Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Collector's Edition

  • Bonus game
  • Re-playable mini-games, hidden-object scenes, and cut scenes
  • Soundtracks, wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 713

Review for game Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Collector's Edition

Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale gets a reboot in this fourth game in the well-loved Dark Tales series. You and your detective companion Dupin have been summoned to the seashore to help William LeGrand discover the exact location of a treasure lost hundreds of years ago. But LeGrand isn’t the only one with designs on the pirate booty… A masked villain tries to make off with the code, and a mysterious woman in a veil seems to be connected. Follow the clues – with the help of the superior sniffing abilities of your Newfoundland sidekick – to track down the treasure and foil the criminal’s plans. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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January 11, 2013

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Another Hit in the Series!!
January 10, 2013

Just loved it!! Was so excited to see another Edgar Allan Poe game. I have never been disappointed in any of the games. I loved the addition of Arthur to help me through the adventure! As usual the graphics were great and the quality of the story very intriguing . Keep them coming please!!

Best of the Dark Tales
January 11, 2013

I really think this is the best of the Dark Tales games to date. This developer does an awesome job with entertaining us and providing us with some of the best games available. IMHO, no other developer does animals quite as well and the wonderful "Newfie" won my heart very early on. In this game we have many IHO (interactive hidden object) scenes, some are the standard look for objects but many are the silhouette type. We have been given some great puzzles as well. I really like that some mahjong and matching type puzzles have been included in the mix. Some of the puzzles are not as easy as they look. I like that even a few of the IHOS have mini puzzles included that must be solved before moving on. All in all, we have been given a very entertaining game with very nice graphics and excellent voice-overs. IMHO this developer designs very realistic characters who move well and don't seem choppy, which IMHO add to the quality of the game. Thanks ERS and BFG for a very nice game that I highly recommend.

Dupin is back and so are you !
January 10, 2013

Amazing ! Played 45 minutes of the demo when my average time is 20 !! Played Casual. - ERS :P - 3 modes, casual, advanced, real detective mode, you can change from one to another while playing - Integrated SG which only shows 2 chapters - Voice overs - Notebook - Shortly after starting the game, you get a dog, Arthur, he will help you through the game - H0 are quite interesting, in some you have to find silhouettes and ...to find the objects you have to play mini mini games, quite fun. Some of them are regular H0 where you interact. - Good mini games - Hint button - Skip button - Very good graphics I have all the other Dark Tales (shame, the sale is of no use to me :S ) and I really loved this one. Dupin is such a smart guy !! A straight buy for me...

ERS keeps getting better and better!
February 2, 2013

ERS Game Studios just keeps cranking out great hidden object mysteries, and it is amazing to see how far they have come since Azada, which is still a favourite of mine. The animations have gotten smoother over the years, and with the wealth of classic literature to choose from, they will be in business for a long time. This game focuses on one of Edgar Allen Poe's less macabre stories, which is still just as mysterious, and if you like looking for lost relics, then The Gold Bug is just the mystery you enjoy, because this involves the search for Captain Kidd's treasure. We meet up with Detective Daphin, the dapper man with a taste for the unknown and great fashion sense, for the mid-1840s, and he is the one constant in all of these ERS Poe games, and it is a pleasure to be working with him again as a mystery-solving partner. This story takes us out of France and to Sullivan Island, South Carolina where we meet with William LeGrand, a colleague of Daphin's that has discovered two amazing things. A golden beetle with a death's head markings on its wings, somewhat like the Death's Head moths from The Silence of the Lambs, has lead him to another even more startling discovery. A a very old parchment that seems to be blank until our characters accidentally get it to close to the fire, and this reveals a mishmash of dingbat characters. This is written in invisible ink, and the dingbats are a code which gives a clue to the location of the pirate treasure. I was a bit disappointed that some of the elements of the story were left out, like Legrand's African manservant, Jupiter, and the fact that we broke the code in this game by playing a mah jongg game. When I read the story as a kid, I broke the code using the clues in the story before I bother to flip a couple of pages further along to see what it was. This should have been added to the game. Even though some of the base elements from the story were left out, it did move the game along. It also leaves out the fact that LeGrand has gone insane after losing h

Excellent as a Standard Edition
January 11, 2013

Excellent game but not as a CE. The Bonus game play was only an hour long. And as others have mentioned there were no 'morphing objects, no achievements, nothing to collect', etc., things I have come to expect in a CE. I could kick myself for not waiting. I usually do. But other than that, this game is AWESOME. I totally recommend you buy the SE version. The Hidden object scenes are so fun and so are the puzzles. Great game!!!!

Fun Hidden Object Game
February 6, 2013

I really enjoyed this game. The right amount of hidden objent and puzzle's. Story line kept me interested. I have gotten so tired of demon based games will not by any more. found this just right. please more of these.

Fun HO game
January 15, 2013

This game from the ERS stable provided me with several hours of entertainment.I played in casual mode. There are two types of HO scenes, traditional list and outline-logic. Mini games aren't too difficult and can be skipped if the brain is on strike. Music not intrusive and voiceovers and cutscenes worth a look.

Good game, but there's room for improvement!!!
January 16, 2013

I liked the game and the idea of a treasure hunt. But the locations and the graphics kind of sucked all of the life out of the concept. Unfortunately, I played ?The Gold Bug? after having played other ERS games like ?Spirits of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur,? ?Reality Show: Fatal Shot,? and ?Phantasmat: Crucible Peak.? And honestly, it just seems like ERS got tired when it came to ?The Gold Bug? and wanted to work on their other games. I?m not sure where this game was in their overall development process, but it definitely didn?t get the star treatment that the others did. It just seems like they were more excited and into the other games that I played prior to this one. I liked the character LeGrand, he was comical. And Dupin was great, but I actually think he needs his own game. I like the idea of him as a detective and I think he would flourish if ERS took the character and did an original mystery or detective story with him. I think it?s difficult when you?re adapting a literary work because the characters are somewhat limited by the original text. And I loved the dog Arthur and how he would bark and sniff out objects that you gave to him. However, I sense there is more potential. It would be nice to take Dupin and make LeGrand his partner and keep Arthur as their assistant and just give them their own unique landscape and game to explore. Dupin is just so dazzling and distinguished. I could see Dupin and LeGrand paired in sort of a Sherlock Holmes and Watson kind of way plus the dog. I?m not sure if this concept is in any of Poe?s writings. If not, it would be at least worth tossing the idea around. The hidden objects scenes were good and clear. And there were a few of ERS?s newer kind included. But it just didn?t quite feel like a treasure hunt. It kind of lacked that real diehard adventure that people kind of associate with the concept. The idea of finding a pirate treasure is always interesting, but the premise was kind of trapped in a typical ?Dark Tales? fashion. The game just lacked the ?Wow!

January 11, 2013

I loved playing this game. The entertainment/fun factor is through the roof right from the start and it stays there all the way through. Dupin the beautiful is back and on top form. The graphics, as always with ERS, are top notch. There are just the right amount of iHOS, some lists, some silhouettes and the latter are highly interactive. Very well done and great fun. Only criticism I have is that a couple of them are repeated, and rather too soon after the first one. But only a couple, so the game loses no points for that, it's minor. The music is the traditional French accordian music. Good to listen to and a nice change from the usual dirges. As always, ERS puzzles are easy peasy, but that did not detract at all, for me. The v/os and cut scenes are excellent - they flow and are clickable. Then there is Arthur, who is great. Arthur is a huge black curly-haired hound lent to Dupin by LeGrand to help him and he travels along throughout the game. When a paw print appears over and inventory item, that item is placed on Arthur and he bounds into the game and uncovers something helpful for Dupin. Clever and endearing, that's Arthur. There are no spiders, snakes nor supernatural/occult themes in this. Again, a really nice change. In one scene I clicked on something hanging from the roof and Dupin himself stepped into the game and hooked it with his cane. It was startling because I have not seen this done before with people, only animals. I hoped for more of the same, but it was only a one off, unfortunately. Many will not buy this CE because it has no collectibles, achievements, map or wide screen, although you can do away with the black bars by adjusting your screen resolution to the 2nd from the top. What you get for the extra money is a SG and a BC. I cannot disagree with them that these things should be included, but it is ERS we are talking about and they simply just do not give us these things. Personally I could not care less. I only mention them for the newbies and folks who may not be famili

The Golden Bug Is Creepy, Crawly Fun!
January 10, 2013

ERS has put out another great game. As with previous Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe, Dupin as called for your skills as an inspector to help his friend who is obsessed with finding the treasure of Capt. Kidd. But, as to be expected, there are dangers along the way in the form of a masked man and a woman who always wears a veil. There is a mix of HO and placing items where they belong. The mini games were fun-not too challenging. The graphics were clean. The VO were well done. Even the bugs were nice to look at. And of course your new helper, a Newfoundland, is adorable. This is a great game and one well worth playing. So go a little "buggy" and give it a try.

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