Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman Collector's Edition

  • Additional bonus chapter
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Brilliant soundtrack
  • Stunning wallpapers and screensavers
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 951

Review for game Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman Collector's Edition

In the northern part of the state, near the upper reaches of the Hudson River, there is a town named Sleepy Hollow. As is often the case, small towns hide big mysteries. A chain of bloody events commenced one ordinary night. A secret marriage and a new will have inflicted a dreadful curse upon this town. A terrible legend has become reality. The legend of a terrifying creature returned from hell. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

January 7, 2013

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A breath of fresh air
January 6, 2013

I'm so excited that we finally got a new CE worth buying from some " new" devs. I have not bought all the the other games that just recently came out from well known devs, my favorites included. They somehow lost the spark for me, creating games so fast like there is no tomorrow, therefore losing the quality, that they are known for. This game has a good story, very clear , realistic, nice graphics and areas of interest kind a come out with a little glow once you hover over them. You need to combine objects here and there and also find golden horseshoes along the way. This game is not too hard but objects can be small at times. You also earn achievements. Well woth the CE especially with todays special price. I like the interaction with the towns people and ghosts. I hope we get more from these devs that I have not heard of yet. Like I said, a breath of fresh air, thank you

A good surprise
January 6, 2013

Ho hum I thought, yet another game based on the Headless Horseman legend. Yet I was surprised how much I enjoyed the sample of the game we got. The story carries along at a brisk rate, I enjoyed the atmospheric music and the visuals are moody and set the mystery well. Some may find it a bit easy & quick to play, but that was something of a relief after some of the games offered lately.

Headless Horseman CE
January 6, 2013

This is an excellent HO - I like that some of the HO are pictures of objects you have to find as well as the standard searching with words for items. The graphics are superb and I bought the full game after playing the demo - it had me hooked. I haven't purchased any of these types of games much recently as I have found them to be not of very good quality but this one is one of the best I have played in a while. You can click "continue" in the talking bits which is great. You can play at various levels depending on your ability - a very enjoyable game! Great locations to explore too.

Here Comes Johnnyyyyyy!
January 6, 2013

I suppose many of us know the famous tale of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman. The interesting thing about our storyline is that it is based on the Hollywood adaptation which starred Johnny Depp which is very different from the original short story written by Washington Irving. I actually loved Tim Burtun's film adaptation on Sleepy Hollow and found that the developers followed the story line pretty closely. In fact, suprisingly, Constable Crane does sound a bit like Johnny at times. Our story opens up with Constable Crane (who incidently bares a slight resemblance to Johnny ) who is sent to Sleepy Hollow to solve three grusome murders using his knowledge of scientific investigation skills. Upon arrival he meets up with his first ghost as well as the Headless Horseman and is caught up in a crime that involves greed and revenge. Cursed Fates has the feel of the classic HOPA games that were first introduced several years ago: good graphics that are sharp, good animation cut scenes, well acted voice-overs and sound-effects and a haunting musical score that I actually enjoyed. Although there is an out-dated look about the game, it is well developed with game features that include two play modes, interactive HO scenes, inventory items that at times require you to combine and a journal and a hint system that refills quickly. Thankfully the developers have also added collectables, achievements and trophies that are always a major plus to a game. The mini-games are not at all difficult and there is a bit too much hand-holding with sparkels and some items that glow when you click on them. The only thing that I found slightly disappointing was the lack of challenge in the gameplay but nevertheless, it does offer a good story and good entertainment. Not a game to lose one's head over, but definitely well worth the extra pennies.

If You Liked The Movie
January 6, 2013

If you saw Sleepy Hollow the movie with Johnny Depp then this game is just like the movie I have to say the character of Constable Crane looks a little like Johnny Depp and sounds just as he did in the movie. The graphics are very clear I didn't come across any dark corners. There are 2 game modes Easy & Difficult. There are achievements and golden horseshoes to find so you can purchase trophies so there are alot of extras. In the demo you will only get to see the 1st chapter in the strategy guide there are 5 chapters and the bonus gameplay. The voices, graphics just everything about this game is outstanding. These are the same Devs who bought us Lost Souls Enchanted Paintings. I am looking forward to another fun game from a fairly new Dev that looks like we can expect plently more terrific games from so thank you Devs and thank you BigFish.

Keep Your Heads On Gamers, This One's A Keeper!!
January 6, 2013

Awesome voice overs, awesome graphics, awesome game play, awesome trophies/achievements and awesome storyline!! Did I mention this game is awesome? Anyways, I totally recommend this one! Happy Gaming Everyone!

Love this story-FAV
January 6, 2013

It is about time someone did a game based on this classic tale; always loved it. Detective Crane sounds a lot like Johnny Depp and 1st ghost sounded like Vincent it!!! Game is not difficult but challenging enough. I like it when you find inventory and can use the item in close vicinity so you aren't traipsing all over the place to get something done. I like the # of HO games and the variety of them. Puzzles weren't too difficult and I am not a fan of puzzles so this works for me. The Demo went way too quick and I can't wait until the SE comes out so I can go thru the whole game. I hope the story stays on track and the rest of the game isn't a disappointment. I am ready to complete this classic story and hope there are more like this to come. Thank you BF!

The Headless Horseman
January 6, 2013

I have never heard of the makers of this game, but I was impressed! The graphics, the voices, the music, everything was very well done. You get trophies for doing things well, so it kinda gives you an incentive. You won't go wrong with this one!

The Horseman's Head on a Silver Gaming Platter
January 6, 2013

After suffering a prolonged spell of gaming boredom for whatever reason, I've been reignited by the Headless Horseman's return to the gaming venue. This dev did a great job with the storyline, keeping it tight with the gameplay, & totally held my interest from start to finish. The artwork is really nice, & while devoid of live actors it's not lacking for it in the least. Voice overs are well done & there's not a ton of talk for it's own sake. Music is well suited to the game & sits nicely as part of the atmosphere. This HOPA has 2 play modes, the more difficult mode not being much of a challenge. Minis/puzzles are easy but fun for the most part. HOscenes there are: some typical, & some finding items from pics instead of a list, & there's some interaction. I generally think the fewer HOS, the better, but i enjoyed these ones because the devs were often flat out diabolical about hiding things - not that items are too small, but i had to work a bit at finding a lot of things & had fun with that. There are objects & achievements to collect clear through the game & bonus game, which adds to the interest, & i'm afraid i'll have to play again since i was a few short of finding all the horseshoes (but since there's replay value here, i'll enjoy it a 2nd time!) There's no map necessary, & you have a 2 part journal - clues, & background story of the horseman - which doesn't capture a whole lot of info so you wont be reading a lot, but dont really need to here, as the game/story is comprehensive & flows without the need for copious notes. So altogether, i don't think this is a game about challenging your abilities to the max; for me, it's about a well done storyline with very smooth, enjoyable gameplay that didn't leave me pining for something more. I'll 5 star this one 'cause this dev delivered a cool game with fun factor a-plenty, great graphics, nicely integrated storyline/gameplay, & it got me out of my gaming funk. Imo this one is well worth taking a stab at :) E

This game is awesome!
January 6, 2013

If I could of gave this game 10 stars I would have. These devs don't need live actors. They make their characters so real. Voice acting superbly done. Story: You see a farmer riding in a carriage as the story really starts from there and he realizes his driver has no head, jumps out and meets his fate not to far in the cornfield. Then you switch to Constable Crane talking to the judge to go to Sleepy Hollow to get this murderer. Graphics: Gorgeously done. My hubby and I just stopped and looked for a bit. Music: Fit beautifully with the game. Couldn't of been done better. Mini games: Not too hard nor easy, done just right. Nicely challenging. Hint system: Can be used outside of the hidden objects scene as well. But I didn't use it for the hidden object scenes though. I like to go for the achievements. All in all, kudos to this dev. They did a superb job on this game.

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