Awakening: Moonfell Wood

  • Incredible graphics
  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Sophia must find her people!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 270

Review for game Awakening: Moonfell Wood

After awaking from a century long slumber, Princess Sophia finds a world that is devoid of people! Help her find her friends and family and take her rightful place. Search gorgeous locations for helpful clues and discover Sophia's destiny in Awakening: Moonfell Wood, a beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Follow your fairy friend as you explore the incredible landscape and help Sophia find her people!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

December 26, 2010

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573 points

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A fun and challenging puzzle game.
January 2, 2012

A delightful game that entertains a lot. Very nice graphics, great song, several different mini games and gorgeous storyline.

Again, This Series Is Stunning In Its Beauty
February 22, 2013

GAME COMPLETED SEVERAL TIMES Story: Having left the castle where you had been sleeping for 100 years, you now go on a mission to find your people (you?re the only surviving human in the magical world), and travel to Moonfell Wood, the domain of the Fairy Queen Developer: BoomZap Release Date: Jan 2011 Extras: Game Timer, Free Play Tripeaks (Solitaire), Pocketdragon This sequel to Dreamless Castle picks up where it left off and begins Sophia?s quest for her family. To my mind the best thing about this game is the beautiful art, and ultimately, it is the artwork that makes all of this series exceptional. The gameplay is similar to Dreamless Castle, and once again I needed help in the early stages, but soon became lost in the experience. Instead of Goblinjong, this time it is Tripeaks, a version of Solitaire, that you play with those you encounter. Again, there are only a couple of HOs with lists, but plenty of, ?spot the difference? ?find the pairs? that I deem HOs in another form. One particular version that I really enjoyed was the magic cards which are sketch drawn, and where you must find ?12 of? . There were still numerous puzzles and mini-games in this one, and I liked that I could do most of them.

December 2, 2011

This game really surprised me..... MUCH MORE detail, games, and twist & turns than I expected. BEAUTIFUL! Very well done! I am heading off to get another in the AWAKENING series.

Captivating Magical Game
November 11, 2011

Fantastic variety of challenges, with a variety of skill levels, lots of adventure and a magical story to go with it. Sound effects brilliant. Made me feel like I was really there. Best game I have ever played.

Don't let my name fool ya.
November 19, 2011

I rescued a Chihuahua,I am now the owner of all three games,I hope they make another one. The puzzles are great,, The graphics are great,The colors are bright,it does make you think.but the hints really help.Have fun w/ it,HO's are not hard to see,off to play,

Fun Hidden Object Game! The best-ever game
November 15, 2011

Besides being different in the plot, and taking one to different places and back again, this game gave me the chance to go back into my childhood of mysticism and fantasy like no other game.. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the graphics- it was eye-opening for me. The reality of the water was really fascinating as well as the expantion of my imagination in other areas. If there were more stars than the five given to vote with, I would fill them all!!!!!!

Highly recommended! An almost perfect HOS/adventure game.
December 8, 2011

Awakening: Moonfell Wood (sequel to Awakening: The Dreamless Castle and prequel to Awaking: The Goblin Kingdom) is engaging, beautiful, challenging, and fun to play. The illustrations and design are beautiful and detailed. A real sense of place is evoked, with interesting and well-realized characters. Beginning the game, the user is offered two levels of challenge- a nice touch. Puzzles and mini-games are the main part of the game, are varied in type and difficulty. They are interesting, and are challenging without being frustrating. Gameplay hints are available and useful- not "there's nothing to do here at the moment" like one so often sees. Hidden object scenes lead to useful objects, tying the HOS in to the gameplay. This game makes you think, and makes you really enjoy being in the world they've created.

Lots of Puzzles
December 13, 2011

Loved this game and d/l the other awakening game on here hoping it's just as good. Lots of puzzles and not as many "seek n find" which, for me...LOVE IT!! Also had a card game #can't remember the name of it# which you can play outside the game...LOVE THIS...wish more "seek and find" games would add the puzzles and less seek n find. Well worth the mula on this one!

One of my all time favorites.
November 15, 2011

Beautiful graphics and challenging game play.I could'nt wait for the next scene and when I finished the game,I wanted more.As we know,there is more and just as good as the first.If you want to really enjoy a good hidden object game,this is a must have.It will leave you wanting more just as it did me.Breathtaking and beautiful! There are no dislikes in this game.

The BEST series ever
November 21, 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed the Awakening series. The best series ever! No creepy or scary stuff which I really dislike in games. The visuals and sounds were fantastic. Amazing story.

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