Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Hilarious customers
  • Fast-paced action
  • Return to Bakersfield!
  • Play the original Cake Mania
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 126

Review for game Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!

Return to Jill Evans’ hometown of Bakersfield in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action, a fun and exciting Time Management game! Now an attractive and quaint tourist destination bustling with new stores, Bakersfield has caught the eye of Hollywood producers scouting locations to film their next big action blockbuster. As production gets underway, Bakersfield is overrun with all-new eccentric personalities determined to mix and mingle with the locals.

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

July 15, 2010

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1232 points

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A great game after all
September 2, 2012

I bought this game when it came out, finished half the bakery levels and 2/3 of the Italian restaurant and boutique levels then got annoyed with not being able to get superstar scores and stopped playing. I came back to it and found that it's actually not that tough so I finished the whole game with all superstar scores (after having to repeat some levels). This is actually three different TM games in one. The main game is the bakery and is straightforward: customer orders cakes specifying shape, frosting and topper and you click on various machines to bake, frost and top the cake for them before they run out of patience. In the Italian restaurant, customers order pasta or pizza with various additions like chicken, meatballs, mushrooms, etc. In the boutique, customers request 1-3 pieces of clothing, accessories or shoes. Then you have to find them in your store's shelves and racks and give them to the customer. What makes the game challenging and adds strategy is that each type of customer has unique traits. Some customers don't like specific other types and will lose patience more quickly with them in the store. Some can influence others in line and make them change their orders. Some can freeze other customers so they can't take action (including accepting their order). And some can even turn other customers into a different type! This is where I ran into problems before when I got frustrated. I would just fill orders as they came, and be out of luck when their orders were changed or they were frozen. I also paid no attention to the "chain bonus" (where you perform three or more of the same action consecutively) which can give quite a boost. Once I played with greater awareness to these, the superstar scores on the later levels were achievable; it also made the game more fun by giving it an added challenge! I love buying lots of upgrades and additions, and this game was certainly satisfying in that respect. In the bakery you can upgrade your ovens and frosting machines and buy

A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck..
January 16, 2012

This is a time management game that lets you use a fun town map to play between 3 different shops. Around 110 levels in total. I found this to have fun, colorful visuals. It is challenging! You will need to do upgrades to your character in the bake shop before it moves at full speed. I found that I had to read up/learn customer behaviors/preferences/tips and tricks/ on this game in order to pass the levels and get the most out of it. However, once you learn a few tricks about how your customers behave, this does not change between the shops. This game has been long lasting, not one that I was able to beat in a few days. It is nice to be able to pick which shop you feel like playing in and some of the characters are funny. So if you want a unique, fun , fast paced TM game, this is for you!

A whole new level of challenge
May 4, 2012

Where the usual cake mania games take you from one bakery to the next, this cake mania game allows you to experience different kinds of dash shops and experience whole new levels of needs, customers and challenges. The storyline was wholesome and appropriate for most ages, as expected from a cake mania game and the ending was sweet, but not sickly so. All up a tribute to what we have come to expect from a cake mania game.

cake mania
November 29, 2011

cake mania 5 is the best forever ever and ever

Cake Mania at it's best
November 25, 2011

Very similar to Cake Mania Main Street with the different shops and all, but I like the clothing store most ^_^ Game is a nice length since there are all those different stores to build up and finish. The graphics are cute, simple, but better than most TMGs tend to be. It's quirky, comical and amusing to boot.

Entertaining and Cute!
February 27, 2013

This is a cute game with a funny storyline. Yes, it's a little cheesy, but c'mon, it's a cake game. I love the quirky characters except for the gross ones like the kid digging in his nose and the guy who spits on everyone. Other than that they were cute and funny. You get to do more than bake cakes in this one. It is very similar to the main st. game. Lots of levels and lots of challenge. Anticipating the baby is the best part, so worth playing for that. I didn't care for the way Jack is portrayed in this game. I won't give anything away, but his character could have been developed in a different light and it would have had more appeal. Anyway, it is an entertaining game and well worth the money. Very sweet ending, so don't miss this one!

fun game
December 27, 2011

this game is very fun and requires only a little thinking.

Super-Fun and Addictive
September 7, 2012

I really love the Cake Mania games. They are well put together, and just a lot of fun.

this is Exellent
June 13, 2012

this is fun that i want to really play it in real life :) :D :)

Will keep you busy for a while!
July 16, 2012

In this game, its as if you've just bought three games for the price of one. You have Risha's boutique, Evans Bakery, and Gordo's pizza. Risha and Gordo each have a a lot of levels, while Evans Bakery has DOUBLE the levels. This game has a lot to do, and will definitely keep you busy for a few days with all the different things available. My only complaint is that the voice overs for each character can be a little bit annoying, you'll see what I mean when you buy the game.

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