Atlantis Sky Patrol

  • More than 100 challenging levels.
  • Earn coins for unique upgrades.
  • Features 2-player option.
  • Fun mini-game between levels.
  • Stunning art deco visuals.
Min System request
  • OS : 10.4, 10.5 (recommended)
  • CPU : 1.83GHz
  • Memory : 512

Review for game: Atlantis Sky Patrol

This frenetic marble-popping adventure puts you in charge of how fast each level will end. Knock out doomsday devices on each of the 100 levels in the game by matching marble colors in sets of three. To finish off the device and move on to the next round, simply destroy the cleverly-placed static orbs that continually allow additional chains to fill the track. Easy to learn, but difficult to master, this puzzler is nearly impossible to put down!


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Atlantis Sky Patrol
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Stop the chains from filling the track in this marble-popping adventure. Only you can decide how fast each level will end!

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"I like this game but it's too easy." (quote from BF game forum)

Pros: Nice graphics, smooth gameplay Cons: Too many powerups for good players Atlantis Sky Patrol is easily up there with the Zuma and Luxor games as one of the best marble poppers available. The sci-fi storyline and concept works well and the twist of having to remove balls from the machines instead of lasting long enough through a set number of marble chains is a good twist on the standard MP gameplay. Some of the rails on which your spaceship shooter rides upon are uneven, which adds to the challenge. When you reach a checkpoint you get the added bonus of playing a ball popping game in space for a change of pace. There is a two player option to either play cooperatively or head to head but I have not tried this out. There are lots of powerups to catch while playing, and upgrades to your ship to purchase in between levels. All of this is a mixed blessing since those who are not serious MP players will enjoy having a game which is not necessarily "frenetic" as the game description suggests; however, I managed to clear even the last few levels of the game in only 3-4 chains per screen using all the help. Without buying any of the upgrades between levels, the game is considerably harder, but I didn't experience any serious challenges until about level 65 even without buying the upgrades. If you lose a level you can just restart from that point and keep your current score and upgrades, which also takes something away from the overall challenge factor. I would still recommend it to MP fans, because even if you zen out, it's plenty of fun.

A Marble Popper I Can Finish!

I love marble poppers, especially ones that I have a hope of finishing!I have the first Atlantis, and I admit it, I cannot finish the last game. My husband has finished this game 5 times; me, zero. So, when Sky Patrol game out with special bombs and helpers you can use, I knew I had a chance. Love the music with the game, and the graphics are beautiful. Yippee! Besides having a blast with this game, I actually finished it. Would I play it again? YES!

Addictive game!

When I used my free hour up on my second computer, I knew it was time to pony up the dough! What can I say, addictive gameplay: one of the few games that hooked me as well as Zuma. Great graphics! Awesome East Indian flavored music! Now for the downside: as a decent game player who has won the original Zuma many times, it could be more challenging, perhaps having more than one difficulty setting like Luxor. Then again, Luxor isn't quite as addictive (to me).

Best game ever

My fiance had the demo on his tablet, and I played and wanted more. So many challenges that it has you wanting to beat your previous score. Thumbs up for sure.

Fantastic Marble Popper Fun

This game provides me the most fun in front of the computer I have had in ages. I have played dozens of rounds and never tire of it. It is my very favorite Big Fish game by far.


Yes, there were some "head-banging" levels BUT had I concentrated on the correct game plays that I'd done on THEM and on the later levels INSTEAD of my game play on PRIOR levels, I would've had less of the "head-banging" scenarios. Tips&Tricks: 4 power-ups -- buy them in this order PARTICULARLY when you've reached the $700 levels -- 4th, 1st, 3rd, and 2nd; I bought them 4th, 3rd, 1st, and 2nd and I actually needed the 1st one (speed) more than I needed the 3rd power-up Starting with the upper 80's levels: *concentrate MORE on placing the same colored balls in those moving balls where you've got only 1 colored ball *while the balls are coming out of the "bull pen" you'll have up to 4 balls that you can ONLY use on the stabled balls first; use them to make those 1st strikes *after making those 1st strikes on the stable balls, CONCENTRATE on knocking out as many moving balls as early as possible as you can *make sure that when you've only got matching balls for the stable balls, SAFELY use them on those stable balls as you can. I say SAFELY because you'll have more moving balls coming out of the "bull pen" and you DON'T want to ADD colors to those moving balls than what's already there IF, however, you can't hit any of the stable balls due to the fact that the moving balls are in the way and/or you can't add to those moving balls matching balls, SHOOT out those UNMATCHED colored balls (either to the sides or up the middle) as quickly as you can to find MATCHING colored balls to those moving balls closest to the exit tunnel. FANTASTIC NEWS, there are NO 2 exit tunnels to worry about!!!!! Hence, the reason why I was actually able to complete this game -- all 111 levels.

My Favorite of all Marble Poppers

This game is my one and only go-to when I feel like playing a Marble Popper game. I have many others, but this is the one that I love the best...Graphics are good, even so many years out from release (though I would LOVE to see an update or a newer version of this game come out). It's just plain fun :)

Really a slick, enjoyable game!

Beautiful marble shooter with nice, subtle music and sound effects. There are no villages to rebuild or silly minigames, just marble shooting done right. Very polished, smooth running little game. What I really love about this game over Zuma, Stoneloops, Sparkle, and Birds' Town--all of which I own and play--this one I can actually WIN!! It isn't that easy, but it isn't stressful-hard either. It's a nice challenge that keeps you wanting to play right to the end. I can get right up to the very last screen in Zuma, but have never, ever, won the darn thing. I really feel like I accomplished something by finishing this one. My one complaint, which is very minor, is that I wish you could replay as the same player profile to try to improve your best score. Indeed, you can't even view your previous scores at all. I highly recommend this as one of the very best of the genre.

Some nice ideas, but too easy

Atlantis Sky Patrol has some nice ideas, that make it stand out from other marble-poppers: -some levels have moving parts that deflect the shot marbles -some levels have curved rails which make aiming harder -in higher levels there are moving covers that prevent clearing the static marbles -there is a two player (mouse party) mode built in -there is an upgrade system The last thing is also the problematic one, because it makes the game way too easy. Experienced players should stay away from it, because it will be probably too easy for them even without upgrading, but it might be a good start for newcomers to this genre.

When you get my account fixed, I probavly will buy it, but not before...

I love this game genera. It is exciting fast pace , entertaining. Technically great.

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