept it from getting monotonous. I really liked the fact that, if you were having trouble with a particular puzzle, you didn't have to skip it, but had the choice of going to an alternate HOS. I have never seen this before and it was a real hit for me. I am just not good at certain puzzles and this kept me from feeling frustrated. It also kept my score up in the game. I found the hints good and the hint button quickly refreshed. And there was always one or two HO in any given scene that were pretty hard to find. The hardest HOS, in my opinion, was the circus. Also, there was a puzzle piece missing from the "repair the ship" puzzle, which was a little annoying, but, again, instead of having to skip it, I was able to play the alternate HOS. The story line was pretty good, but had the occasional leap where you couldn't figure out how the "evidence" pointed at the next step. The alternate HOS was the same every time, and repeated many of the same objects to find, even though the scene itself contained many more objects that could have been used. This was a little disappointing, but the fact that there was an alternate HOS more than made up for it. This game has 27 chapters, some longer than others, so it was a good, long game. All in all, well worth the money.

not one of those short fast games!
April 25, 2012

I wasn't sure about this game until I started playing and saw there was 27 yes 27 levels to get through! It's not a hard game but gives you plenty to do. I know some players don't like to go back and forth to the same scene but this was fun. I really feel like I got my money and time worth!

One of the best Hidden Objects game!
March 28, 2014

Lots of fun. Enjoyed the various types of side games as well as the hidden objects. Nice variety. I'm usually not a fan of Hidden Objects games but this one is really good. 5 Stars and Highly recommend!

Refreshing and Different
May 19, 2012

I purchased this game from the daily deal after reading reviews and playing the demo. I am really enjoying this game and have gotten many hours of play out of it and haven't quite finished yet. The mini-games/puzzles are a pleasant surprise,I end up skipping a lot of them in other games because I find them annoying, but these games are fun and somewhat challenging without being excessive. Also, I enjoy that it's a hidden object game that isn't spooky or creepy! Refreshing break from the norm!!

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