Boutique Boulevard

  • 6 boutiques with unique clothing styles
  • 72 different outfits
  • Over 100 unique items to decorate your stores
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 91

Review for game Boutique Boulevard

Turn one small clothing store into a runway of fashion in Boutique Boulevard! Hire staff, pick the clothes, and decorate your store to impress your customers. Experiment with fabric and colors to discover new clothing. Train your staff to improve their skills in greeting, sales, and more. Personalize your store with hundreds of decorations. It’s all up to you in this exciting clothing store simulation game!

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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

Date release

September 12, 2012

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1055 points

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Best Since Bistro Boulevard!
September 11, 2012

I loved it! Bought it after 20 min., as soon as I realized it was like Bistro Boulevard for clothing shops. If you've played Bistro, you'll see that this has the same basics...hire & train staff, wait on customers, decorate the shops, purchase appropriate clothing selections based upon each customers preferences. Excellent graphics, challenging, but not impossibly frustrating, fun to decorate shops, can't rate sound as I play with it muted. I've been waiting for another in the "Boulevard" series to come out. They're great for people like myself, who enjoy TM games, but have a difficult time with some of the fast paced ones.

boutique boulevard
November 24, 2012

great fun but wish could have the full version for free though :(

Boutique Boulevard Cute Fashion Game
November 24, 2012

I really like this game. First thing I do is make sure I have all the outfits to put on the shelves. If I don't have one, I unlock it. If I don't have enough money then I put whatever is high or medium first. Then I start adding staff. And I will have staff to do certain skills and throughout the store session, upgrade them in only that particular skill(s). I will have one person who does register. Then I have the sales person and the changing room person learn both sales and changing. I upgrade those skills up to grade A as my income allows me. As for tasks, I do them as they come along. And I place decorations for appeal as i earn more money. At the the top you have a progress bar telling you how much more you need to earn a star for your store. After you earn all your stars, when it come down to having a perfect day. This is where you use strategy. You now have all your outfits unlocked. Some people want a certain item, some people can have at least one of two. somebody might want earrings and another person wants a dress And earrings, so you pick the outfit that has the dress and it satisfies both customers. You use your stars to unlock more boutiques. This is a very cute game and very fun. No timer =)

boutique boulevard fun just like number 1
September 11, 2012

i like this game only played for about 30 mins. it is just like the other game bistro and i was wondering when they would make a 2nd yes their is a lot of clicking thats because u first start off with just yourself a little later you hire help then you dont have to do as much clicking i myself i like this game. any way its a heck of a lot better than hog so sick of them. bigfish this game is very good keep up the good work, hotwings out

Finally a TM I want to play!
September 11, 2012

After playing the demo, I am a buyer. I don't know why someone would say too many clicks to do anything unless they're not used to TM games.... you show goods, help at the dressing room, stock shelves and cash people out. You have an option to greet at the door for more tips but don't have to. You get more helpers so you're not frantic trying to help everyone with only one worker. You can train your workers, change the decor, pick what outfits you want to sell before starting each day. For me it's a fun, DIFFERENT game and I am enjoying it.

Great TIme Management game without the clicks!
September 11, 2012

I was pleased when I realised this was like the Bistro Boulevard game and within a few minutes, I knew I'd buy it. I like these kind of time management games, where it's not just a massive click-fest. It's much slower paced and you can upgrade and achieve the goals as you wish. You can also move onto the next shop as long as you have enough stars, you don't have to achieve every goal beforehand. If you are getting stuck having to move your staff around, as another reviewer said, it's best to upgrade to more staff and training first. it's easier and you don't have to have every outfit available straight away. Plus, to save money, I put one person on the till and don't let them go anywhere else and *just* upgrade their "till" skills. Same with the changing room person when I have enough staff. The other two work shop floor and greeting. Another positive is that you can change wallpaper and flooring straight-away to the design you like as it doesn't cost anything. Best BF TM game for some time. Hurrah for something that doesn't get me irritated and become just a clicking game!

Loved it! 5 Stars all the Way! Great TM Game
September 11, 2012

If you are a fan of Bistro Boulevard, then you are gonna love this one! Same premise, you own a section of boarded up properties. In this one, it's Fashion Boutiques. You have to hire employees, achieve several tasks, and make your first boutique 5 stars before you can go on to renovate the other shops. I thought it was a lot of fun. Loved it!

More staff management fun
September 11, 2012

This is a nice second addition to the "Boulevard" series of time management games. The good: - a different approach to typical salon-type games - focus on staff management rather than customer management - non-linear - smooth gameplay - widescreen (stretch) option - no time limit - a series of tasks to be completed in any order rather than a set goal for the day - easy to learn the basics; enjoyable for all ages - different stores/upgrades the not-quite-as-good: - as with the previous game (Bistro Boulevard) gameplay can become a little repetitive in later stages - feels limited in your management options (not much complexity eg. you can't set pricing/salaries) - some choices have no impact (wallpaper, shelf type etc) I love this style of game. If you haven't played the first one, it might be confusing at first (especially the task list) but stick with it, it's a relaxing TM with no real pressure. Play at your own pace, move on only when you feel like it.

Most fun game
September 17, 2012

Very enjoyable game just wish there more steps

What I have been waiting for!
September 13, 2012

I loved the consept of Bistro Boulevard, but I found it too much on the easy side. This one is better. More challenging and it has more alternatives to choose from when it comes to the decoration and the staff. Again, as with the first one I do miss different settings as "casual", "normal" and "expert". And the choice of changing music, I guess, yet it's not needed in gameplay. I just didn't like the music it was :)

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