Amerzone: Part 2

  • Save the White Birds
  • Scour the globe
  • Return an egg to the Amerzone!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 248

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Continue your amazing Adventure in Amerzone: Part 2! A dying explorer has entrusted you with an egg that was stolen over 50 years ago. Now it’s up to you to return the egg to ensure the survival of the incredible White Birds. Travel across the globe and look for valuable clues as to the location of the Amerzone. Find their mystical birds and go on a unique adventure in Amerzone: Part 2!


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Genre : Adventure

Send your inner adventurer off to explore exotic locales and solve puzzles.

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Amerzone: Part 2
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Dive into an amazing Adventure game and return the White Bird egg to the Amerzone!

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Amerzone: Part 2 game play Amerzone: Part 2 game play


Match 3

Amazing, truly amazing.

I?ve just finished Amerzone Part 2, and of course have bought Amazone Part 3 Part 1 was seductive, Part 2 was gloriously enthralling and I have no fear Part 3 will not disappoint. I will play these 3 games over and over, they are so enchanting. Benoit Sokal is the master storyteller, and a magician of concept. The complex beauty of the story, the ethereal rendering of the scenery, the extraordinary fauna and flora and the wonderfully conceived and superbly named mode of transport called ?the Hydroflot?, all contribut to this gem of a game. I will now embark on the final stage of a remarkable journey I really don?t want to end.

amerzone 2

Good visual, different story I like this game

Fun Adventure

I played the full version of this game several years ago. The subject is quite interesting, although, when you play it "in parts", you have to reacquaint yourself with the story line . It's an easy adventure if you just follow the directional arrows and interactive circles. My only complaint is that each part is much too short, about 1 1/2 hrs. each.

love benoit sokal games

I love this game, as well as syberia and paradise, all by benoit sokal. very creative, wonderful music, fantastic story line, great graphics. it is broken into three parts like the first syberia, but I enjoyed it enough to deal with that.

Love It!

I have not even finished the demo, before deciding to purchase. I love adventure games, and this one is a winner for me. The graphics are great... semi realistic, and the story so far, very interesting. The cut scenes and voice overs are good, and I am very fond of 360 degree mouse view scouting. So far no tech glitches and the game runs smoothly on my PC. Challenge level is good as well, with one having to figure out what to do next. Hope the length of play is long. I see the game says part 2? Hmm, I must have missed part 1 somewhere, so I will have to search BF game listing to find and download it as well.

Part 2 of Early quest style game

Beno?t Sokal's 1999 first-person adventure game Amerzone is presented by BFG in 3 separately downloadable parts. Each part is playable by the experienced player in a hour. Although BFG doesn't provide a walk-through there are several excellent walk-throughs of the original game available archived on the internet. Amerzone is a good example of an early quest style mystery game. The artwork is breathtaking and is a stand-alone reason for experiencing the game. Amerzone is not the type of game with which modern players are familiar. It could be considered an immersive interactive novel or movie. It is not a HOG nor does it contain challenging puzzles. It tells a story which the player helps to advance. It is not a long game, easily completed in 3 to 4 hours. One wonders if this game might not have been a demo, a "pitch", for a more complex game. The user interface presents a few issues, and this was one of the criticisms when the game was originally released. There is no user manual, no hint system, and no written dialogue. Internal game instructions appear once at appropriate times as hand-drawn information boxes. Documents the user collects during gameplay provide background information, more lovely artwork, and hints to puzzle completion. Although scenes are static, the player has 360 vision in most scenes, by dragging the mouse. This is an early point-and-click style of interaction where the player clicks on a symbol near an interactive object in a static scene. If you wish to use something from inventory, you activate it and it stays active until you deactivate it. It either works on an object or it doesn't. As stated before the artwork is beautiful but the graphics are somewhat blocky and dark, making it difficult to see some scenes. Amerzone Part 2 - Explore a mysterious atoll, find fuel and further clues about your trip, journey up the tropical Amerzone river and meet a priest with a past. Pay attention so you don't get lost in the jungle.

Think out of the box !

Like in the first instalment, traditional directions and help are totally absent except for arrows that show you where you can go and little wheels what you can do. It's an adventure game in which you are on your own with your wits and creativity as sole tools to solve the enigma. Interacting with the characters is part of your tasks and I must say that the voice acting is quite natural and convincing, but there is no dialogue possibility. The intro movie is quite good too and interactive. But strangely enough the pics are clear when the movies are running and awful when they turn into stills. You can pan the camera 360 degrees around you and that is done with fluidity. The story is engaging, though not as great as Syberia's. I recommend this game to those who, like me, enjoy finding their own way around without assistance, and read all the material provided in order to get clues as what you can do next. If you like Nancy Drew and/or Syberia, you'll probably enjoy this one too. For adventure-lovers only, but it's a good idea to play Amerzone #1 first.

This is a good game! Other reviewers don't know the history of this game!

This game is not a new game. This was released in 1999, so we have to compare it with late 90 games not with new ones. This game was sesigned by Benoit Sokal (the designer of Syberia I and II), and this is his first game. Big fish game only re-release this game now because the original one was only playable on win 95, and in compatibility the visual was awful. Now the game's visual is good. Yes the game interface is not very helpful for beginners and for the young generation, but it's good for people who likes challanges. My only problems with this re-released is that, they did not create subtitles under the dialoges, and they split it to parts. This game is perfect for nostalgia, new players only play with it if you want to know how a first person andventure game looked like more then 10 years ago.This is a good game! Other reviewers don't know the history of this game!

Time was spent on it

There was some time spent on this game, you can tell that by the screenshots alone. I dont think you can honestly review this game due to the fact this game is one of those you will either play or you will not play. Not a sometimes game. Give the trial a chance to see if its for you.

Way too short; extremely easy; no challenge

Played the demo; bought game; finished game 8 minutes later! There were only 2 reviews available when I purchased; neither mentioned how short the game is. Although I enjoyed the game (parts 1 and 2) I expect more than 68 minutes of gameplay. Doubt that I will purchase future episodes...

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