Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure

  • Fantastic graphics
  • Caribbean atmosphere
  • Track down a jewel thief!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 183

Review for game Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure

Help Detective Angelina track down an elusive jewel thief in the Hidden Object game, Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure! The mysterious thief has stolen jewels from all over the world, and Angelina has determined that they are on an exclusive millionaire's Caribbean cruise! Stealing from the rich as they set sail, this criminal needs to be stopped! Track down helpful hints using your Hidden Object skills and catch the crook in Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

April 29, 2010

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2082 points

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Beautiful Graphics, Some Challenges
April 18, 2013

The graphics are vivid, bright, pleasing. Some objects are small. And some objects are well hidden, hence the moniker "HIDDEN OBJECT GAME". The hint button recharges quickly. The music is light and unobtrusive. The story line is OK -- a jewel thief is on the loose on a cruise ship. It is a welcome change from the multitude of drab, dreary and dark games with sometimes morbid themes. There is no walkthrough, so twiceI had to resort to a forum page to find locations of tools I needed. Luckily, I found my answer. Yes, some -- not all -- scenes are repeated, but usually only twice, unlike other games that repeat a scene 4 or 5 times. It's a nice game and provided me with the only cruise I'll ever take!

Challenges Make It Fun!
December 29, 2013

Began with 1 or 2 located items taking off to hide somewhere else and needing to be found again! There are often several items that are multiples from 2 to 6 of different sizes and colors. All in all these are things that keep the game interesting, fun and HARD to stop for the day. Being in the latter age group, I recommend it to fellow members to keep the mind sharp.

Cruise clues: caribbean adventure
April 19, 2012

my favorite off line game...the challenges for each scene are great fun... the storyline is fun..and the suspect is very handsome too!

Cruise Ship and Jewelry - A Girl's Dream!
November 27, 2011

PLUSSES = This is a game that I play whenever it is cold/rainy/stormy outside, because it is a cute, bright and fun little game. An FBI agent goes on a Caribbean cruise to catch a jewel thief. Throughout the game there are lots of Hidden Object scenes where you explore rooms on the ship (casino, piano lounge, disco bar, penthouse suite, poolside, etc.) and look for fun items, like pretty jewelry and gems, cocktails, purses and other tropical vacation items. Other locales include beaches and underwater scenes (loved the underwater scenes, so pretty). There are a few mini-games, like place the gems back in the tiara. The game is easy to play, it is a straight forward Hidden Object game, and fun to play when you need to de-stress. MINUSSES = The ending is a little abrupt, and the game is not very long.

Fun, good for killing time
November 21, 2011

It's a fun little game. Not one of my favorites, but it's enjoyable as a hidden object game. Nice to play an HOG in a nice vacation and tropic setting. My only beef with this one is that it's one of those that, every so often they will hide an object in such a way that you think "There's no way ANYONE would have eve seen that!" Oh yes and there's not all that much of a story to it, if that bothers anyone. You just search around while looking for the jewel thief and that's it. No suspense, twists or turns really. Didn't bother me though.

Great Game
August 15, 2013

I really like this game . I think it is a good standard ho game.It is a basic who dun it. You have to help Angelina find clues to find out who the king of diamonds is. I like that you don't have to go back and forth to different locations. I know a lot of people like that aspect in games but not me.It is a good starter game for those who are new to ho games. It is a very relaxing game . Big Fish keep bringing these types of games, I love them.

Love the water
April 2, 2012

Games within the game! I like that. A very fun game.

Quite an enjoyable game
January 9, 2012

This game was a pleasant change from the past few games that I have played, not stressful, simple story, bright scenes and not mushy with romantic wedding stuff. The graphics were very good, clear and defined with enough dialogue just to keep you abreast of what is happening and what you are looking for. The plot is simple - an FBI agent looking for an elusive jewel thief, both at various locations on board and in several visiting ports. Puzzles and mini games ranged from simple to easy. Hidden objects ranged through the whole spectrum from easy to challenging. There has been some reference of no walk through blog - this is true - but when you come to a shimmering area within a scene it usually gives a clue of what is required to look for, Where to find it but, could be a bit tricky. A good change of pace and depth, I quite enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable game
December 10, 2011

Once again, HOG lovers delight! Not alot of brain power is needed for this wonder vacation get away game! So much fun and some lol moments! This is a game that is playable over and over again. Well worth the money if you are a true HOG gamer! I love these types of games as they help me de-stress, relax and enjoy a few hours of down time!

What is so bad about this?
August 15, 2013

I don't think anything is all that bad. It is a straight forward HOP. Why some think that is so bad, I have no clue. It is a simple, enjoyable game with bright and pretty scenes. Some HOS are within the scenes so it is not just the normal junk pile HOS you find in most games. Those who seek adventure and like traipsing all over the place will not like this game and that is ok, too! For others, it is a nice way to relax and just enjoy exercising your powers of observation. I have only played half the demo and the puzzle part of things so far is simple as well. Bright, pretty scenes, a simple, NON creepy story, no voice overs (not needed here), music is not the best but I rarely listen anyway. I will get this game for my collection for those times I just want simplicity and not the dark, creep factor.

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