Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan

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Review for game Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan

Go Uptown traditional or Greenwich cool in the perfect New York wedding. Pick the couple, explore the lucky bride`s Manhattan apartment, and scout locations for wedding day items. Hunt for hidden objects in brilliant NYC backgrounds like Central Park, a custom gown shop, and others. Can you reveal the final registry gift in this joyful sequel? Play Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan, and experience bliss.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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July 25, 2008

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755 points

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December 23, 2012

in this hidden object puzzle game, your job is to plan the perfect Manhattan wedding for your upscale clientele. pros: - no ghosts, time travel or violence - choose variations of each bride's story - choose the bride's flowers, cake and gown cons: - hidden objects and scenes are repeated - some objects are incredibly tiny & difficult to see - puzzles are not challenging graphics: most were reasonably easy to see, but some items were small, grainy and very difficult to see. hidden object scenes were cluttered but fortunately, they were not junk piles. many of the hidden object scenes are repeated. music: traditional wedding music -- vivaldi mostly. storyline: probably the most attractive feature of this game is the ability to create different stories for your characters through the choices you make for them -- a chance meeting, a conversation had (or missed) ... that sort of thing. this greatly improves replay value, although i don't think the ensuing hidden object scenes vary much based on choices made. gameplay: each chapter is timed and has several scenes that you must search for hidden items. you are given a search list for each scene and you must find a certain number of objects in all the scenes combined (usually one less than the total number). each scene has five "bluebirds of happiness" that, when you find them, give you an extra hint. some scenes include an extra item to find (a ring box or a fancy pen) or you must "answer" a cell phone when it rings to add an extra minute to the timer. there is an overclick penalty. after completing the hidden object scenes, you then play a mini-game to win a gift for the happy couple. puzzles include assembling pipes and creating guest seating arrangements at tables. these puzzles are neither challenging nor novel, so the only reason to skip them is because they've become repetitive. my interaction: one hour demo. although this game did not appeal to me, it is p

Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan
February 14, 2013

Not too happy with this one in the series. It's a bit boring compared to the others. No storyline, mostly just hidden object boards. Very basic.

February 5, 2012

Its a good game it keep yhu quiet nd if yhu havent play dhiiz game yhu need 2 play it as so possible

Fun Game!
November 3, 2012

All the Dream Day games are fun and relaxing instead of brain teasers. Great fun to play with children and even grandchildren. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to get away from the dark side of most of the HO games now. While quite easy they are mostly long and quite fun.

loving it
November 19, 2011

i love playing this game ,keeps your mind open .and thinking,

Never get tired of Dream Day
December 10, 2011

Another winner for a HOG game! lovely music, fun, relaxing. Just makes me relax thinking about it!

Other Dream Day Wedding Game Better
July 9, 2012

I played Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia first and loved it... hence thought this would be nice too... but it is a total letdown. The visuals are not romantic, scenes not nice, few even ugly (I believe Manhattan has better scenes available), the same scenes get repeated too many times.... If you're playing just as a HOG, it's ok as long as you do not mind the same scenes, same items to find in same places :(

Sappy? Sure but that's the point!
September 23, 2012

This was one of the first hidden object games I've ever played. I liked the sappiness of it but it was surprisingly fun too. It's sort of like getting two games in one in that you get two bride stories with mostly different settings except for the subway and, I believe, one other. You can collect bluebirds for extra hints and there's a cool minigame where you can assemble the love stories of each bride by choosing different scenarios on how they met their grooms. Additional minigames concern the scatterbrained brides leaving their to do lists in innocuous places and puzzles concerning table settings and assembling pipes for a chocolate machine. All of the above mentioned games can be skipped easily but the ones concerning the lists are actually fun to do. A trick which I've never seen before is one where a certain item on your hidden object list traps you in various rooms and you have to perform a short series of tasks to get you out. Yes, you get to visit the same locations several times but you're looking for different items, and one quirk is where things go horribly wrong and you have to investigate the once lovely location which is now in disarray and you have to find hidden objects there as well! So there's more to this game than just finding hidden objects. You actually have to think things through so that adds to the challenge. The game is also timed so when I got to the point where I knew where all the objects were in every scene, I skipped all the puzzles and minigames to see how quickly I could finish. I came in at just under two hours. If you play all the minigames and figure out the table setting/chocolate pipe puzzles (these puzzles took me too long and I found them annoying so I always skipped them) then the gameplay can be quite long so you'll have to decide if it's right for you. Do the trial and see how it feels. I forgot two other minigames. Sometimes a cell phone will ring and you will have to find the phone in the scene you're currently in. I think you get minutes added to your co

January 25, 2012

wonderfull recomended for sure and many others like this if it s posible

August 26, 2012

I finally found a Dream Day I want to buy! The mini-games are fun. The story lines better than just sappy. And the HOS are beautiful, crisp and appealing. I got the biggest kick out of the Blue Birds of Happiness. They look like little punk rockers!

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