Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet

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Join Anna and the Professor as they travel the world in a race to find the seven Tears of Sekhmet! Anna has made her way to the heart of a hidden temple to find the source of Napolean`s downfall. After collecting crucial artifacts to end Nefertiti`s curse, she must now protect them from her stepbrother, who would love to use the power for evil! Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet is a great Hidden Object game, full of wonder and excitement!


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Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet
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Travel the world in a race to find the seven Tears of Sekhmet! Unravel the mystery of Nefertiti`s curse and bring it to an end!

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Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet game play Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet game play


This is by far the best of this 3-game series. Thankfully, there were very few spot-the-difference scenes and many more HOS, which should be since it is advertised as a HO game. The game was somewhat harder than the previous two games. The pop-up for extra hints was finally slowed down to the point that I was actually able to click on it to get the extra points. I had to refer to the walk-through once, when I couldn't figure out how to start one of the mini games. And I used a lot of hints on some of the darker scenes and when I got inpatient, which is one of my problems when playing games. All in all a good game.

but i don't want to bring this series to an end!

even as a newbi, i enjoyed this last in the trio. as a newbi i also figured out that i should not buy any games without a walk thru or strategy because if there are not enough or well written instructions about what you are supposed to do, i will go crazy and want to throw the computer. i liked the fact that once a section is complete, it is done so you won't have to find your way back to it a million times. the mini games were equally as fun.

Curse of Pharaoh Trilogy - Good, Quality Gaming

Deserving 5 Stars.A crazed brother deeply affected by an Egyptian curse is the overlying storyline in all three games.. Egyptian artifacts, settings, great music, well lit hidden objects all contribute to the depth of this well-researched game. Napoleon's Secret and Tears of Sekhmet.are the other two Curse of the Pharaoh Trilogy. More fun stuff going on such as finding coins to make store purchases, using tools in scenes and clicking on "Wipi" who pops in at the screen edge, for extra hints. Great games for all ages. BFG could sell these as a trilogy combo pack as I purchased separately during their awesome Sale but would not have otherwise. Thanks for the great Sale BFG!

Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet

Another fantastic Curse of the Pharaoh game with more hidden object scenes than it's predecessor. This game still has "spot the difference" puzzles, plenty to keep those spotters happy, but this game is more of a HOS. Each scene has 3 pharaoh coins to collect which can be used in the store to purchase bonus items such as a double cursor, an extra hint, a big flashlight, a mirror, a hammer and an oxygen mask. Wipi still pops up periodically on the side of the scene and if you "catch" him he gives you an extra hint. You will also need to collect puzzle pieces and find missing items as well as putting those pieces back into the scene where they belong. Some of the hidden object scenes are repeated in the same location. At the end of level, you will use the collected puzzle pieces to complete a mini game such as a puzzle that requires you to swap pieces to complete a picture. This is a must play game for Egyptian theme loving gamers, enjoy!

Good Game but....

Disappointing ending! This was by far the best of this series... the other two were just "ok" in my book, but I did enjoy this one (although the puzzles were VERY easy). The story held my interest but the ending left me hanging.... nor did it make it clear whether or not there is another coming in the series to clear things up. So.... my actual rating is a solid 3.5. Fun game but sudden ending that answered absolutely nothing... Did she do the right thing or not? Who knows? Anyway, good game for your DD dollars.... :)

Great Trilogy

I really like the Pharaoh's Trilogy. Good Atmosphere, great music, nice graphics, and a lot of things to do: collect coins, earn extra hints, several and funny puzzles, besides the HOS, that are very clear. A very good way to relaxing and having fun.

Just average

I was disappointed by the poor graphics in this game, very cartoony, and some of the objects in the hidden object scenes were hidden under other things, or were kind of "blobby", hardly recognizable. The music was good, the storyline good. Some of the puzzles were so easy there was no point in having them, all you needed to do was move the objects in the puzzles to the top where they just all automatically connected themselves, nothing to figure out at all for the player. This would be a fine game for children since it is so very easy, they could use the ample hints for any hidden objects they have trouble with. As for the store, there are only very few items you can buy just one of until you use it except for the hints, which you can buy all you want. Even then, there are only 1 MAYBE 2 places to use the items in. I will not be playing this game again and do only recommend it for ages 9-12., maybe younger, as smart as todays children are!

Strain your eyes again.!!!!!

It's a good game. Sorry to say the objects so hard to see. I done want to get a headache. My eyes got totally tired. Hints few a far between.

Tombs (uh, TONS) of fun!!

This game is filled with adventure and fun and a must-try H0G adventure/mystery. You will find lots of reward not just in the pleasure of playing the game itself, but built directly into the design of the game; ie. levels you gain in advancing through the adventure and solving the mystery, collecting the tears, as well as actual awards you gather along the way (coins which you collect and use to purchase items which can assist with gameplay). How cool is that!? It really is not run of the mill at all and you must give it a try if you enjoy immersive H0G... GREAT GRAPHICS GREAT SOUND Curse of the Pharaoh: Tears of Sekhmet is a TON of FUN... (errr, just don't ask me to pronounce "Sekhmet", let alone spell it without looking, haha). :) Have fun!

Yuk! Pooey!!!

Bought this on the description only. Maybe I should have tried the trial version; then I would have remembered how much I disliked the Napolean one. I really didn't find much of a story to it. Too much talking at times. Graphics are okay, but not anything that would make you go ahhhhhhhhhh. I also didn't like how you got hints. Again, I say, "Yuk! Pooey!!!"

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