• 18 unique interactive fish
  • 70 exciting hidden object levels
  • Customize your aquariums with vivid extras
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 2.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1075

Review for game Aquascapes

Explore the incredible underwater hidden object world of Aquascapes. Take care of your finned friends. Play with them and watch as they interact with each other. Engage in unique gameplay as you earn money to customize your tank. Choose from a variety of vibrant backgrounds and charming decor to turn your tank into a design masterpiece. But that's not all! Each fish has its own fun personality, who will be your favorite?

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

May 9, 2013

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559 points

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A great funny game
May 8, 2013

I love this game. It's so bright and uplifting and great fun for all ages. You decorate aquariums paying for various items and fish money you earn playing hidden object scenes. The HOG scenes are very bright and crisp and I had no problems finding the items. The fishies talk to you and sometimes tell you what items they want in their aquariums with a thought bubble. When the fishies are happy you win a trophy. The game is not very challening at all but it's such great fun that it is a definite buy for me.

Another Wonderful game from Playrix
May 8, 2013

I knew as soon as I saw who created this game that it was going to be a winner. There is so much to do. Lots of surprises. Anyone who has other games by Plaxrix such as Gardenscapes and Gardenscapes:Mansion Makeover will love this game. I am having great fun playing Aquascapes. Definitely recommend it. Enjoy.

May 8, 2013

This is so much fun to play. love the Fishdom games and just love this hidden object game. Had to have it. So much fun to find the hidden objects and set up your aquarium. Love the way the fish talk to you.

Come Here Little Fishies
May 8, 2013

Aquascapes is such a relaxing, wonderful little game. I love Fishdom 3 and this is very similar except that to earn money you play a HOG. While in the HO scenes be sure to look for seashells that help you purchase some items in the shop. The game opened automatically in widescreen on my Windows8 laptop. You can choose to play in either relaxed or timed game mode. Another option is that you can turn on sparkles if you want a bit more help. This is the perfect HO game for when you want to play during a quick break since there is not a story to follow ? just a fun and perfect game that is suitable for everyone in the family. Have fun building your aquarium and caring for your fish!

Fishdom H2O Meets Fishdom 3
May 8, 2013

BASED ON DEMO & MANY HOURS WITH BOTH H2O & 3 I own both of the above games, and this one has the GAMEPLAY of FISHDOM H2O and the VISUALS & EXTRAS of FISHDOM 3. The basic idea is you GO DIVING for treasure to gain COINS so you can buy FISH & ACCESSORIES. The fish TALK to you via little speech bubbles and images in thought ones. These guys can be truly FUNNY. They also demand that you FEED them, keep their aquarium CLEAN, and buy them things. The diving is your HOS. They come in 3 flavours from what I saw. STANDARD LIST, MULTIPLES OF & SILHOUETTES. The colours are vibrant and beautiful despite being entirely underwater. OBJECTS are easy to see. Lists start small but get longer as you progress. Not mentioned in the blurb is the EXTRAS: COLLECTIBLES ? shells (3 per ?level?) that can be used in the shop for special items SCREENSAVER ? you can use any one of your tanks for this, if it?s like the other games it has themed music for each tank that is also played in the sceensaver. Fishipedia ? detailed information on the fish in your tank. AWARDS & STATISTICS ? dozens of them. Option for SPARKLE HINTS. Fishdom 3?s screensaver is my alltime favourite, and I am excited about getting this game and playing that ?70 exciting hidden object levels? and decorating myself another 8 wondrous aquariums for my screensavers.

May 8, 2013

This is a very good hidden object game, just like Fishdom. Same everything except this one is HOS and not Match 3. That is why I probably won't buy since I have the other one. But it is well worth getting it. Still thinking about it. Graphics are great . Give it a try.

Glub Glub Glub Glub and Glub
May 8, 2013

Perfect game for HOG fans out there. This time Fishdom becomes Aquascapes where you have tons of HO scenes to play and a choice of timed or relax fameplay. There are coins to earn, fish to buy, decorations and lots of achievments. A great way to pass the time and enjoy all the hidden object scenes you can play. Dont forget to feed your little fishies, brush away the dirt and wake them up when they sleep. Great fun for all and for those who prefer Match 3 games, there is always the Fishdom series to go back to.

I had so much Fun!
May 8, 2013

There are lots of aquarium games out there, but imo this is the best! The fish interact with you and each other and are so funny. At times I wanted to stick around to watch them rather than play the HOS. They tell each other stories, and one sang a Beatle song. So funny! There are 2 levels of play, timed or not. I chose relaxed because it is 3am and I'm not exactly bright eyed. I ranked visual quality a little lower because of the murky HOS scenes. After all you are under water, but frankly I don't know how else they could continue to convey that if it was crystal clear. I leveled up pretty fast and as you do, you can add more fish to the tank. At demo close I had 6. 2 were purchased with shells instead of coins - that's a novel idea. I'm so excited about this game. It's an aquarium and a HOG. What more could you ask for. Oh, and it's from PlayRix. One of the developers I like best.

If you love Fishdom 3, you will love this one!
May 8, 2013

Title pretty much says it all! I would say this game is probably 90% done in the same style as Fishdom 3, the big difference being Fishdom 3 is a match 3 game, and Aquascapes is hidden object. I have only got a ways into this game but it's great! Great graphics, music is ok but can be turned down or off if it starts to get to you. The fish seem of better "quality" than in Fishdom 3, they are different and the colors seem more vibrant. Same premise as Fishdom 3 where you buy fish, decorations and plants, and once you have finished with this aquarium, you can buy another and start decorating complete with changes in backgrounds etc. Relaxed or timed mode, I am not a fan of timed games but you have your choice here. Another great Playrix Game! Keep up the good work developers. So if you loved the Fishdom series or Barn Yarn or the Gardenscape games, this one is for you!! A great relaxing game, nice change of pace from the ones that scare the pants off you, although I do those as well and enjoy them! This one is definitely a MUST HAVE!!!

Yay! The fish are back!
May 26, 2013

I am absolutely 1000% hooked on this wonderfully amusing, and very different, hidden object aquarium building game! It's the return of the lovable and often hysterically funny fish from the Fishdom universe, where the whimsical fish amuse you between scenes with their wise cracks, tricks,, and just plain banter with each other. I sometimes spend more time watching the fish conversations than I do actually playing. It's a bright refreshing change from the often too-dark HO games that are so predominant for the genre. (You don't need to spend extra money for a collector's edition to figure out the scenes, either.) You earn money and find 3 shells (new to the Fishdom world) in each scene, which you can then spend to purchase the fish, decorations, plants, backgrounds, and new aquariums. The backgrounds and most of the fish are new as well, and I especially love the Zombie background and decorations. You also have to keep your aquarium clean and feed the fish (they can be a tad sarcastic if you don't, lol). The one thing that could make this game more fun is if I could talk back to the fish! Anyone who doesn't try it - just doesn't like to have fun, My #1 recommendation for everyone, ESPECIALLY Fishdom 3 fans! I'm already eager for another version!

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