Chloe's Dream Resort

  • Unique resorts
  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Fix up the Dream Land Resorts!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 83

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Fix up the Dream Land Resorts and scare away the monsters that are terrifying the customers in Chloe�s Dream Resort! Reopen a ski lodge, a beach hotel, and even a grand casino in this exciting Time Management game. Help your customers ski, surf, dance, and even learn magic tricks. Save the Dream Land Resorts and turn a tidy profit in Chloe�s Dream Resort!


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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

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Chloe's Dream Resort
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Fix up the Dream Land Resorts and scare away the monsters that are terrifying the customers in Chloe�s Dream Resort!

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Adorable, addicting, amusing!

I think the most important thing to mention in this review? This game is SO replayable! I'm not sure what it is about this game that makes it so fantastic. It's a classic time management game. With fun characters, amusing plots, silly bits. Easy to catch onto. I love the different nightmares (you click to get rid of them so they don't upset your guests), the silly negatives (bird pooping on their bodies anyone?), and the fun themes (the beach, the mountains, the amusement park) I've played the game through many times now. This is not a one time play by any means! Each time it's still amusing, interesting, and poses some challenge to me. No, it isn't the most complex time management, but it isn't overly simple. Not too clicky. Not repetitive. Great way to waste time. Think I'll go play it again (and as a DD? this is a MUST BUY if you didn't before!!!)

Great Time Management Game

I really enjoyed this time management game. The level of difficulty was just right. Lovely scenes, easy explanation of what was needed to be done.

Entertaining TM Game

This is one of the TM games that I prefer, in the sense that certain upgrades and money from resort to resort were kept, which made the game easier overall. If you can't get expert scores the first time around, you can always go back with your saved upgrades to help you. My only complaint is that the last resort seemed to jump a level in difficulty compared to the first four. The last resort really keeps you on your toes, while the first four allows you to relax quite a bit.

REALLY GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I vas really like this game. Good graphics,storyline. If you like TM games try this!

Give it a chance. Fun TM.

I only played a bit of this when it first came out and gave it up. I think it was the snow monsters that got annoying. I tried it again on daily deal and played through and really liked it. I bought it this time and just spent way to long playing through three levels. Get past the snow monsters and you will like it.

I love it!!!

This is a fun game. There are different games and that's what makes this game so good; I would diffenitly recommend it!


the game was totally awesome, I LOVED IT!!!! You had to take care of a resort.

Relax at the Resort!

This game is so much fun. Basically, you get to play at five different themed resorts. The first is a winter resort and each resort has 12 levels. Because your character is dreaming, there are different monsters you have to zap before they irritate your guests. Guests enjoy different activities such as eating, riding the ski lift, soaking in the hot tub, and roasting marshmellows on a bonfire. The guests are very cute characters. They get angry if you make them wait too long for a service, so you need to be quick! The graphics are bright and cheerful. It would be awesome to have a second in this series!

One of my favorites!

I'm currently replaying this game and realized I didn't review it yet! This is one of my absolute favorite time management games. You have to manage a dream resort (where 'dream' has to be taken literally), and help customers visit all 5 different areas of the resort in order to make them complete their sleep cycles, so they can wake up fully refreshed. But nightmares are going to try to get in your way and upset your customers! The best thing probably is, unlike in other TMG where you change locations but keep doing the same things, here every location is absolutely unique, with not only a different layout but many different actions to perform. The only things that remains the same are the rooms to rent, because each locations has them. But the services (and food) you offer to your customers are always different and with each upgrades there are new and more expensive ones added. So it's really varied and never becomes dull. Every other level you'll have to take care of nightmares by clicking on them as soon as they appear or they'll upset the customers, making them lose hearts. When there aren't nightmares, you'll have to deal with other negative events like people turning into snowmen because of the snowstorm, or being covered by falling leaves or flying balloons, etc. The characters are funny and this make the tutorial funny as well, other than clear, as they keep interacting with each others instead of just giving you plain instructions. The story is original and cute. The only negative I can find is it's too short! But it has a good replay value thanks to the variety of the locations, so it's okay. But it would be great to have a sequel or similar games.

Chloe's Dream Resort

loved the game played it untell defeatting it cound not stop

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