Azada: Elementa

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  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 767

Review for game Azada: Elementa

Journey to amazing worlds as the whimsical saga continues in Azada: Elementa! After its precious elements are stolen, Azada chooses you to find the elemental mages who can save this special world. But bad-guy Panoptes is waiting around every corner to stop you at any cost – or is he? Nothing in Azada is as it seems...

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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April 6, 2013

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2786 points

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Are You Up For a Challenge?
April 23, 2013

I always play at the expert level and try not to ever use hints or strategy guides. In fact, I love it when I'm completely stuck and have to really search for a solution. This game has it all: Fun, great graphics, good music, lots of puzzles (my favorite) and several HOS thrown in for good measure. If a game gets me stuck for a while and I have to use my detective skills, it's a winner. I've been stuck a couple of times now and was able to find my way out. In other words, this is a big winner! Not for beginners unless you're not easily frustrated.

As a SE? Still high recommendable!! :)
April 5, 2013

Played the Collector?s Edition of this game and tried the SE to find any differences? We are the ?chosen one? and we have to free the mages to restore Azada?s elements water, fire and air?. Just one word: excellent!!! Yes, this is meanwhile the 4th game of this series and ERS are still improving!! Very good, crisp ERS-like graphics and voice-overs. 3 modes to choose from (can be changed during the game). Interactive map with tasklist, which allows you to travel and a very detailed journal. Hint shows you the direction, where to go next and refills quite fast, at least in the 2nd mode. We have a great variety of 25 different puzzles (some quite challenging) along the way and yes: this time 9 hidden object scenes also? (I know, this will disappoint the ?hard-core? Azada fans?. But after ERS took over this game, they changed the whole ?look?: Some will love it, others not?) Gameplay is fluently, most of the found items are used soon. Soon we?ll get a magic bottle, attached to the inventory. When it starts to glow, you are able to pick it up and move it around to find hidden areas and/ or use the magic potion. Loved that!!:) Inventory can be locked, so it won?t disappear at the bottom. A cute (not really necessary, but fun:)) extra is our pet friend which you may customize and/or mix it: you can choose from cat, owl, panda and dragon. And from these pets you may mix their different parts, as head, arms, wings, body and tail. During the game, you will find so-called critter coins, whith which you can buy clothes for your pet? It took me 5 ? hrs to play the main game in the 2nd mode. Ending is conclusively. Differences to the Collector?s Edition: Bonus-Chapter (an additional story, another 1 ? hrs to play) and a collection of Azada?s dwellers, wallpapers, screensavers etc. Not the Azada that we used to know, but I loved playing it!!!! And, yes, this SE is still high recommendable!!!! :)

Best Azada Story Yet!
May 8, 2013

My first encounter with Azada was Azada In Libro. I liked it so much that I went back and bought the earlier Azada's but really didn't like the all puzzle format and never made it through either of them. Azada Elementa is along the lines of In Libro, but even better. It has a good mix of HOS and Puzzles and a great storyline. I enjoyed this one very much and will be watching for future Azada stories!

August 14, 2013

LENGTH: Over 5 ? hours on casual game play. STORY/GAMEPLAY: Your dreams become real and you are, of course, the "chosen one" to rescue the elements of air, water and fire. Pleasant-sounding narration. Good graphics and logical flowing game play. HOS/PUZZLES: HOS are list-based and scenes are moderately busy. Items in red require interaction; however, the red is very difficult to read, so I just watched for a hand to appear to know where I needed to do something. Puzzles were widely varied, unique and interesting. They weren?t so difficult to cause brain damage, but some might take some time to do. OTHER STUFF: Nice relaxing music. 3 modes of difficulty, which can be changed during play. Journal has your story, interesting points uncovered and a list of tasks. Your map marks locations which are completed or which have tasks pending ? and its interactive. Some inventory stays in your tray if it can be reused, which I think is great ? you won?t have to use a hammer, only to find out you need to find another one 3 locations away for another puzzle. OVERALL: A very well put together and interesting game. I just don't understand the low ratings from some reviewers - they'd probably be among the first to say it was repetitious if the game followed the format of previous Azada games. Here, we get a little "history" of Azada.

Enjoyed SE
October 11, 2013

Bought and played the whole game. Terrific animation, soothing music, and a very clear mythical-type storyline. Most of the art was beautifully done, but the HO mini-games were difficult. Some of the puzzle mini-games were too time consuming. The mini-games provided items needed for the story-game. I played in casual mode so it was very relaxed. I appreciated the unlimited hint and skip options on a timer. Azada Ancient Mysteries left me high and dry by the last mini-game. The map worked very well. It would be very useful in the other modes. I didn't use the diary that much. The pet was a cute extra. My only negative was that I couldn't replay the mini-games after the story-game finished. I may replay just to try the mini-games again. A:AM had the mini-game replay after the story-game.

Let the Game Begin!!
April 5, 2013

I am having a ball playing this game. I originally did the "try me" when it was in CE and now that it has come out in SE I own it and just love playing it. Very well drawn (interesting and unusual things/creatures) and the music and voices are quite pleasant and fit the scene. It plays very smoothly so you know where to go and what to do. The help button is good and there is a map to help you also. Of course, you get a little "companion" too! The hidden object games are fun, not too easy, not too hard, plus there are small things to do inside them, like put something together or paint something. You really have to look around in this game and think about what needs to be done, that is what makes it so fun. I really enjoy this game and I hope you will too!!

Magnificent game
May 13, 2013

Save Azada in this beautiful adventure. You have been chosen to defeat evil and find Azada?s essential elements that disappeared. There are 3 modes of play: casual, advanced and fearless hero. Storyline is amazing, I was hooked to it from the beginning, it?s like a beautiful fairytale. Graphics are top notch, so colorful and lovely. Many different creatures that you will meet along the way together with your little friend that helps you made this game even more beautiful. Characters are designed nicely and music is perfectly chosen. You have a diary with your notes and tasks, also you have a map that allows travel and shows objectives. Beside inventory you have a magic bottle, you can use it to find magic areas. Hidden object scenes are absolutely great, lots of interaction, very well designed scenes with nice visibility. Puzzles are amusing, some of them were quite challenging and refreshing. I will most definitely recommend this game, for all in the mood for one heart warming adventure!

April 5, 2013

You wake from a dream that you are the chosen one! After shutting off your alarm a man delivers a package with a magical letter from the prince of Azada informing you that you are indeed the chosen one and that you have to come to Azada to fight an evil ruler and restore the disappearing elements of fire, water and air! To help you on your journey you are also given a magic potion that allows you to see the real picture and restore resources. You are also given a pet that you can name as well as interchange heads, tails bodies arms and legs to customize your pets look. You give him an age and where he is from as well. Throughout the game you will find coins that can be used to dress up your friend as well. When you arrive at Azada you are transformed into a beautiful pastel world with dragons and beautiful creatures such as rabbits monkeys and 3 headed dogs. Don't be fooled, there are evil creatures to try to stop you as well (more evil crows) The mini games are challenging but not impossible such as rotating a maze with 1/2 of a coin on one end and the other 1/2 on the other and you must have both pieces of the coin meet together. The HOS are interactive and surprisingly well done even though it seems there aren't many items in the scene. A good weekend SE to use a credit on or even purchasing!

April 5, 2013

BASED ON COMPLETED CE GAME Everyone and their sidekick has reviewed the CE version of this one, so I?m putting in my two cents? worth in here. This game is so typical of both the Azada series and ERS Studios? games that I really can?t understand the fuss. Let?s just take the game on its own merits. From the beginning I was blown away. The opening scenes were amazingly realistic, like a movie from your point of view. Excellent voiceovers ? in sync! A very rapid increase in tension leading into the start of the game. You?ll find loads of extraordinary graphics ? imaginative, colourful and crystal clear. In fact, I think this is the best artwork these developers have offered us. Sadly, the music remains the same, failing to match the new dynamic of the game. This is an outstanding Puzzle Adventure with HOS being one of the puzzle types offered, one of very many. Expect to be challenged frequently in this one. The sheer volume of original mini-games and puzzles, so beautifully and colourfully presented, is awesome ? and a little daunting. I doubt I?d recommend this as an SE to beginners, simply because the Strategy Guide will be pretty much essential for most people. Lately I have started to review SGs, and this is one of the better ones, so at least you can be sure of some helpful help. There is an interactive jump map, a sidekick and a magic bottle ? more innovations ? to help you in your quest, and each in its own way affects the style of game play, making it something out of the norm. If you choose this SE over the CE, you will probably miss a lot of interesting new titbits, such as the Azada Dwellers volume, and Azada In Colour, as well as the strategy guide and replayable puzzles. It?s impossible for me to bring myself to say I actually don?t recommend this game, because of course I do, it?s brilliant, but I STRONGLY urge you to consider the CE!.

You've been "Chosen" to save Azada!
April 8, 2013

While there are three previous Azadas, I tried one a few years back and found it too hard. Either I've improved, or the game is better, but this one is quite good, even if you've never played the others. Panoptes has stolen the air, water and fire from Azada and you have been "Chosen" to save the day. The puzzles are different and challenging, but so far I have not needed help. The Hint Button is very helpful and refills quickly, which is good, because there are so many puzzles in each scene, it is easy to miss one. There is a map which tells you what you still need to complete in areas you have visited. You get a magic blue jar that lets you see special clues when it glows. It is also useful for watering plants and eliminating thorns and other things. You even get a "friend" who so far has not been very helpful (I changed him into a panda) but you earn coins so you can buy him a hat or scarf or mittens. The HOS are very interactive -- not cluttered, but clever. I am off to buy this, even as an SE.

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