Dead Hungry Diner

  • 55 levels across 5 worlds
  • 2 exciting game modes
  • A variety of unique customers
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 84

Review for game Dead Hungry Diner

Dead Hungry Diner is a fun and fast paced game with a fresh approach to restaurant management. Guide Gabe and Gabby, the orphan twins, and discover the secrets of Ravenwood village. Seat, serve and satisfy a variety of monsters but be quick before they get impatient and leave without paying. Call Frankie the bouncer to break up fights between feuding customers. Use a pinch of magic to perfect your customer service and build up big bucks. Manage the most unusual restaurant you have ever seen!

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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

Date release

May 1, 2012

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3450 points

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A little midnight madness
May 3, 2012

This has to be one of the most fun dash-style games I have come across in a very long time. I like how many of the creatures help out the twins, and how some personalities clash. Watching Frankie boot the troublemakers out is so funny. Just could not get enough of this one. This is so cute, it could be a cartoon show.

Dead Hungry Diner
May 1, 2012

This is the kind of game I expect when I see "Time Management". I love it, great grahics, wonderful storyline and characters, and very addicting gameplay. Those who love Diner Dash will definately enjoy this Monster version of it. Two thumbs up!!

Give this one a go!
May 1, 2012

I'm very shocked to see that the current "most helpful" review of this game gave it 2 stars after not even getting out of the tutorial section of the game! I can't agree with this so i've decided to post my first review The game is very cool and the characters have charm to them. There is less annoying stuff in the game like not having to return plates to the bin and the spells are pretty neat, allowing you to focus on controlling your person and the customers The graphics in this game are a little different but i really like them. they are very clean. What i didnt like was the ingame sounds and the cursor was a little big and clunky. I wish they would add custom cursors!

good halloween type game
April 30, 2012

i had to write a review because i'm not sure what the other guy is talking about, giving it 2 stars and saying its graphics were bad. they looked fine to me. this is exactly like diner dash except with zombies. if you like halloween/monster type themed games, you'll like this. just like they did with the super marker one. they changed it into a haunted/monster market.

Hooks you in, goodbye productivity!!
May 9, 2012

Really nicely paced game, lots of fun! You start out and learn the game very quickly, then bit by bit it gets harder and more addictive! Really loved the spells and the bouncer, great features that make it different to other similar games. So Much fun! Get it!

I Like This Game
May 1, 2012

I really enjoyed this game. It is cute and quirky. The graphics are very basic, but I thought it was fun.

Loved It
December 26, 2012

I really enjoyed this one. Great graphics, great sound. Fun characters. Original concept. Good playability and good replay. It was just fun!

Midnight shift
April 30, 2012

Actually I do not like zombies and do not like those Japanese style cartoons either.But I gave it a try and I was surprised. Despite all the negatives I actually had fun. Maybe that is easy to say because I like TMgames more than anything.However once I got over my dislike of above mentioned things I really got into the game. It is like diner dash but yet in a way it is not. Sometimes the tables are already seated,sometimes you have to seat them with "who gets along with who" in mind. I did not really need the upgrades in the first hour at all, but they should be easier afforded.Then you encounter that monster hunter and all of a sudden you have to protect the customer instead of just serving them. Little Frankenstein helps out by being the bouncer for hunters and quarreling customers alike.I always play with music but Ioccasionally turn it down a bit like in this game , because the hissing (and I adore cats) is a bit much.Maybe I am just starving for TMG but I like this one, it was challenging enough to keep me hooked and the more morbid players probably like the mostly undead theme, especially when ravens clean up the table by sitting on it and picking clean the leftovers.

most original time-management game i have played yet!!!
May 18, 2012

i gave this game 5 out of 5 for fun and originality. this game is a TM and so much more. there are lots of fun innovations and qwerks. you can "shuffle" your monsters in the que like a deck of cards. you can cast spells on nasty monsters who wont behave that turns them into a nice cute friendly zombie. the story is cute, the monsters are cute, even the villan a monster hunter is cute. it is like watching a funny cartoon! lots of levels, lots of spells! I applaud the originality. this is not diner dash 6 - it is completely different style of TM and if you ask me more fun.

Oh com'on! It's not that bad people!
May 1, 2012

Yes, all of you who have played Diner Dash are going to say this is the same. I've played Diner Dash for years and liked all of them. Any game like these are going to have it's repetitiveness to them. However... this game has some difference to it than our beloved Diner Dash, such as temporary powers you get during play time. I thought it was kinda different and fun to play. If you're going for graphics then I suggest a Hidden Puzzle game that might have those beautiful artistic values. Other wise, this is pretty fun to play. I like the comic book feel to it =P

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