Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper

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  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 810

Review for game Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper

A man shows up on your doorstep asking you to track down the woman he loves. It would be just another "missing persons" case, except the only thing you have to go on is a crystal slipper... and the man is a prince from a mysterious, faraway land. Can you find the woman who captured his heart but then vanished? Or will this fantastical land push your detective skills to the limit? And do you really get to ride a unicorn? Find out in Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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January 6, 2013

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A lovely fairy-tale!!! (Differences to the CE...)
January 5, 2013

This review is based on playing the complete CE, with 7 chapters plus the bonus-chapter. Played the demo of this SE to find any differences? Wonderful settings! With elements from the cinderella fairytale. I love fairytale based games!! There are 3 modes to play, I played the 2nd mode. Hint refills quickly and is also helpful outside the HOS. HOS are different to the usual ones: You put items out of your list into the scene. Lots of minigames, some new. The inventory comes along with a flashlight and a camera. With this camera you take pictures of 30 fairy-creatures hidden throughout the game. Those pictures are collected in a photoalbum. Nice: We have an interactive map together with a task-list. - All in all this is a very beautiful game! And for those, who are still hesitating: This SE is still a very good catch, because the only difference is, that there is no bonus-chapter and no SG.

January 6, 2013

I enjoyed playing this game thus far. I felt like I was a part of the fairytale. So this has been fun for me. The scenery is absolutely exquisite. So bright & vibrant, (at least so far). The HO scenes are ones that have given you the objects beforehand. Then you must figure out where their best match is. Totally acceptable to me. The mini games have not been difficult. Nice challenges.The storyline so far has been based on a Cinderella-type story in which the Lady has left her shoe behind. It is up to us to find her and unite the Prince & her together. But instead of evil stepsisters being involved and having to be home by the stroke of midnight, she receives a letter from an owl about her father being hurt. I'm enjoying it so far and can't wait to see how it all ends. Definitely a keeper!

February 3, 2013

This is a breathtakingly beautiful journey through a fairytale storybook brought to life. You feel transported into another world as the stunning visuals bring you through palace treasuries , forests filled with classic medieval creatures like Griffins , Harpies and unicorns, Dragon lairs filled with gold and rare objects, and so much more as you quest to find Cinderella.. she's not called that in the game, but it's the classic Cinderella story in every way except the name. The hidden object scenes are wonderful. Rather than the normal hunt-and-click hidden object scenes, you are provided with an inventory of objects that "fit" into the scene and you have to place the objects into or onto the correct object in the scene in order to complete the scene. Every time you place an object a clever and fluid bit of animation accompanies it, such as placing a sword in the hand of a knight causes him to swing the sword. It's total high quality from beginning to end. The map in the game allows you to jump from one location to any other location you have already visited which saves a lot of time, and the map also clues you in to where there are still tasks to be completed, so if you get stuck just look at the map and it will tell you where you need to go. The puzzles are excellent, not too hard and not too easy. I averaged between 5 and 8 minutes per puzzle. Most of them are moderate in difficulty , a few are simply easy. But mostly the puzzles strike exactly the right balance to make them enjoyable without being frustrating. This is everything that a hidden object adventure game should be. I very highly recommend it.

Fantastical nonsense ..
January 10, 2013

.. But utterly delightful! I played it with a silly grin on my face from start to finish.

Good game and not that hard
January 26, 2013

Lots of going from one area to another but at least the map will move you there. Not a hard game at all. Hint button is good and fast recharge. The puzzles can be hard. The HOS are different but east. Not much for voice over. Good game but a little boring at times. Same old thing.

Help Prince Charming Get The Girl!
January 5, 2013

Who doesn't love Fairy Tales, especially the story of Cinderella. You are a detective hired by Prince Charming to find the girl who stole his heart at the ball. Can you guess what your only clue is? and can this story get anymore cheesier? So off you go, with a glass slipper on hand, a Unicorn to ride, a letter from the Prince and a camera to take the odd photo for your album, (There are 30 photos required to collect thropughout the game). Your adventure begins and once again I realise why these developers have become a favorite of mine. This time we have a unique HOPA where the HO scenes are reversed and not as simple as one would think. Placing objects back to their place is fun and a break from your standard HOGs. . I loved the voice-overs and sound effects as well as the soundtrack which really amplified the gaming experience immensly. The mini-games started off simple but gradually they became more challenging and fun. You have inventory objects to pick-up and ofcourse the HO scenes to play. Stunning graphics, georgeous artwork, captivating storyline adorable creatures you come across and entertaining gameplay are what you will get from this version of Cindarella. If you passed up on the CE then by all means, take advantage of the sale today and go back to get the CE!

loved the game
January 7, 2013

What a bargain for a game. I did not purchase the CE game but thoroughly enjoyed the game. What a fun way to spend some winter hours at play. I cannot say anything bad about the game. I really enjoyed all of the puzzle games and especially the "hidden object" games because they made you think about where to place things. The graphics were fantastic. Have nothing bad to say about anything about the game except "Bravo".

Modern Cinderella
January 6, 2013

This is by one of my favourite game companies 'Elephant' thus for me the game was going to be at least a 'try-out' having tried the game I am definitely going to purchase, but I am glad I waited for the SE and not paid the extra for the CE. When the CE edition came out it was an ideal Christmas Game (plays out like a twist on the Cinderella story), even now when the SE edition has come out, we are only just out of the season (and the ethos of the tale can be a year round parable). Having played the trial version of both the CE and SE I have decided upon purchasing the SE. The reason being I don't usually manage to get all the 'origami' (or other collectables that you need to unlock the bonus), the ending as another review pointed out is 'sound' in this version and also you do get VO and the ability to collect the 'pictures' (though again I doubt I will collect all 30 or so. The only reason I usually buy the CE is because of the lack of VO which to me helps to drive the story better than reading the text, it is like a story-book being bought to life. Though recently I have noticed in Elephant games they are keeping the VO in the SE edition, so for me I would rather save my cash and purchase the SE edition (so I can purchase more of their games. The cynic in me wonders whether this is the reason they have done this :) Recently I have 'upped' my skill level from intermediate to advance, thus no clues or hints. This therefore does pose occasional problems with regards to some of the puzzles (remember no skip in advance). The story is good and traditional and one that most will know. The VO is good and the graphics are sharp and the music is well-suited to the game. The puzzles are good and innovative, with some that I have not seen before and twists on others. I would definitely recommend this game especially now when there is a 'new year sale' on.

Try the trial!
January 5, 2013

My review is based on the CE of this game, so you need to adjust for that. This is a delightful game! And even without the strategy guide and the bonus content (which is worth the price) you will get a game with a lot of content and one that can take several hours of fun to complete if you stop to smell the roses. Enjoy!

wonderful fairytale
January 10, 2013

Love the game. I'm not fun of spooks what usually gamers of Big Fish prefer. Very relaxing for girls who has intellectual work in real life :-)))). it's very lovely, very girly and and the same time very brainy. story line is interesting, played the game in one breath. puzzles are unusual and not boring (tired of different modifications of the same puzzles). HOGs are brainy as well - you have to find without special hint where the objects belong to. Story line isn't boring - starts from well known Cinderella story and ends up in total magical twist. level of challenge not that complicated - well.... I was happy about not to going around from one screen to another to submit the objects. but very much predictable which doesn't make this game less fascinating :-) Graphics are beautiful, characters are well done and nice. Voices over not overdone. I recommend this game for people who like to keep their mind outside of dark deeds. In another word for people who like to recharge their emotional batteries in beautiful world :-) Simply loved it and will play it couple of times again for sure.

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