Amusement World!

  • 4 unique themed lands
  • Addictive carnival games
  • Challenging logic puzzles
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 505

Review for game Amusement World!

Inspired by some of the grandest amusement parks in the world, but with a nod towards the endearing charm of boardwalks and carnivals, Amusement World invites players of all ages to have the time of their lives with nostalgic hidden-object scenes, games and puzzles. From skee-ball to dart throwing to target shooting, all of the classic carnival games are here. With four distinct lands to explore, each with its own theme and memorable characters, there is something for everyone to love at Amusement World!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

September 25, 2012

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1626 points

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Amusement World
September 25, 2012

I loved everything about this game!!!!

Amusement World such an apt title
October 2, 2012

What a fun fun and unusual game. At first I thought it was childish but perservered and I am so glad I did. Along with its elementt of HO scenes, the mini skill games were great and you can go back for repeat plays anytime, which I did. A very intriguing game with surprise elements and I couldnt was to see what happens next. Everything about the game was excellent and my only regret was that it had to end. I will certainly reply the entire game in full. Thanks BF, More PLEASE

Fun mix of hidden objects, arcade games & puzzles!
September 25, 2012

Definitely a great family game. The hidden objects were cleverly hidden. Some puzzles were easy and others challenging. Loved the haunted land - cool special effects. The arcade games are ones you'd normally find in an amusement park but have a surprise or twist to them. Shipwrecked and joker toss were my favorites.

Great family game
September 7, 2012

I played this game with my 6 yr old daughter, who absolutely loves hidden object games, and she had a blast! I can't wait for the PC version so she can play it more often because we only have limited access to my husbands macbook. My daughters favorite land was Whimsy Wonder, because she is a princess through and through...but there are 4 different lands to go through! A pirate land, super hero, and haunted/spooky land. The little mini games are what is really great about it. We've all played a ton of hidden object games, but the shooting gallery, skee ball and balloon popping were some of my daughters favorites. All in all, it is a great game and one that I find myself playing alone, or with my daughter and we both equally enjoy it! Bring on the PC version please!

Great game!!!
September 26, 2012

My 8 year old daughter had a great time playing this game!!! She loved the hidden object game, had a blast playing balloon pop, and can't wait to play again tomorrow.

Great hidden object game!
September 25, 2012

Interersting story with beautiful graphics and interesting games within the game. We loved the different areas of the amusement park. It is challenging for different skill levels, so young children do not get discouraged and more seasoned players will still find it challenging. My daughter loved the princess and my boys thought that the pirates were super cool. My wife loves the game. I liked the haunted scene. Very well made game, Great for all age groups! It just a FUN game!

High-quality, low-cost game that's packed with variety!!
September 25, 2012

If you like hidden object games and like to challenge your hand-eye coordination skills both in one game then this game is perfect for you. The graphics are flavorful. The theme is an amusement park that has different storylines for each portion of the park which are kind of like levels. There are some classic games within the booths to play and some are very unique. Characters are relevant to each scene and task(game). This is a winner..

Hours of fun
September 6, 2012

I just finished Amusement World! and it was a real blast. The hidden object scenes are challenging and have great artwork. I especially liked the games and puzzles found throughout the four lands. And speaking of the four lands, each one is uniquely different and hard to pick a favorite, but mine would be Haunted Grove.

Outstanding Hidden Object Game that will Bring Out the Child in You! Fun for All Ages!!
August 28, 2012

This game was put together very well with several different chapters. It is packed full of hidden object scenes and cool carnival mini games! -Excellent graphics -Awesome storyline -Music fits game well -Good map and guide Very fun game to play by myself and with my children! A+ game, get it today to play with your family!!

Wonderful Game! Bringing you something new and REPLAYABILITY!
September 25, 2012

For starters, I work at a game development studio and had a chance to meet the guys at HeadRight Games before. Based on our conversation about the game, I was excited to see the final product, and they did not disappoint. HRG takes some bold steps with their first commercial release, and that is bound to be met with some skepticism. You have to give them credit for staying the course and delivering. In a HOPA market saturated with dark and ominous settings, Amusement World! instead takes the player on a more lighthearted journey. This game is definitely appropriate for families to play, but don?t let a simple Princess deter you into thinking that you cannot enjoy this game at any age. Games are enjoyable based on so much more than a character or color palette. No one would ever purchase a Mario game if they simply looked at it and wrote it off as childish. The amount of content in this offering is amazing. Not only do you have standard hidden object scenes, collectibles, and puzzle games, but the player also has access to 6 different mini-games. This is another bold step by HRG as they infuse some arcade style games into the genre. Based on my time playing, they were aware of the HOPA audience potentially having roadblocks with these segments and implemented a Casual mode. To progress in Casual, the player simply needs to attain 1 star on each mini-game, and the goals feel extremely attainable. The beauty though is being able to return and replay any of these mini-games at any time (even after completing the main mission). Try to get 3 stars on all the Expert modes and attain the highest score possible! If you hate popping balloons, maybe Galaxy Ball will be more your style. I loved Shipwreck?d, Galaxy Ball, and Joker Toss myself. The story is relatively minimalistic, so if that is what you deeply enjoy in your purchases, this game might not be for you. I?ve played a large number of the bigger games offered here on this site. There are high production values in those games, and they all h

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