Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum

  • Creepy atmosphere
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Solve the asylum mystery!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 2.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 289

Review for game Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum

These days the Chestnut Lodge Asylum is abandoned and forgotten, but many years ago a terrible tragedy unfolded behind those rusty gates. Every year, patients disappeared from the asylum without a trace. Neither the nurses nor the police could find any clues. But one day, everything changed. My dreams draw me to the asylum and I yearn to return to my normal life - a life without nightmares, premonitions, and fears.... Explore the Asylum and its surroundings, find out the true story of this place and face your fears in this gripping Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

April 29, 2012

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1890 points

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All The CE Bells & Whistles...
March 17, 2013

GAME COMPLETED SEVERAL TIMES This game clearly was designed to be a CE, all that is missing is the bonus game play. As well as a well crafted game, it has the following extras: ? Integrated SG ? Collectibles ? Achievements ? Wallpapers ? Sneak Peek (video from their next game Frozen ? looks good) The game is good value in its own right. The graphics are good, not spectacular, but the cut scenes are sensational and make up for it. The atmosphere is oppressive, ugly and sometimes downright scary. The story is nothing new, and is not emphasized with lots of scattered info along the way. You spend most of the time simply getting around the grounds and buildings trying to find out what happened. But it is well paced, and finishes with a bang. I found myself having to get help on what to do next from the SG a bit too often. Still, I was playing late at night and it might have been just me. What this game didn?t have and needed desperately was an interactive map. The game area was huge. There were dozens of locations, often used only for a couple of items spread apart of course, and they were all over that none existent map. It required my full concentration to just get around, never mind remembering where particular puzzles were. Now that we?ve mentioned them, there were very few puzzles and they were easy. This was a HO game, wrapped into a good adventure. Overall, this game is worthy of a solid four stars from me ? its extras have earned it a fifth.

Better than most so called CE...
May 9, 2012

...at half the price. Finally! This CE thinghy is starting to wear me out, 70% of time is a bluff. This game is longer than many CE, better drawn and less stupid. Keep up the good work!

Cracking game if you like spooky!
April 28, 2012

This game exceeded many CEs in quality, story, game play and graphics. Played right to the end, which took about 5 hours on advanced level. No map and lots of scenes to visit, but not too much going back and forth. Interactive HOS, not too difficult although the scenes were a bit dark. I really enjoyed the level of difficulty, not too taxing but not too easy either. A BIG plus was having a built in strategy guide. If you like eerie, creepy games this one is for you. A couple of times I thought the game had glitched, but in fact it hadn't. Ran perfectly smoothly on my W7 machine, and smooth cursor. Can't wait to see more games like this from these devs!

Don't miss it!
April 29, 2012

BFG surprises me with this game for weekend. I immediately buy it after 10 minutes demo and here's why: + PLUSES: - it gives you a CE version of a SE; it has it's strategy guide, extras, for the price of an SE -> biggest plus - excellent graphic, the scenes look so real - voice overs, and they're pretty good too! - spooky music, although some are repetitive during the HOG scenes - creepy atmosphere - lots of HOG and few mini-games, my kind of game :D the downsides are: - the setting, which is used over and over again: abandoned asylum, former or current patient, etc.. - abrupt ending with no clear conclusion - some chapters are long, the others are not, making the game length quite short - mispelling of some items in the HOG scenes, like I'm looking for 'hummer' and turns out to be 'hammer' - HOG scenes are dark and items difficult to see - a lot of backtracking and no map Still, the pluses are more important to me so that's the reason I'm buying it. Try the demo and hope you'll like it too!

Escaped Just in Trime
April 29, 2012

Excellent play! I played for little over six hours. Played in Advance mode. I wore out shoe leather as I explored Chestnut Asylum and its grounds but I enjoyed the exploration. I love morphing objects and riding elevators. I enjoyed the dark side of the hospital and with it the scary and disgusting scenes. Sinse the Doctor responsible for all the mayhem is on the lam I am assuming that this opens the door for a sequel. I look forward to the next game. Good work team. Thanks for bringing us the game,

April 29, 2012

This game was truly enthralling, from the opening scene to the ending scene. The game entailed trying to resolve as to why patients disappeared from the asylum. Spooky music enhances the atmosphere of the game. In my opinion, just the right amount of interactive hidden objects to collect necessary items. I really enjoyed completing the adventure! Thank you for also adding morphing objects as well. The puzzles were great! Two of the puzzles kept me busy for a long time. Loved the achievement at the end indicating completed all puzzles without using the skip! I cannot get over the length of this game! There were so many rooms to explore and equally, a number of tasks! I am really looking forward to the next release, "Frozen". Thank you Big Fish and to the developer for such an outstanding game!

April 28, 2012

I have to say this is one of the best SE's they have came out with in a LONG time!! The developer's integrated the walkthrough right into the game which is a big help. Storyline is not anything new but well done and the opening screen shot/beginning is really good. The only slight negative I can say about the game is the scenes are a little dark but that's the only thing I can say bad about the game. I've played it on and off all day and it was a lengthy game for a SE. Has all the bells and whistle of a CE just no wallpapers or sound tracks which I don't use anyway. Give this game a try and I bet most will like/love it!! Kudos BF you did a good job on this one :)

Oh yeah, this is good!
April 28, 2012

*Based on the demo* I agree with Nilosh (& thank him for all his great reviews) about being sucked in by the opening scene of this game. Holy cow, my heart was pumping already! 'Abandoned' offers perks equivalent to a CE, & am hoping the length is good as well. There is very noticable movement as you pan back & forth slightly in many scenes, so those who have probs with that kind of motion, demo first. There may be a little too much leeway with that, plus I did notice a tad of unintended screen adjustment- or compensation-type movement too; don't know how else to describe it, but noticed occasional tiny, almost insignificant movement that i've not noticed in other games, so maybe it's a glitch, or some over-zealous tech thing. Agree with folks that there's some difficulty in getting screen brightness just right at times, most notably in some HOscenes which made 'em tough, tho not impossible - I totally get the drab, gauzey spooky look, but it was a little too much at times. That's just a small thing that hopefully the artists clear up next time. But other scenes were crystal clear & amazingly well done. Morphing objects, spooky story & atmosphere, very good graphix, appropriately creepy sound effects, good voice overs, choice of play mode, interactive HOS, plus an integrated SG all really hit the mark with this one, imho. If this is overly saturated with HOscenes i'll be a little bummed, 'cause this game doesn't need an onslaught of 'em, Either way, i think if this is the direction the dev Lazy Turtle Games is moving, look out - we could get some outrageously cool stuff! Disclaimer: i am a devotee of Dark & Eerie games, & haven't yet become weary of asylums, haunted mansions, & the like, & right now i'm a happily creeped out gamer. I'm seeing 5 stars for both effort & over-all quality. Thanks devs & bfg. Buy buy :)

Really Good One
April 28, 2012

Wow. I can't believe this is not a CE. It has everything most CEs have and I even enjoyed it more than many CEs I've played. It wasn't easy and it's a good thing there is a guide you can access anytime during gameplay, I got stuck a lot of times and was glad it was there. There are achievements, morphing objects to find and all puzzles can be skipped. The HO scenes are interactive and not too easy. I think I still had a couple of items in my inventory at the end and thought there might be a bonus game, but nope. Weird. Still enjoyed this one a LOT. Thanks BigFish. :)

The game had me at the opening scene!
April 28, 2012

Before I begin, I must congratulate the Developers for a really stunning opening scene; best I have scene in a while, especially in a SE game! By now you have read the reviews and probably know that witht this game, you really are getting a bargain here. This game has all the game features that we usually see in a CE, and I am truely blown over. I expect that many will find this game to be dark and dreary not to mention a storyline which we have seen many times before; another abandoned Asylum and a mystery to solve. Nevertheless, I am a fan, and one of my guilty pleasures are these genre of games. Although the graphics are dark, they are sharp and the art work is very well done. There are voice overs when needed and I really liked the cut scenes. Your menu options offer everything such as custom cursor, screen width and brightness in addition to two play modes. The HOG scenes are dark, crowded, somewhat tricky and some interaction are involved. My only complaint is that they are too dark and some objects were almost impossible to detect. Also the mini-games were sparse and not very challenging. You have a journal and believe or not, a SG to help you out. Also another big thank-you to the developers for adding morphing objects and achievments which actually made me press the buy button without a second thought. I love these extra challenges that just add to the overall gaming experience. I think that some will either love this game or pass on it due to the topic and the dark and sombre atmosphere of the game. Yes, we have all been there and done that, but just like some of our favorite TV shows, subject matters rarely change. In the world of creative thinkng, there is almost no original idea and we do seem to be re-playing the same stories over and over. Regardless of that, I am a fan and I really enjoyed playing this game. I look forward to seeing the sneak preview of Frozen and thank BFG for this cool surprise on a Saturday.

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