• Hours of gameplay!
  • Improve 8 neighborhoods.
  • Buy new blue prints.
  • Apply your entrepreneurial skills inBuild-a-lot 2: Town of the Year
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 53

Review for game Build-a-lot

WINNER! #1 Action/Arcade Game of 2007 Become a real estate mogul and take over the housing market as you construct, upgrade and sell houses for huge profits! You can flip houses for quick cash or sit back and watch the rental income pile up. Travel to scenic towns and perform special tasks for the local mayors. Buy blue prints of new buildings to build bigger and better neighborhoods! Can you build an ice rink for the Olympics? A new cinema for the local movie star? Find out in the new strategy game, Build-a-lot!

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

September 10, 2007

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688 points

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4 0f 5 stars
January 1, 2012

not to bad. Pretty fun. Would play again.

A Surprise!
January 11, 2012

I like builders, but always shied away from this series for some reason... I've now tried it and I'm pleasantly surprised! It's a pure builder's game: get money & supplies & build to meet goals. The first dozen levels are fairly easy, but boy it gets tough! I'm currently on level 30 and I've had to restart it twice. It certainly makes you think - it's a true strategy game! I'm certainly a fan!

Back to Basics!
June 7, 2012

This was just an all round good game, if I could, I'd give it 4.5, but I'll have to settle for a 4. Here are my thoughts: Good Parts: Made you feel like a real builder. The game in general was really fun Goals- some were incredibly challenging and some were easy. Letters. Most of them gave you cash bonuses which really helped me in the levels I needed a cash goal. OK Parts: As with all these games, the graphics weren't great. It kind of felt like I was playing a game from 2001. Bad Parts: Some of the goals required you to buy more lots/houses. This really dragged on the game as this took a certain amount of time. Material usage. The amount of materials it cost to build some homes was ridiculous. I found myself constantly having to buy more. Lack and cost of workers. Up untill Level 6 or 7, untill you build a workshop, training another worker cost $50,000. This really annoyed me as most of the time, the buildings needed 2 or 3 workers, and then the goal needed me to upgrade, so I would have a lack of workers, which really lost time, and on occasions, levels. If you love the Build-a-lot series, you can't look past this. With so many features you'll find only in this game, it's a must have.

Build- a- lot original
April 23, 2012

I loved it. Best game yet! :) I love the chaalenge and the trill. Only thing I didn't like was not buying it.

it fun
January 2, 2012

its fun and a very good game to play

Love BOL
March 3, 2013

I started with this first game and am anxiously waiting for the next installment!!!

Love it
March 6, 2014

I've always loved this game. It is simple but addicting. I think it is a good length too. I wish there was more to updating the houses. Like seeing paint change or something but I understand that would be a bit hard to do. The dialogue is pretty lame too but storyline isn't really what the game is about. All in all I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes time management games.

My second best game series to Chocolatier
April 28, 2012

This series is my 2nd top choice of games if you love building from ground up with beautiful places to visit and a great storyline, and progressive up-grades.

My true favorid of all time management
March 3, 2013

* Clean simple but rich in detail, high quality graphics. I play this series since years and still have fun with it. * Excellent gameplay, as it is not just about clicking fast to make the goal, but you have to plan ahead and be creative. * Though the original game doesn't take all advantages, the follow up games are improved, still if one is new to this kind of games, it's the right one to get you feet wet. * simultaneous task make it a good fun for replay, as one can improve through many retries. - first version didn't allow single level reply (all follow up games do!) -- only 4 games of the series are for MAC, later games of the series only for PC :( Summary: One of the VERY few game I loved to replayed for years, and still have fun with it!

Okay Building Game
February 9, 2012

OK, if you like this sort of thing. Not particularly challenging, at least not in the free time I had. While I enjoyed it well enough, I didn't care for it enough to spend money on it. For the most part, it seemed kind of pointless to me (although it may have been better deeper into the game...).

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