Between the Worlds

  • Incredible graphics
  • Mysterious atmosphere
  • Solve the case!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 67

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A mysterious evildoer has surfaced and it is up to you to use your sleuthing skills, in this Hidden Object game, to halt his cryptic spree of violence! As a seasoned detective, you will have to gather clues and explore the untouched crime scenes. Decipher tricky puzzles and minigames. Go Between the Worlds and save the city from these inexplicable crimes, and banish the evil doer behind it all!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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April 6, 2009

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Between The Worlds
March 28, 2014

Your detective skills must be known worldwide because the Chief of Police has bought you a plane ticket to come and assist him in finding an evildoer! Each scene has several items that "open" such as a drawer or toolbox. Inside these special items are a piece of an amulet that you are trying to put back together. The biggest problems I have with this game are the fact that items are way out of proportion. In the same scene, some items are the size you would expect, such as a small lighter or tube of lipstick. Then there will be an item that is huge such as a hat or gas can. They are all simply junkpiles of random items spewn about a room. The graphics hinder finding things as well because in my opinion, some items are difficult to identify. Other than that it is a nice game for hidden object lovers because there is one HOS after another.

Corny?......Yes, but fun!!!
June 3, 2012

Yes the game is somewhat corny & yes the HOS are hard to find, but you just have to sit back, relax, take your hand off the mouse & look!!!.....You'd be surprised at how many of them start jumping out at you......I really enjoyed this game....It was a lot of fun & different than the dreary dark ones I've been playing..(although I like those too)....The graphics were very clear on my computer & I love the unlimited hints, that is always a plus....Not being able to find the HOS right away is the challenge to this game & it makes it last longer....Thanks BFG & devs for bringing us these simple & fun games lately......I'm having a blast playing them!!!.....I highly recommend this game just for the simplicity & fun factor......

Good family fun for $2.99 Daily Deal
June 4, 2012

First, I read all the other reviews and didn't find the graphics fuzzy at all although like previously noted, some of the objects were obscured or there was more than one to pick from so you had to try them all. Some of the wizard's mini game puzzles were fairly easy to figure out but others were not and no explanations were given to help. I played the first time in casual mode as the female detective so I might try a second time as the male detective to see if it plays any differently in the harder format. I didn't pay too much attention to the music but had it turned down lower so it didn't interfere with something else I was listening to at the time. I'm far from an expert and did use the hints occasionally as needed but for the most part didn't have too much trouble picking out the right objects.The bonus brick breaker game at the end was pretty cool as the levels got harder to finish. If I had to fault the game on anything, it was just too short & the ending seemed flat. The chapters were short with the wizard games after each one and the story in between was about average. It was nice to not play one of those dark and dreary horror HOGs that seem so popular now - if that's not your cup of tea, this is one the whole family can play.

I wanted to like this game...But...
June 3, 2012

Unfortunately, some of the HOs were microscopic/ blended/ indistinguishable, and there were several of a list item in the scene, but only a specific one is needed. Thankfully there is no multi click penalty. The HOS are junk piles for the most part, and some items were only slivers waaaaaay at the bottom of the screen. Headache inducing microscopic HOGs like this, and timed games are the only games I will not purchase, not even for the DD. The graphics and sound were not the greatest, and the story line didn't really capture my interest. The puzzles and mini games were easy enough, and different. The hint recharges at a reasonable rate, and the dialog can be skipped, for those who don't want to read a book. This is a very linear game, with no exploring. Always try before you buy!

Lots of levels ... not too hard
March 3, 2012

There are volume controls for music & sound effects. There are 32 levels, you need to find 16 amulet parts, there are 9 wizard traps (puzzles) and 3 bonus levels (shoot the wizard clones). There were no voice overs and quite a bit of reading, although you can skip those scenes. The puzzles encountered in the demo were not too difficult. The hidden object scenes were pretty cluttered and a bit fuzzy. Quite a few of the objects were at the very bottom of the scene and you could only see the top. We did use the hints and they took a while to refill. Also, there seemed to be more than one object of the same type. If you were looking for a pair of glasses, you might see a couple different pair, but only one was right. We only played for about 45 minutes and finished 10 levels, 3 puzzles and 1 bonus round. I think we found 6 out of 16 amulet pieces. The game was fun, but was quite a strain on the eyes. We will not be purchasing, but try the demo. You may like it.

Poor Artwork and Storyline Make For Disappointing Game
March 7, 2012

Poor artwork with fuzzy graphics (this is not a performance issue). HOS have little or nothing to do with the story line. "Assistant" Character dialogue is unnecessarily drawn out, requiring constant clicking to get through. The storyline, what there is of it, is derivative and uninteresting

Poor quality
December 20, 2011

I read the story line and thought this might be an interesting game as I love 'urban style' fantasy. Unfortunately I could not get myself to continue playing the game as the graphic is awful. The fuzzy HOG scenery was just a negative distraction and very straining on the eyes, that it just put me off the game.

This game gives bad name to the family of HO games.
June 3, 2012

Stay away from it if possible. I played like 10 minutes of the demo and was wondering why someone even bothered creating this game. I uninstalled this game never to look back. The graphics are low quality, to find the items is hard not because eye sight issues but because they are small and not well defined some of them even hide in the bottom of the screen I just clicked away hoping I hit something. The hint takes forever to recharge and the plot wasn't all that impressive. This game looks very amateurish and nothing in it made me wanna own this game.

Waste of time
June 3, 2012

Got about 15 minutes into it and, while it's all hidden object, the targets are too small and the hint recharge is too slow. If you enjoy hidden object with no real story and no apparent let up to searching for minutia, this is the one for you.

well I liked it!
June 3, 2012

I read other views and have to disagree, I found this game better than a host of other HOG I've played. So what if the objects are very well's in the name.

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