Dark Dimensions: City of Ash Collector's Edition

  • Bonus chapter exploring mysterious forces
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Downloadable wallpaper and soundtrack
  • Help Phoenix Hill rise from the ashes!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1024

Review for game: Dark Dimensions: City of Ash Collector's Edition

You've been studying the supernatural phenomenon known as dark dimensions since you were very young, hoping that they will eventually lead you to your missing family, but nothing has prepared you for the danger that awaits you in Phoenix Hill, California. Once a prosperous mining town in the 1950s, a volcanic eruption changed everything. Now its citizens are trapped as spirits of ash, unable to move on. Can you uncover the tragedy that caused this dark dimension to appear? While most of the inhabitants are friendly, one fiery ghost will do anything to stop you. Volcanic tremors are rumbling beneath your feet. Will the volcano erupt again? Watch your step in Dark Dimensions: City of Ash, a sizzling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:


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Genre : Puzzle

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Dark Dimensions: City of Ash Collector's Edition
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Game Description:

A dark dimension has fallen over Phoenix Hill, turning its residents into volcanic ash. Help them rise from the ashes.

AFERON - BigFishGames
Dark Dimensions: City of Ash Collector's Edition game play Dark Dimensions: City of Ash Collector's Edition game play

City of Ashes: a Great Sequel to the Dark Dimensions series!

Let yourself be taken to Phoenix Hill to get rid of yet another Dark Dimension phenomenon.... This game has it all to provide great fun to the player, whether beginner or experienced with 3 game modes to choose from. It has an achievement section which I personally always love, and you have to find golden animals hidden throughout the game. The graphics are excellent and crisp, with each scene containing an amazing amount of little details, carefully drawn and conceived. The HOS are great with 2 types of objects to find, and the mini games entertaining, with the skip button activating relatively quickly depending on what game mode you selected. The same applies to the hint button. I loved the videos, voice overs, and the fact that some newspaper articles turn into mini video clues. The map is very helpful, allowing you to quickly jump from one location to another. The diary has also been well conceived, with a "past" section that resumes the previous games in the series. Finally, this game widescreens beautifully.

I?m Keen To Get Into This One

BASED ON DEMO The Dark Dimensions series has a good track record of delivering challenging gameplay combined with an interesting story and excellent, but not ?pretty? graphics. This third game, though having a different ?feel? than the others, promises to deliver the same. Another Dark Dimension has been created by a senseless tragedy in the town of Phoenix Hill, and your mission is to find out the source of the evil controlling the town and destroy it. Until you do, the townspeople will remain BEINGS OF ASH, the victims of the volcano eruption that has devastated the town. I did feel more comfortable with this game than with the others. It felt easier, and more logical in the GAME PROGRESS. However, not all the PUZZLES were easy, and there was one in particular, an ORIGINAL MODIFICATION of a well known one, that was transformed into A REAL BRAINTEASER. The RATIO between PUZZLES & HO SCENES was tipped more towards the HOS in this game, which I liked. The HOS themselves were VERY INTERACTIVE LISTS, in which half the items you found needed to be used to find the other half. Some of the interactions needed were sufficiently COMPLEX to feel more like a logic puzzle than an HO scene. There?s an EXCELLENT INTERACTIVE JUMP MAP, plus DIRECTIONAL HINT. And a DIARY. Which I found I didn?t really need so far. Excellent VOICEOVERS accompanied very well CONCEIVED & DEPICTED characters that you encounter. Very INTERESTING, the way the ?ash people? were drawn. MUSIC was unobtrusive. SOUND EFFECTS were good. I found the game enjoyable, intriguing, and involving. The demo took me 40 minutes, and I was very disappointed when it ended. BONUS CONTENT STRATEGY GUIDE, GALLERY ? wallpapers, concept art, music BONUS GAME? ? I am uncertain, from the demo, whether this is a BONUS CHAPTER, or some other DIFFERENT kind of bonus. COLLECTIONS ? these are a MYSTERY, because there is no indication of how these TROPHIES/COLLECTIBLES work, and I didn?t get any


I don't know why anyone would not like this game, this is the kind of game that attracts most HO fans. This series does a wonderful job of making a dark, eerie abandoned town look beautiful and realistic. The background music sets the mood and you truly feel as though you are walking through this town. The only thing I didn't like was that as a collectors edition it doesn't seem to have a lot other than a SG and a mysterious bonus game. It does have 15 collectable animals but I only found one at the beginning so it either doesn't exists in the demo or they have done a fantastic job of hiding them. I think their strategy is working because I plan to buy this to find out where they are hidden. Enjoy!

Who or What is Behind This Latest Dark Dimension?

The game begins as you are on your way to Phoenix Hill to investigate another ?dark dimension? phenomenon. As you approach the town, you have an accident and then encounter an apparition who asks you to stop the spread of an evil that swallowed her town. Yes, you have found another dark dimension: can you find what terrible event triggered it? As for technical aspects there are 3 modes of gameplay ? casual, advanced and hard. The game opened automatically in widescreen on my Windows8 laptop, but there is an option for widescreen when the fullscreen button is selected. Although it is widescreen the graphics do appear a bit stretched so the developer should have included aspect correction. Where this bothered me the most was in the HOS since it did skew the appearance of some items a bit, but not so much that it was actually troublesome. The graphics are crisp and colorful ? no drab washed out color palette here. Even when a game may have a ?dark? theme, it is so much better when the development team chooses to incorporate intense color. The visual aspect always increases my enjoyment of a game and I appreciate the beautiful, colorful graphics used by the developer in Dark Dimensions. We also have good voiceovers and a very nice musical score that fits the theme of the game. There is a jumpable map that shows areas where something needs to be done and you also have a diary. The strategy guide is located in the upper left corner of your screen. The HOS are very interactive, with almost every item triggering another item which removes two items from your list. The mini puzzles are not too different but are good and some a bit challenging. Aside from a collection where you find golden animals and the bonus game, there is not much else in the way of bonus content so some of you might want to wait and get the SE. As for me, the game is so good that I will go ahead and purchase the CE version. In the final analysis, Dark Dimensions: City of Ash is a high quality game with a very inter


Played 20 minutes, sleepy early am time for bed! A cozy rainy day game, wish big fish had more like these it different! I'm glad its May and not here in the fall! Great visuals and beautiful life like scenery, you can touch the leaves blowing away! The volcano erupts you feel the explosion the fire and ash man is a bit scary, but it makes the game more exciting never boring! Been in the pond feels like forever! So relax, sit back hold on to the gondola and don't blow away!


Don't understand the somewhat negative reviews. I think the graphics are very good - but maybe I've played too many drab and dingy games lately so that I'm thrilled to finally play one that brightens my day. Like that it has a control specially for voice volume - although I think the voice overs are nice and natural sounding. I always like games with interactive maps showing where you are and where tasks need to be done. The collections is a nice touch also. Game holds my interest, as do the other Dark Dimension games. A must buy, but since a couple reviewers have already finished the game, I'll wait for SE since it's so short.

Love this Game and it's not that short!!

I think the reviews saying this is a short game is unfair - there are a lot of scenes, the graphics are splendid, the game has run faultlessly and it has given me many hours of fun and pleasure. Maybe I am not as fast as some but there is a lot to this game and if you don't skip the puzzles or race through it is quite lengthy - I found it as long as many other CEs and the bonus game is awesome and quite long too - longer than many other bonus games I have struck. Please give this a go - I think the developers deserve congratulations, I really loved it.

Dark Dimensions:city of ashes collectors edition

This is very good graphics I like the mini short films that show the daughter doing what she can by helping the community and Her father being torn between what is right and being the Mayor of the town ! I think this is a great story and the demo went By way to quick.I Had fun playing and the music is very nice to listen to !

This is so the way all games should be

I was really disappointed that I didn't get to follow the game to the end of the story, when the trial version was over. This is thee game to buy, you stay really attentive in this game. All games should be this good....

cat can't eat the fish

I love the game, I just can't finish it cause I don't have the fish for the cat. It picked it up and never gave it to me. I wanted to bring this up to you so it can be fixed.

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