• Over 1,400 levels!
  • 37 Adventure rooms.
  • A meta map to track your progress.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

Review for game: BeTrapped!

A murder has been committed and it's your job to find the culprit.BeTrapped! features you as Inspector Parker. Question shady suspects and examine each room for clues. Avoid deadly booby-traps at every turn. With over 1,400 mind-bending levels, 37 spine-tingling adventure rooms, and a meta map to track your progress through the castle, this murder mystery is the adventure of a lifetime. Download now to solve the crime in this engaging whodunit!


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Genre : Card & Board

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Game Description:

A murder has been committed and the BeTrapped! puzzle features you as Inspector Parker. Solve the crime in this engaging whodunit!

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BeTrapped! game play BeTrapped! game play

A Fancy Version of Minesweeper

This game is basically Minesweeper -- you move a character around a board to try to identify traps before they kill you. You get so many 'lives' before you lose the game. The graphics are very basic, the movement simple. It's a fine way to waste some time, but nothing I'd run out get. Along the way you discover clues to a mystery. As others have mentioned, the solution is always the same. But the basic part of the game is fine to replay. Again, this is where I wished they'd let you have a "maybe" for recommending. Can't say I hated it, so I'll recommend it. But as I'd get it for free or from a dirt-cheap sale.

Excellent replay value!

I have had this game for years and replayed it many times. That is the ultimate decider in whether a game is worth the purchase price. I bought it long ago through another vendor and when my laptop pooped out, I bought it again here because it's so fun. Adventure mode allows you to glean clues, but also to interact with the characters and gain information to help solve this classic whodunnit. Even after you solve the mystery, just playing in puzzle mode is still enjoyable.

Fun and Challenging Game

I agree with the previous reviewer that if the villian changed each time you played it would increase interest in the ending. However the visuals are wonderful and the levels are challenging. I have owned this game for several years and I still play it periodically. If you enjoy this one then you will enjoy Inspector Parker which is like a kind of sequel or prequel. It is a logic game of figuring out motive, murderer, weapon and room. Changes everytime and increases in difficulty as you advance. Again Betrapped itself is a great game.

Minesweeper Meets Clue

Betrapped is basically a Minesweeper game with Clue elements (the master of the house is dead and you are to investigate who wants the new mistress dead). Sure it's a really old game, so the visuals are bound to be poor for those who prefer more realistic or artistic designs. The storyline and dialogues are also a bit cliche at times, but it's not like I was expecting much from this decade-old game to begin with. What was funny about the game was actually getting to see just how many different kinds of "traps" (both likely and unlikely) a room can have in a mansion. The inspector himself even lampshades how unbelievable it is at the very first level, so players really shouldn't be taking it too seriously. Gameplay can be a bit tedious, but there is a reason why people like playing minesweeper after all. I would recommend this game for those who enjoy minesweeper - as a form of relaxation or causal mind exercise - with a bit of a plot to it. This is a game that I still remembered after I first played it online a decade and a half ago; I still remembered not knowing the ending and ending up searching and downloading it just to find out after all these years. Like many other reviewers, I really would appreciate seeing a sequel of some sort.

One of a kind

The game is very unique on its own. Basically, you play as Inspector Parker, who went to a mansion to investigate a murder. While you're searching for clues (its highlighted areas, shouldn't have any problem), and talking to suspects, you also have to search for any traps in every room. I love it for its uniqueness. My only cons is that the murderer is always the same, so it can get boring after few plays. but the traps design is amazing. Too bad they don't have any sequel.

Too bad there has never been a sequel

I really enjoy this game - it is a lot better version of mine sweeper - with a fun story line, and elaborate traps - my family and I have been replaying this game for years

Truly Unique

I've played through this game about 3 times now (adventure mode) and it's fun each time as I usually wait a couple years between play-thrus. The reason for this is because the trap locations do not change in adventure mode, which is arguably the game's only flaw. This game is a decade old so if you value graphics over gameplay, it might not be for you. The puzzle mode offers a lot of replay value, but I find it kind of empty and unfulfilling in comparison to adventure mode. Unfortunately there is no sequel to this game, because it seriously deserves one! One of the best and most unique games in all of the BFG catalog.


A wonderful game I play over and over! I recommend this for any age!

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