Battle Slots

  • Amazing gameplay
  • Incredible world to explore
  • Save the world of Tellus!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 601

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Explore the mysterious world of Tellus and save the once peaceful planet from a dangerous evil in Battle Slots! Armed with a magical slot machine, it’s up to you to collect powerful slot symbols, awesome attacks, and magical runes as you master the device. Take on dangerous creatures and customize your strengths and skills as you stand up to the Reels of Fate in this exciting Card & Board game!


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Genre : Casino

Gamble to heart's content, and only lose an hour or two.

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Battle Slots
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Explore the mysterious world of Tellus and save the once peaceful planet from a dangerous evil in Battle Slots!

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Battle Slots game play Battle Slots game play


Match 3

Great game.

This is serious - this is possibly the best game sold on Big Fish. Fairly deep RPG, tons of customization, good graphics and sound, and the gameplay is 100% addictive. Have replayed it several times. Too bad there's not a hard mode or "new game +" but these are minor knocks on an excellent product. There are loads of spells, abilities, and creatures to find, lots of value here at these prices.

Loved it!

Unlike some slots which are boooorrring, this has LOTS of action and gameplay as a role playing slot. Even better than some strictly RPG's that I've played! Great creatures to battle and good story line and graphics. I enjoyed the challenges received at the various locations. Good replayability. Would highly recommend if you are an RPG fan. Slot lovers might want to check out the demo first as it is a little more challenging than a straight slot.

Making Slots Great

This is by far the best time I've had playing slots. If your going to get a slots game can't go past this one

Easily equal to Puzzle Quest & Hero

I somehow missed this upon release but luckily noticed it in the BFG recommendations. Great game! I first thought the slots angle would be hokey but when I had played I realize the slots are no different from Puzzle Quest's match 3 in the random luck of the gems in those games. I would often sit as the opponent in Quest & Hero would get long cascades and Heroic efforts. This is a fantastic blend of RPG & board game.

Very Different Slot Game

Slot machines have never been this unique! I have been looking for a decent RPG game for months -- here's one that's truly different! You have one character that will be yours throughout the entire game. S/he goes out on a quest to become the ultimate hero and save the day. What's different is that, even though you die in battle, you don't have to start over from ground 0 -- just keep spinning those wheels. The game lets you buy attack or healing spells, runes for special abilities or to supplement abilities, and/or special objects. As you travel the lands, you get challenges to complete which will ultimately lead you to the final battle. As others have said, this game is a great little gem and totally addictive! Try it out if you like RPG games with fantastic graphics and all those creatures that you once destroyed in all of those Might and Magic games! I highly recommend this one!

Totally Addicting

I don't normally play or much like slot games but I downloaded the free version and bought the game almost right after that. I love the excitement of going against another player in slots and like the action. I find it totally addicting and is now my go to game when I can't decide what to play.

What a nice change!

I don't know how many slot games I played when I ran across this one. It's so unique and not at all what I expected that I had to buy it. If you aren't interested in just clicking mindlessly on the "spin" button, or worse, have the game play for you (which there are some), then I think you would like this one. There's a good variety of challenges and yes, they can be challenging. Probably the most interesting crossbreed of two games that I've seen.


really unique game .... i love it


Please get this game.A very exhilarating adventure. I can hardly wait for a 2nd edition.

Good Fun!!

Came across this game some time ago, and have been trying to find it again ever since. It's good fun, and can be as casual or intensive as you want it to be. The dialogue and storyline is interesting, and so far I haven't hurriedly clicked through the dialogue out of annoyance. Some of it is even kind of funny (though some of the taunts might not be too appropriate for young impressionable minds). Have spent hours on it, and is certainly worth the buy!

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