7 Artifacts

  • Activate artifact power-ups!
  • Immersive story line.
  • Stunning graphics!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 44

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Fragments of a secret prophecy are appearing all over Greece. The vital task of unraveling its code belongs to a young magician, Lidia. Follow her across Greece towards the regent of Athens, solving fragments of the prophecy along the way. Match gems to obtain letters, and activate the power of the artifacts! Untangle the mystery of this code and claim generous gifts and boundless gratitude as your reward!


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Genre : Puzzle

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7 Artifacts
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

You must solve the mystery of the secret prophecy! Activate the power of the Artifacts and claim the Gold Athena as your reward!

AFERON - BigFishGames
7 Artifacts game play 7 Artifacts game play

Don't buy this game

This is, hands down, the worst game I've bought from BigFish. It's completely unwinnable. The goal is to pull down letters by matching colors, until you spell out a message. The problem is that you only one letter at a time, so if you're stuck with one you can spend all your time getting no where. BigFish should pull this lousy game.

Good fun

this game was fun and challanging

Grrrr No Way to save your level progress

I played this for the hour trial and thought " this is good" bought it and then got to the bit where it all starts to go Pear Shaped. You can't save your game within a level, you have to complete the entire level and this takes hours ! I got stuck for quite some time but now I have progressed I am getting very bored with it , the graphics etc are really good but it is too frustrating to progress with which is a shame.

Loved it!

Finally! A Match-3 game that's fun, unique and challenging. The power-ups are like the Montezuma series where you have to match two groups of three to activate them. You have to concentrate on what power-ups do what, and there are lots of them. One freezes the board temporarily so you can move the pieces you want underneath the item you have to get to the bottom of the board. As a Match-3 expert, I've been looking for a game that's a little more challenging, and this is it! Give it a try if you're looking for something different and fun.

Nice M3 game

Very challenging, amusing, great fun!

The graphics were good.

I thought this game was alright, the graphics were very nice which made the game okay, but I got bored very quickly with this game. It is a timed match three game and you have to get all the letters in the game to the bottom which forms a statement. Seems very monotonous but if I get bored with a game I'm not gonna torture myself to find out if it gets better.

Very Amazing Game!

When I bought it, I thought it was only a Match 3 game, but when I played and tried it for the first time, it was the thrill of my life! The sound is great, the graphics are excellent and if there's only one word to describe is: AMAZING! :D Thank You BigFishGames for Everything!

Very Satisfying Game!

When I first got the demo I thought it would be another match 3 game, but I was so surprised! Yes, it is a match 3, but there are lots of VERY satisfying explosions, power ups and bonuses! At my age, there must be something missing from my life to get so much gratification from the explosions and fast pace of this game! Yes, there is a timer (I don't know whether you can play "relaxed" as I just played the regular "adventure" for the hour demo) but there is plenty of time to beat the clock with all the power-ups and bonus points. All in all I found it to be a very satisfying, fun game that I will now HAVE to purchase!

Waste of Time and Free Game

Sorry to say was very disappointed. Matching three to eliminate letters from level -- tools hard to understand and use.


This is a game that appears to have 50 stages and unless you play this game in TIMED mode, there's no purpose to it as there are NO LETTERS to drop down to "translate" the scroll in the Relaxed mode -- which is the purpose of the game. However, this game takes HOURS and HOURS of playing time which would be alright EXCEPT that if you exit from the game BEFORE finishing ALL 50 stages -- your progress is COMPLETELY WIPED OUT. Over a 2 day period (I decided to replay it again from Stage 1) I've spent over 14 hours on this game and all I got was very tired and blurry eyed. If a gamer was able to exit this game and return to the same stage as to where said gamer left with progress having been saved then this would be a great game. I wish that I'd read the forum comments first and I would've never bothered to have purchased it.

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