AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo

  • Authentic adventure
  • Exciting action
  • Visit the city of Toledo!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1404

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Help Professor Hunt search the historical Spanish city of Toledo! Discover the secrets behind a mysterious sword in this fun Adventure game! Narrow streets, squares from the Middle Ages, silence and calm all around. Yet… very soon he becomes aware of certain malicious activities behind the scenes. Help the professor fulfill his mission in AGON – The Lost Sword of Toledo!

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Genre : Adventure

Send your inner adventurer off to explore exotic locales and solve puzzles.

Date release

June 7, 2011

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3529 points

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A Worthy Addition to what is now the "AGON TRINITY!"
September 27, 2012

So far, there are 3 installments in the marvelous AGON Series, with another addition promised very soon -- even within a few months -- or so I understand. This installment was essentially a detective story which took Professor Samuel Hunt from the beautiful shops, haciendas and palacios of Toledo, Spain, to its sewers and tunnels below, arriving at an exciting maze that leads to dark secrets so needed by the Professor. There was copious dialogue throughout, which, I think, was necessary to the plot. Much of the story revolved around the amount of information the player could extract from the many conversations, so, no one should complain about it. I must take this opportunity to congratulate the developers, Private Moon Studios, for their greatly reverential treatment of religion and religious things. something that some others trivialize and cheapen. This was important to me. And so, I, too, await, with baited breath, the next installment in this fantastic and formidable series. I gave just four stars to the "Fun Factor" if only because the use of the mouse and trying to navigate were often frustrating. Otherwise: A game of the highest order!

Agon is improving with The Lost Sword of Toledo!
April 30, 2012

I just finished playing the 3 AGON games: The London Scene, From Lapland to Madagascar and The Lost Sword of Toledo. Even I had to look several times for help in the walkthrough sites, they're really amazing! It's a movie and you are part of it. What an imagination! The game series improves a lot in The Lost Sword of Toledo. It has a map and there is more help so you look less in the walktrhough site. I'm wondering when the next will come, I don't want to forget what it's it about.

And yes! We definitely have another hit!
July 6, 2012

Third installment of the Agon series and afer finishing it, I am impatiently waiting for the next one. This is one of those games that doesn't consider gamers to be stupid nitwits. The graphics are beautiful and the puzzles are challenging. I really got immersed in the game and identified myself with the professor; This was MY investigation and I had to get on top of it. Those of you who hate to think or even to put your mind at work, don't buy this game. Those of you who love a challenge and who don't want to race through a game at Formula-1 speed by clicking away in all directions, immerse yourselves in the enchanting atmosphere of southern Spain.

Classic... a must try for adventure gamers
July 10, 2012

The whole series is a great adventure must-try... yes, there is a lot of comparatively stagnant gameplay but it's worth the effort. It's for when you're in the mood for a challenge and thoughtful gaming, definitely NOT comparable to anything in the basic and generic casual game genre. Give it a go when your in a comtemplative mood, otherwise you won't enjoy it's many attributes.

Difficult Game
July 10, 2012

I didn't buy this one. I found it difficult to move around, didn't see a hint system or even a tutorial, and didn't know what to do next. I didn't play it long, just didn't like it.

Great Adventure Game.
August 13, 2012

I loved this game. Had fun playing it.

Hard puzzle adventure
January 4, 2013

See my review on Agon:lapland to madagascar for a fuller explanation into the episodic nature of this series which I won't repeat. While the episode adventure plot is 100% completely contained in this game you won't understand the backstory or even the ending if you haven't at least played one of the other AGON games. Although there is a recap in the main menu under extra features, so read that (memories - then the story of AGON) here is a brief edited part of that - Your character a professor from the British museum, embarks on a journey after finding a mysterious anon letter, a few torn codex pages from an unknown artifact. His travels take him to 12 corners of the world where he has to learn the rules of a long-forgotten board game, if he beats the games he removes the spell from the families who guard them and eventually his goal is to exhibit them in the museum. EXTRAs consist of - Dorothy's table (journey to Toledo) where you can view some letters he wrote as well as a bio of him (which I didn't understand) Memories - The overview of AGON what's it all about and the three 'codex' pages you find in each game. Credits All the AGON games play differently although I would class all of them as puzzle adventure games. I don't recommend the first agon as it's so short and just set in about 4 rooms in the professor's museum. The second and third game which is combined and in big fish is sold as agon:lapland to madagascar is more adventure with some puzzles here in this game it's more dialogue then puzzle adventure. When I give a LF game 5/5 for hardness it's hard! This is one of the hardest games I've played, not due to backtracking or picking things up as it's not that kind of game but purely working out interactions. I do like that they all are different and I see improvement with each one. The big negative in this game though is the amount of dialogue in the first half of the game, it is literally hours. I loved the plot and thought it was well done but felt

July 10, 2012

Positives... Beautiful graphics.. 3d world. Negatives... I really wanted to love this game.. But, i gave up.. too much dialogue. If you get past that.. you may love the game. I quit after 20 minutes... so maybe i didn't give it enough of a chance. So, i will recommend the game. The game designers would probably have a winner if they just tailor down the chatting, by about 90%.

To Talky
November 21, 2011

I did enjoy the game, it is not a quick moving game. It is definitely a thinking game. Way to much talking to people. To long of conversations. But did enjoy it.

Too much dialogue
January 20, 2012

I've tried to play the 1 hour trial, but first I had to load up the walkthrough to find out how to even move around in the game. It's emphasised that you need to listen in full to every conversation as the game is story led and clues are hidden throughout the dialogues. I managed to steer to the first major character and I think she talked for at least fifteen minutes. When she finally stopped I had to go back to the walkthrough to find out how to get away from her! Once I'd at last reached the first scene I had to search, I found that if you've looked at an object once you can't pick it up for a second look! So that's a few important clues I've probably missed by doing an initial scan around. I think this game could be a good puzzle. I'm not going to find out in an hour and I'm not spending more time and any money trying to find out.

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