Dracula: Love Kills

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  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 359

Review for game Dracula: Love Kills

The Queen of Vampires is back and is determined to destroy the world! No one, human or vampire, will stand in her way. Count Dracula is still weak from his last battle with Van Helsing, so an uneasy alliance is formed between the two mortal enemies. Will they overcome their hatred and stop the Queen? Find out in Dracula: Love Kills, a terrifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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July 16, 2011

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PuzzleMatch 3

A not too gory HOG/Adventure
December 27, 2011

I already reviewed this game at length in the CE section and I am giving only a quick summary here. Eerie atmosphere right from the start, but nothing horrible, nothing gory, even though Dracula feeds on blood to be able to use his powers. Gorgeous graphics, nice soundtrack, well crafted locales; plenty of tasks to accomplish and items to find and use; HO Scenes a bit cluttered but OK; Hint system generous, recharging fast, telling you what to do next; a map; objectives clear. A profusion of puzzles and minigames, not always that easy, but challenging, with a few novelties. Very good voice-overs, one very British, the others with a Transylvannian accent, and quite a fair amount of humor. 6 Chapters, several hours of gameplay. Worth 4.8 stars and adding to your collection.

An excellent game
May 6, 2012

If you like long,and a little bit complicated games,this one will certainly appeal to you! TIME Well,the most H.O. games I've played are too short,this one wasn't!!It took me 4 h and 40 min. to finish it!And man,that'a a good time for game!No food,no moving,just siting in my chair!(ok,I took a break about 1 h.) MUSIC/SOUNDS Anyway,I liked the music while I was finding the ojects,nice, it just suit perfectly the "dracula-theme"! GRAPHICS Hmm,awesome graphics,really really good!I just have a complain about it...At the very beginning (and in the end as well)there was a video about the story,the graphics were sooo cool,Like 3D,I thought all the game would be like that..but I felt dissapointment when I found out that it was too good to be real!!Although the graphics were amazing!Don't worry about it! SCENES/PLAYING THE GAME Oh,yaeh,I found it...The most of the scenes where covered by blood so..be prepared...it's a bit disgusting but this is the type of the game,I guess!I played the easy mode,as it was my first time playing that...and it was easy enough:hints charged too fast,really,and I just clicked in random items and in no time at all I had finished!So for people who are not American and they may don't understad some words it's the best game for them!The great thing about the game is the choice you have to bite or not the bad guys...I don't really know if that could change the game,but it's preety nice to feel that you have the control... PUZZLES I won't forget to mention the puzzles..Oh my...what was that?I am not sure if I did solved a couple of them...some where too wired,others too easy!Luckily the "skip"button worked!!:) STORY ..Nice story...but I think I missed something.."dracula origin"describes in its strory,something that I should know?Mina doesn't love Dracula?Is Dr Van Helsing an enemy?I thought they were friends!Ok...if I forget my the missing links..it's very very good... COMPLAINT(S) One

Do yourself a favour & play this
December 8, 2011

The game has great graphics & an involved story line. You move around the world, as Dracula, with Van Helseing as a companion.

Dracula: Love Kills
June 9, 2012

This game is better than the Sherlock Holmes: Hound of Baskervilles. The main character, the dracula, has a hunchback as his servant, van Helsing on his side and ability to teleport. Very nice and neat, indeed. Plus we can get to collect the blood, choose to kill/ not to kill, although I am not sure if that makes any difference. The ending, sadly is not phenomenal. Still, a great and fun game overall.

Fast-paced HO Game
March 24, 2012

Fun game. Good story. Interesting minigames. I enjoyed the variety of scenes, having to get a supply of blood, and acquiring special powers. Only negative comment I have is that I found Igor annoying (like JarJar Binks).

Good all-round HO game
January 29, 2012

I chose the hard level and the puzzles were varied and challenging. There is a lot to keep up the interest in the way of hidden object scenes, puzzles and mini games to do. There were a lot of mini games in this one that I have not come accross before, so need some working out. Althought the subject matter is a bit grisly, it is very mild and good all-round entertainment value. I enjoyed playing this game and can recommend it.

Love me a good dracula game :)
February 8, 2014

I'm playing this way after it was released. I played another Dracula game today, so was in the mood for this theme I suppose. This is a good one. Very good voice overs. You get a helper (Igor) who is just too funny. Mostly adventure and puzzle based game. The HOS I did run into were easy. They were a bit dark however. Puzzles ranged from easy to challenging. I had a blast playing the demo and with the sale this weekend am purchasing after this review.

Loved it!
February 4, 2012

Dark and creepy, just like I like it! I played on Easy mode, because my head hurts a bit and I didn't want too much of a challenge. ;o) I really enjoyed the game...not too hard, not too easy. Loved that there was a map that allowed you to warp to one place or another! I'll probably go back and try it out in Expert Mode so I can get the rest of the achievements.

June 2, 2012

I have purchased many many of the Hidden Object games, and enjoyed a lot of them. But this game was by far one of the very best. There were parts of the game that made me smile. And I even had to show my brother some of the graphics. The story line is on the same order as most Dracula games. So that part is not so new, but the graphics was so outstanding. I enjoy the games that have vocals attached to the characters. This one was outstanding for me. You must use your speakers to get the most enjoyment from the game. I enjoyed it so much, I highly recommend it to you. If I could give it more than a 5 star I would.

Puzzles Galore
June 29, 2013

I don't usually play vampire games because they're pretty much all the same. Dracula: Love Kills, however, is clever and engaging. This is one of the very best HOPA games I've ever played. It took me 7 hours to finish in hard mode. Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles-ranging from easy to pretty hard. Lots of HOG scenes too. I was amused how they modeled Igor on Marty Feldman. All in all a fun game with high replay value.

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