Bunny Quest

  • 94 enjoyable Match 3 games
  • Cute mini-games and witty trophies
  • Choose elegant Easter dinner decorations
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 62

Review for game Bunny Quest

Help desperate daddy bunny fix an Easter mess in Bunny Quest! Rabbit prepares the Easter dinner table for his host family. Sound easy? His naughty little bunnies give their best to make this task the hardest imaginable... Have fun trying to trick these cute creatures and bring everything back in order before the family realizes their Easter arrangements are about to be ruined in this eggciting Match 3 game!

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Genre : Holiday

Tis the season to play Christmas games.

Date release

March 26, 2013

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3361 points

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A better game than it seems at first
March 25, 2013

Just to get it out of the way -- I too hate the music. But aside from that, this is a very nice game. The Match-3 part gets quite hard after a while, and you have to learn to use the carrots and cupcakes effectively to get rid of difficult tiles. Also, some levels require the power-ups that can only be earned through large matches to finish a level. The game is untimed, so having to work at a level is not a problem. Like most holiday games, this is a good game for children, but becomes enjoyable for adults at the higher levels. If I had a grandchild that loves Easter eggs and games, this would be a great game for us to sit down with together, have the child do the first levels with minimal help, and then use the harder levels as a co-working and teaching experience. I consider the game a definite replay contender.

Colorful. Relaxing. Fun.
March 26, 2013

This is a nice relaxing Easter fun game. I'm enjoying playing it with my kids.

Cute Game
March 25, 2013

This game is in the same category like the Perfect Tree, Christmas Puzzle and Trick and Treats. The storyline has to do with Easter and decorate. The problem is the instructions(there is none) I thought the cupcakes and carrots has to matched only to find out you only have to do is click on them. Also, it is not timed which maybe great for some but I like my match game timed. Music is ok (if you like Jazz). Other then that, I love the color eggs and it's better then horror HOG games

Cute Little Easter-Themed M3
March 25, 2013

Fun & Relaxing Match 3 game Few easy puzzles & a couple Hidden Object games as Mini Games Hints Available Nice Jazz music in background, but might get old after some time playing Sparse Instruction, but Easy to Learn Cute & Entertaining

March 25, 2013

I played the trial! You follow the "Easter Bunny" who is the resident bunny to a family, in helping him restore the dining room to full decor after all his rambunctious children run off with it. The story scenes are in a cute cartoon-drawn style, with text to read, and then you play a hidden object scene where you find some of the bunnies. These are nice and clean scenes too, not the muddy junkpiles most other Hidden Object games like to use, so it's fairly easy for the kids. Afterwards, you play a Match-3 level or two, and there isn't much instruction here but it's pretty straightforward and has some generous power-ups. What they don't tell you is that you have to use some of those power-ups to complete some of the levels, but once presented with no other answer, it's a bit obvious, so no big deal. The graphics in the match 3 levels are pretty, colorful, and easy on the eyes. Overall, this game is not hard, but it presents a bunch of fun levels for the kids to keep them out of your hair for a few hours, but I'm 23 and I thought this was adorable and fun!

Fun multi genre game
March 27, 2013

Nice idea to throw in some levels with different gameplay, just to make a pause from match 3 we all love. Additional powerups are nice touch too. My daughter loves easter theme, and especially "paint eggs" powerup. Good fun!

great game
March 31, 2013

Very fun Easter game. Great for kids and their parents too :)

March 25, 2013

My only complaint is the fact that the Easter Bunny in this game is ugly not cute and cuddly. The game itself however is an addicting kind of match three game that you will enjoy playing with or without the kids. You must match at least 3 of the same color easter eggs while collecting the carrots and cupcakes and coins that you will use to buy decorations for the easter dinner. As you match tools such as scissors you will use those scissors to cut the rope and free up the eggs, or a paintbrush to paint the large egg to free up those tiles covered by the egg! There are cute mini games between levels such as find 10 hidden bunnies, or paint an easter egg etc. and you will earn trophies as you advance. A good Easter themed match three game.

Just fun!!!
March 26, 2013

Quite enjoyable game to get you into Easter holidays mood. Graphics is nice, levels are different level of challenging, there is a few kind of mini games to add to diversity. You get rewarded by trophies and get to chose tableware which you need to bargain with funny little rabbits for. I don?t care much about the jazz, but I usually turn off the music anyway. Sounds are nice, though!

March 28, 2013

Wow;;;; what a game I Really loved this game, it is fast and furious, you will learn through this game where the next thing to is: yea I know I?m confusing with mu Cork Accent Ria Bonus Yea This game is Very, Very, Very enjoyable Cork Slang Yea=more than yes :)

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