Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate

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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 147

Review for game Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate

Alabama Smith is back in an all-new time-twisting adventure involving powerful relics that could alter the destiny of mankind! Join Alabama and his girlfriend, Anastasia, in Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate. Hunt for the elusive Crystals of Fortune using the Amulet of Time in this Hidden Object game. Jump back and forth between the past and the present to solve mind-bending puzzles, search for cleverly hidden objects, and stop a shadowy nemesis from finding the crystals first!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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November 13, 2009

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2986 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

A Quest To Finish This Game
February 19, 2014

I can almost always find something I like with just about any genre of game. I say almost because quite simply I couldn't even finish the demo. I was so annoyed by the fact that every item I was looking for was itty bitty and if that wasn't bad enough, every single item from the light switch to the closet was labeled as I scanned the cursor over it. It is an unusual game where you have to go to several rooms to find all of the items such as 12 photo fragments or 10 Inca figurines. The mini games are part of your quest such as putting the photo fragments back together. I'm sure that some people enjoy this type of game but I really didn't like it.

December 5, 2013

A HOG-adventure game in which Alabama will need to frustrate his enemy from finding relics that will give him power over the world. There are puzzles (none is extraordinary or particularly challenging; but they are fun), objects hidden and used around the environments in more than one location. Alabama?s tasks are listed and you can switch between modern Macchu Picchu and the ancient Incan civilization and objects obtained in one era will be used in the other. There are two endings, depending on how successful you are in playing. The graphics are good, story interesting, many locations and, oh yes, you can earn trophies for your good play. Much better than Alabama Smith and the Escape from Pompeii, which was very easy.

DON'T waste your time or money
February 15, 2012

This has to be the worst game I have ever played. No logic to it whatsoever. You didn't know which way to go and had to guess what the developer wanted you to do next. I found that I had to click on the hint button so often that it became routine. Furthermore, the hint button would tell me to go this place, I would reach that spot and suddenly the hint would say, nope - go here, nope - go there, nope - wrong. Try here. It was absolutely ludicrous and there was no rhyme or reason to it at all. In short, I simply HATED this game.

Good, challenging game
May 19, 2013

I enjoyed this game. :) It's true that it doesn't hand everything to you on a plate, but I actually prefer that. And there's a hint function and a walkthrough if you get stuck. (Which I did a couple of times.) GOOD POINTS: - It was fun to play - Hidden object scenes nicely broken up with other activites - Unusual minigames - I found it quite challenging - The plot mostly made sense within its own framework of logic - There's no clicking penalty, which is always a plus. :) - The backgrounds are attractive - The music is quite pleasant - Hint function - which recharges REALLY quickly! - Skip minigames function - but you can get a trophy for not using it :) - Walkthrough available NOT SO GOOD POINTS: - It would have been nice if the game were a little longer. But when I got to the end, it told me that if I had found certain clues along the way, the character could solve something relating to the story (I'm trying not to give any spoilers here!) - so that may indicate that there's another level to play. Will try to get to that another time. - It would have been nice if the game had pointed out that I was supposed to be looking for these other clues. But I suppose that just adds another level of challenge. - The characters were a bit nondescript, I thought. But that didn't really interfere with my enjoyment of the game. :) SUMMARY: On the whole, it was a good game, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a game that will engage their brain a bit more than the average game. :)

Got the wrong version
July 20, 2012

The game is not that bad but I ordered the game on the english site and got the french version...It's fine I speak french but it's just odd...

Middle of the Road
October 15, 2013

I finished the first part of this game. And when you get to the end it offers you the opportunity to play again, but with a different goal. That was cool. This game is a mixed bag. LOTS of HOs, a bunch of mini-games, some of which are ridiculously easy and some of which I found unsolvable. The story line caught me, because it's about the Incas and Machu Pichu, things in which I'm greatly interested. BUT the story bounced all over the place - Peru, somewhere in the States, the present, the past, this room, that room, the next room. Some puzzles you're not allowed to try to solve until you get to a particular point in the game. Same with some items to collect. Thankfully, the hint button recharges in about 2 seconds, because I needed it A LOT. Characters are lame, but I LOVED the sound track, which is unusual. I tend to turn the music off after about 5 minutes. In spite of its downsides, overall, I liked the game, and eventually will go back to play the second scenario.

Not bad, but not amazing either
December 11, 2011

Quest of Fate is the second Alabama Smith game I've played. The first impressed me with the variety of different things the game had me doing, it was definitely designed to appeal to multiple genre lovers. QoF is similar, to a lesser degree. There are way more traditional HOG scenes, and less of a variety of mini-games along the way. The characters didn't really grow as far as I can tell, from the first game to the second - they're still incredibly naive and trusting, something I'd think they'd be more careful about by now. I'd have liked to see some growth, either in how they approach problems, or at least in how they interact with new characters. Finally, the game gets a gold star for replay-ability. Once you've beaten the game the first time around, a second side-story is introduced, and you can replay the game while finding pieces of this side story to complete. Since the main game is a decent length, this really does manage to stretch the $6.99 I paid for it. Overall, QoF had its ups and its downs for me. It's not going on my favorites list, but I don't have any major criticisms either. I'd recommend it for a "dry spell" on new releases, and definitely as a Daily or Weekly Deal. :)

Pretty good game, fairly challenging
November 24, 2011

Not one of my favorite games, but it's best quality is that it's not one that you can breeze through so much either. On the downside of that upside though, it felt as though I HAD to use hints sometimes to figure out what to do next. Like there was nothing to point the the logical next step at times. All in all it was rather enjoyable, but the characters are a little too pure and naive. Feels a bit like a Hardy Boys story or something hehe

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