Committed: Mystery at Shady Pines

  • Stop a psychotic doctor
  • Spooky hospital to explore
  • Escape from Shady Pines!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 271

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Committed: The Mystery at Shady Pines finds you strapped to a bed inside of an abandoned hospital! Escape from Shady Pines and save the other patients! Explore the mysterious hospital and stop the psychotic doctor before it’s too late in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Navigate terrifying twists and survive special surprises as you solve challenging minigames and uncover the truth in Committed: The Mystery at Shady Pines!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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October 23, 2011

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2830 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

a great game
November 17, 2011

game moved right along, no long waits between scenes, overall enjoyed it very much.

October 10, 2013

BASED ON COMPLETED GAME ON EXPERT LEVEL WOW! It has been a long time since a game really drew me in and immersed me in its world, but this one sure does. From the minute my character woke up until the final credits, I was involved and having an exciting adventure. Although it is a rescue-your-child adventure, it's done in a NEW way with twists and turns that are truly UNIQUE to this genre. The last few scenes (which I won't spoil) got my heart racing for sure. For once, a developer created a truly frightening game without demons, pentagrams, witches, monsters, etc. A smart, fun experience!! Awesome: Story line grabs you and doesn't let go Music creates excitement and racing heart Humor in the elevator music (cracked me up EVERY time) Voice overs sounded like REAL actors and made the characters seem realistic Ambiance is appropriately creepy and gave me the "willies" Puzzles are part of the story and all doable with a little thought Clever tasks that make you think, but aren't hard Linear story line so that you don't get stuck Wonderfully detailed map that helps you the whole way Good: HOS are good, not hard to find most objects but some are sneakily hidden (I like that) Graphics are simplistic without being cartoonlike TINY LITTLE CONS: Visit the HOS more than once, but it didn't bore me Some running around, but the place is so intriguing it didn't annoy me The map is not a jump map Graphics could have been a tad bit crisper Bottom line: If you love Hitchcock style stories you will love this one as much as I did. I'm going to play it again, and I've NEVER done that with any other game.

November 16, 2011

I`m glad that er not so many HO are. It`s more adventure! It`s possible to play without walkthrough because their is a map where you can see where you are and hints. Great game!

Committed to Great Gameplay
January 25, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! At a little over four hours it was longer than a movie and shorter than a book, but for me it had elements of both. Although it is not a pretty game, the graphics are appropriate to the story and very clear. I found the hidden object scenes a lttle more challenging than other games I have played. Many items are only partially exposed instead of being out in the open. There are hints available for the hidden object scenes, and a help and a skip button for the rest of the puzzles. A journal keeps track of the story. In addition, a map highlights areas where actions can be taken. But, there is no hand holding here! You have to figure things out on your own. Where this game really shines is in the story. The voice overs and characters get you involved and there are enough twists and turns to keep it fresh and interesting. Game on!.

Creepy Asylum!
December 11, 2011

This game really impressed me because of the story. The story was creepy and mysterious, with a daring hint of love and betrayal. I think this game was really fun, and all u guys out there who love this game, thanks for supporting! Try this game cause it's awesome!

Just like reading a good book! Worth buying!
November 16, 2011

I started and finished this game in one sitting and felt like I had just finished reading a good book. I seriously enjoyed this one. Thank You!.

Nice creepy asylum game
October 9, 2013

Just finished playing the game, I bought it today as a DD. I played about 3,5 - 4 hours, and they were very enjoyable hours! The storyline is great, really immersive and very believable,, with very good VO's, good but not great graphics, and a real creepy atmosphere. The asylum has a lot of scenes, but there is a very good map that shows you the way, and also indicates where there is something to do. No jump-map though, you have to walk there, but I didn't mind that at all. If you like to ride an elevator, this is a game for you! The game opened in (almost - 0,5 cm left on each side# widescreen, I was happy with that! The HOS are quite challenging, but I like that. In the more modern games lately the HOS are getting far too easy to my taste. Most puzzles are known and not too difficult, altough there is one new game #it comes back 3 times), that proves to become quite challenging the thirth time! Since the storyline is my main reason for buying a game, you will understand that I had a lot of fun and hope you will too! Enjoy!

Real Cool Game
April 3, 2012

I had bought this game some time ago and hadn't had time to play it until this weekend. It was a GREAT game! It's length was just right for a weekend, has challenging games, and even the whole premise of the game was different and refreshing. I play a lot of RPG, Horror and complex games and this one, while not quite as challenging as my other games, gave me a run for my money! Enjoy!

Really, really good
April 28, 2012

Great storyline: a woman wakes up from a coma after 3 years and finds she has no memory and is in an asylum. She has to regain her memory but also help other patients. Great characters and VOS. HOS clear, some very well hidden. The map was great to show you where you were and where to go next. The tapes were helpful, too. Puzzles were good, mostly hard. Very realistic even down to the muzak in the elevators. At the end, I actually felt a little anxiety for her escape! I was like, hurry up, hurry up.Not scary or eerie, but definitely absorbingly interesting. 4 hours casual.

Some of the best hidden object games have to be in an asylum, don't they?
November 11, 2011

I have a thing for the hidden object games that have to do with mental hospitals. I think they seem to be the most amusing. I got wrapped into this in a trial and ending up spending my nights playing this story and watching it unfold. I'm very picky about hidden object games, so if I get one, then obviously to me it was pretty good. It was challenging enough for me to get stuck a couple times, but I was able to dance through the story without any major irritations. It wasn't the scariest or a really deep storyline, but it kept me entertained for a couple nights.

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