Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel

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Review for game: Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel

Return to Europe in a brand new adventure as Dana Knightstone, the best-selling novelist who can see ghosts. When your cousin, famed musician Sebastian Knightstone, starts hearing eerie violin music in his Austrian manor, he asks for your help to investigate. But you're not the only one digging up the ghost's secrets -- and you find yourself falling headlong into danger! Solve challenging puzzles as you trek through snowy Austrian landscapes in search of missing clues. Can you follow the ghost's trail before time runs out?


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Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel
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Can you solve the mystery of the ghostly violinist?

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Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel game play Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel game play

A Beautiful and Haunting Story

I actually bought the CE edition and seeing it here has reminded me of how much I enjoyed the entire game. For those who opted to wait, please do not hesitate to get the SE (the bonus section really did not add too much to the story), as you will find yourself helping our famous novelist to solve another tragic ghost story. The Storyline involves a beautiful violinist who tragically died under mysterious circumstances and her earth bound spirit now haunts Dana's cousin. Dana is asked to help and together you go on a beautiful adventure that involves stunning graphics, beautifully drawn and set against the snowy backdrop of Austria. There are great voice-overs and music which sets the mood. Game features involved three modes of difficulty and there were 6 chapters to play. The HO scenes were interactive and varied in style. The mini-puzzles were fun and as an added treat, there are also Achievements to earn throughtout the game. A great game that offers a fantastic story, great visuals and sounds along with entertaining gameplay which is a 5 star SE game anyday.

Another Excellent Knightstone Game

I love this game series! What gets me excited about them is firstly the plot: great romantic and haunting stories about love, murder and mystery! Perfect combination without being creepy or erotic. The visual quality is excellent, great illustrations and characters. I also enjoy the voice overs. Game play is very smooth and intuitive and I love the mini games, simple, minimal searching for useless items (that really irks me in other games) and fun logical steps. I'm looking forward to the next Knightstone!

awesome game

one of the best I have played beautiful to look at and the right amount of challenge


Relaxing music; gorgeous scenes; appealing and believable story (if you believe in ghosts); wide variety of clever puzzles. Good blend of HOS and puzzles/mini-games. It?s a delight to see HOS with such detailed and picturescque graphics instead of the drab, overly crowded and dilapidated-looking HOS found in so many games today. As with the other Dana Knightstone stories, the developers put a lot of thought into the plot and did a fantastic job of putting the gameplay together to move the story forward smoothly and effortlessly. And they showed a little humor in everyday life - the animals and their antics sure added a little smile to my face. A very well developed and polished game. A nice addition to my Dana collection.

Finally a good music story

I really loved this game. I guess because I love music. The graphics and sound were great. I did need to use the hint button alot, but the game was still fun to play. I would highly recommend this game.

Good game

Have good voice over and music is good. The graphics are also good. Not that hard to play and has a good flow. HOG are different and fun. Puzzles are also not that hard and makes it fun. The hint button tell you what to do and where to go. For me that is a little more info than needed but that is better than no hints. Different and fun.

Great Game!

I just completed DK: An Austrian Sonata and was so sorry it was over. I've played all three Dana Knightstone games and loved them all. This game was great from beginning to end. A good balance of HOS and mini games. I'm not usually a fan of too many HOS but the ones in this game were so enjoyable, I wished there were more. The only disappointment for me were the mini games. I skipped almost half because they were either too redundant (untwist the rope is really stale) or too difficult for me. I read a review that said there was too much moving back and forth. I didn't find that. Actually, I found going back to obtain an object helped me to remember where things were and where places were. I highly recommend this and the other two DK games.

I Love the Dana Knightstone series...

...and this was no exception! The graphics and sound were great but it's the story that makes the game and this one was most enjoyable. The puzzles were not horribly challenging but I like that feature in a puzzle. They made me think but didn't make me frustrated. If I were going to criticize this one at all, it could have been longer but I would probably say the same thing if it had been twice the length. If you are a Dana Knightstone fan, you can't miss this one. If not, well it may be time to consider it!

Musical mystery

Surprise ending on this one. Hint button worked well as a guide. Lots of snow and ice in this one so, living in Florida, I had to wear my sweater while playing this game (kidding). Nice music, interesting storyline with a bit of betrayal thrown in for good measure.

No reasons for disappointment

So many good and not as good words said about this one. Here are my 5 cents. Honestly, I hardly understand those who are that disappointed I see no reasons for that. The scenes, the visuals are excellent and memorable, a real pleasure to the eyes. Love and ghost story, an incredible blend to give you hours of fantastic experience. And this subtle chamber music that stays with you for the whole gameplay, isn?t it marvelous? Plenty of HO scenes, varied and interactive. Outstanding list of achievements to complete ? I LIKE IT! I won?t deny there are a couple of inaccuracies but no way do the spoil the fun and excitement.

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