BurgerTime Deluxe

  • Classic gameplay
  • Tasty powerups
  • Thwart Vinnie Vinegar!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 50

Review for game BurgerTime Deluxe

Let the culinary capers commence in BurgerTime Deluxe, a fast-paced Arcade classic! Enjoy a full course in Story Mode, or just sit down for a light snack in Quick Mode. Use your assortment of ingredients to thwart the dastardly Vinnie Vinegar and the food baddies. Scale the platforms and assemble the burgers to clear the levels. Daze baddies with pepper or earn big points by squashing them with falling ingredients!

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

January 26, 2010

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3675 points

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boring and primitive game
May 29, 2012

the goal of this game is to build a hamburger by making your character run over the ingredients -- in the proper order. the ingredients are set up on a three-tier grid that has a ladder between each tier and your character adds each ingredient to the growing hamburger pile by running over it, causing the piece to fall onto the plate below the grid. (NOTE: go to the game settings to enable the mouse cursor, or the game won't work.) music: simplistic! annoying! repetitive! annoying! graphics: primitive, pixelated and poorly rendered, like a relic from the predawn times of video gaming. also incredibly tiny. why so tiny in an otherwise giant screen filled with .. um, nothing? storyline: there's a story? even after i tried playing "story"? really? in short, i hated this game. it's boring, slow and not at all fun.

Fun Game to play with the family and friends.
December 12, 2011

I used to play this game years ago and always want it but never could find it in the stores. I would like to buy some of these old games for my grandkids because new games are very voilet for the kids now days are about blowing up peoples and killing peoples and always bloody.

Fun game to play, keeps you going.
May 29, 2012

I really liked this game when I played it, to me it is almost like Super Granny with the screen levels. The only thing I didn't like is that some of the items are hard to find due to the background screen, the screen is very colorful and some of the items are tiny. If you like Super Granny you might like this game also. I recommend this game, give it a try you might find you like it.

May 13, 2014

A good game for me as I am quite a nervous player.

no challenge at all!!
May 29, 2012

a quite boring game with poor old fashioned graphics. There is no challenge in this game and no reason -for me- to keep playing it.

Old school amusement
May 29, 2012

This is very donkey kong esque. The long ago kind. Very much classic arcade game. Almost donkey kong meets pacman in the climbing and moving while bad guys chase you. Simple graphics and music. Will remind you of the first games in arcades. Didn't hold my attention as I am more a TM peep and the arrow key use (plus the need for the mouse to click over the advice section) is a little annoying and doesn't lead to smooth game play. If you're feeling nostalgic this game will hit the spot. For the DD price it isn't a bad buy. The characters are amusing the concept is familiar. Just not quite my cup of tea.

Oldies Are The Goodies
May 29, 2012

This is classic and more fun than it was when I was younger. I am excited to know that B.F. has this game, for i have been searching for this game for years. If you played this game as a kid you will enjoy it and memories will come back. I have enjoyed playing B.T. and I hope you get the same joy for owning and playing this classic game.

Sort of like Super Granny Games
May 29, 2012

Cute game that plays similar to the Super Granny series. You run around on levels and climb ladders so you can run across ingredients in order to make a hamburger. Seems rather silly but kind of funny. While you are doing this you have to ward of the enemy. Fast paced but not too hard so far. Will probably get worse but worthe the DD price today.

worst game ever
January 10, 2012

This game is awful and boring. i wouldn't recomond this game to anyone

worst game I have ever seen
May 29, 2013

So stupid and boring. Three minutes gameplay and I already hated this game. Plus I needed three tries to get it running. Absolutely no recommendation. Thumps down for this!

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