Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters

  • Assist the Red Riding Hood Sisters
  • Discover the secret Mist Kingdom
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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
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  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 939

Review for game Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters

Play as the fabled detective and defeat the Wolf Queen in Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters! Centuries ago, the first Red Riding Hood defeated the wolf and established the Order of Red Riding Hood Sisters. Recently, the nefarious Wolf Queen entrapped the sisters and planned to unleash legions of ravaging wolves onto our world. Assist the Red Riding Hood Sisters in this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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October 27, 2012

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Again, a good Dark Parable!
November 9, 2012

The Red Riding Hood with a twist...!! There are 3 game modes. I switched many times between Normal - sparkles, hints, map - and Hard - no sparkles, no hints, no map. - This is a good FROG, with beautiful and clear graphics. - The sound is very good, adding to the atmosphere. - The puzzles are easy. - You can find 20 morphing objects, recharging the hint system quicker. - The map shows you important locations, but is not interactive. - There is no journal, but a list of parables, summary of the story background. The game length is good. Without skipping, I needed about 3 hours. If you liked the other Dark Parables, then you'll like this one too.

Another Great Parables Game
November 5, 2012

It's a FROG, it's fun, its beautiful and I find after finishing any of the Parables, I cant wait to play the next one to further progress the story (however, these games can easily be played as a standalone). Visually stunning and imaginative as always! Great game! Can't wait for the next one....

Excellent game
November 15, 2012

This one earned 5 stars for it's storyline and movie-style cutscenes alone. Beautiful graphics, much better than Rise of the Snow Queen, which I found to be excessive and gaudy. Still with the fragmented HO scenes here, although the items were larger and easier to find, and the scenes weren't as cluttered as in the other games in this series. I actually looked forward to them. The music was peaceful and calming, very relaxing. The map shows you where things are but does not take you there. One random complaint, they really need a separate mouse cursor for "click for information" and "click to open an active area," because that got old quickly. A journal would have been nice but there's a task list and a helpful hint system to point you in the right direction.

Great Game
November 6, 2012

PROS: ~HOS... You find parts of an item that finally make up the completed Item. I like much better than traditional HOS. ~Nice graphics and cut scenes ~Find morphing objects ~Find parables that add to storyline ~Long game ~Story draws you in and keeps you. ~Hint button shows you which way to go without giving away to much information. CONS: ~HOS scenes are repeated and plentiful. A little bit more than I would prefer. ~Map is not interactive. Cannot jump to locations. The pros out weigh the cons and the game deserves 5 stars and I definitely recommend it.

October 27, 2012

LOVED the CE trial version and this is not disappointing but I think with the halloween special this weekend I'll go back and "treat" myself to the Collectors Edition. Someone said the game was too short. I didn't find that at all. They must play just to get to the end as quick as possible and not enjoy the journey. It's a beautiful game and loads of fun.

October 26, 2012

Game is as fantastic and challenging as the other Dark Parables games. For those who play with their children or grandchildren, be warned it?s not a fairy tale. It does contain vivid violence and some of the scenes may be disturbing in their detail. If you like being scared and looking over your shoulder, play at night when home alone, especially in a storm. Full of adventure with lots to do. Production values are absolutely fabulous, with breathtaking artwork and animation. Story is as original as Snow Queen and Briar Rose. This is a very well developed game with a lot of attention given to the details and an interactive map. FROGs/HOS are nicely sized and well-defined, crisp and clear, nothing drab. Intriguing and clever mini-games and puzzles with a twist. Music is relaxing, not what you?d expect with the subject matter.

Still hesitating? Play another great Dark Parable!!
October 26, 2012

Didn't purchase the CE yet? Then this one is a "must have"!! I played the CE version and can tell you, the bonus-chapter is not really necessary! As a great fan of the dark parables series, I downloaded the CE without playing the demo and didn't regret.... Graphics are just so outstanding and beautiful! Story is so interesting and magical, you can't stop playing... Although you have to be a fan of fairytale or fantasy games! Lots of Minigames and HOS: Minigames are also well made, some new and often challenging. The HOS: Yes, I love those blue tea game HOS! You don't look for certain objects, - you are looking for fragments of an object, which - when set together - you need for the process of the game. This is soo beautifully made, you just can't get enough!!! Again you can collect achievments and morphing objects. A map shows areas of interest, but is not really helpful. And there are 3 levels of difficultiy. I played the 2nd and it took me about 4 hrs. Thumbs up and yes, yes, yes, I do recommend this game!! (p.s.: I don't agree with the complains about the killing of wolves, as the creatures in this game are more demons than animals!)

October 27, 2012

this game was so visually engrossing that I can't tell you how long it was or what the music was like. I can tell you I didn't really need the map, it was easy to remember the layout and easy to navigate, unlike the snow queen,which was gorgeous but hard to remember the rooms and the layout, also did'nt need the stradegy guide, the hint button will point you in the right direction without telling you what to do. I enjoyedthe puzzles and mini games just wish there were more of them. love morphing objects! I only found 13 of twenty so I'll have to keep playing till I find them all LOL. I did'nt buy the CE, I usually don't,except maybe ERS games cuz I can't wait, because its twice the money for one more chapter, don't care about the wallpapers or screen savers or music that I can turn down if I dn't like it. but reguardless of CE vs SE I hope you will buy one of them , I can't imagine anyone regretting it. enjoy!

They Just Keep Getting Better
April 5, 2013

GAME COMPLETED TWICE The Dark Parables series started with a game I never really liked, Curse of Briar Rose, a different but nothing special take on the story of Sleeping Beauty. It?s a fragmented hidden object game with only one or two puzzle types interspersed with the HOS. This game, the fourth of the series, is almost incomparably better in every way, most particularly in my favourite aspects of games. The stories over all four games have become increasingly complex and fanciful, and this story is a true gem of creativity and imagination. The original Red Riding Hood is saved and lives to establish a sisterhood of hunters vowed to protect their woods from all evil. This just as well, because the minute you, intrepid Detective, enter the forest you are attacked by a mist wolf and only survive with the help of a Red Riding Hood sister. The opening is quite dramatic and dark, actual killing of the mythical wolf occurs. Bear that in mind, because it will not be the last death you see in this game. The graphics are of course spectacular. That?s what sets games apart, and every game looks better than the last. There?s not much I can say about it, except gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Even the skeletons are gorgeous! Also, I noticed the music was particularly beautiful. I left the game on while I made a coffee just so I could listen to it. This series? signature gameplay of finding and reconstructing sensationally beautiful items to use in puzzles and mini-games (of which there are still not very many really, but a bit more variety) continues to dominate the game. But the complexity of the adventure aspect of the game has significantly improved its general appeal ? and increased the difficulty. Thank goodness we get a sort-of interactive map and a directional hint this time! It must be said, though, I still wandered about aimlessly often enough, unable to find what I needed to do next. Not everyone is going to want this kind of game, but for tho

Wolf whistle
November 4, 2012

If you liked the other Dark Parables games, go ahead and buy this one. The length of Red Riding Hood Sisters is adequate for a hidden object adventure game. You search for fragmented hidden objects and do a lot of to-and-fro-ing. Graphics, music and sound effects are top-notch. A minor complaint: the Sisters' costumes and poses. While this sort of depiction of female characters is common in mainstream video games, it's not really suitable for the casual games audience (you may disagree!)

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