Dreams from the Past

  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Tricky mini-games
  • Uncover the hidden secret!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 768
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 502

Review for game Dreams from the Past

Uncover a dark hidden secret in Dreams from the Past! Dianne, a photographer from New York, has a secret. As darkness falls, strange dreams from the past haunt her. It starts with the same reoccurring dream where a couple is torn apart. Who are the people in the dreams and what mystery do they hold? Use your hidden object and puzzling skills to help Dianne find out and unravel a love story that is lost within time!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

September 27, 2012

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2781 points

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Bewitching, Relaxing Game! Clear Graphics! Beautiful Artwork!
September 27, 2012

Who said, "there's no such thing as bad publicity". I think it was Howard Hughes. Normally, unpopular BFG games receive a few negative reviews. However, this lovely game is receiving more than it's share of undeserved negative feedback for whatever reason and I wanted to add my review to set the record straight. I'm with sporty gal and enjoyed playing this wholesome, entertaining and original game. Masterful artwork! My eyes appreciate the well defined graphics which are a good-size, clear, crisp, bright and colorful. Game allows you to think without monotonous instructions. Lovely and relaxing game, really. A story with few words, hurray! I tied right into the whole game concept immediately without lenghty explanations and instructions. Gotcha! Have to figure things out. Okay! Some variations on hidden objects, thank goodness. No sparkles, hurray again! Let's greet Pixel Haze Game Developers with a warm BFG "welcome". Language barriers are not an issue with us as we are members from around the world! After all, we are like family as BFG members/gamers-- who usually express our opinions respectfully as well as offer constructive comments and criticisms--where needed--to help improve this and all future games! Otherwise, BFG members, for a long, long time, we will be receiving the same-type of "doom and gloom" games, over and over which has flooded our BFG pages. We need more diversity and this game delivers in an advanced, yet, simplistic manner. A definite purchase for me! Enjoy! -Mama Mia-

Crisp game
September 29, 2012

Absolutely loved visuals of the game and lovely HOGs with cleverly placed objects. Some animations would have added more life into otherwise a very static world of the game..the mix of slot system and direct item placement to get things working makes the game very well done. The images in the slot shows you what object to look for which acts like a hint?some items you get in HOG and some you need to look around. The music is really smooth and relaxing.. the puzzles in the game are nice and challenging at the same time not too difficult unlike some other games where we just wait for the skip bar to fill up so that we can skip the thing.

decent love story
September 27, 2012

interesting story and concept has variety of games nice music worth playing. over all good game would recommend it

Demo in NOT an hour, its 36 minutes!
September 26, 2012

I loved the game from what I got to play during the VERY SHORT DEMO they give you. The graphics were amazing, storyline couldve been better. HO scenes were great and cleverly hidden, and "interactive". In some scenes you must find certain objects to pair with or repair others. It includes "spot the differences" scenes as well, where youre given 2 scenes and you have to spot the differences between the 2. The game is very well put together. However the demo is NOT an hour long, its only 36 minutes and in that time there isnt enough to do to really get a feel for what the rest of the game will be like. The only complaint I have is sometimes the game lacks directions: during some of the scenes you'll see flashing spots, so you know you have to search that area. But after you find everything in that room, there is no way to leave the room and no instructions to tell you what to do. But what you have to do is: scan your mouse all over the room and look for it to change into either a magnifying glass or into spinning gears, and then search that area (after you encounter this once you know to expect it in upcoming scenes, but instructions wouldve been nice). You can leave certain rooms by holding your cursor at the bottom of the screen and clicking when the arrow appears, but not all rooms have this option. Also, the hint button takes FOREVER to recharge. Those 2 things are my only complaints. I havent purchased it yet (probably will) but overall this a great HOG with amazing graphics- granted this review is based only on the measly 36 minute demo.

Game from the Past
September 26, 2012

You are a photographer who has a recurring nightmare about a man and a woman who are lovers and somehow he gets murdered (no gore). It is a combination of several types of games. Sometimes you just find an object laying out, sometimes you have to play a Hidden Object game. Sometimes you are finding pieces of objects to assemble into a whole object. Example: find all the numbers of the clock in several different hidden object scenes in order assemble the clock in order to put the clock in your suitcase. Or, find the Tiger, Bear, Camel and Elephant in order to open the door. Clear graphics, but some items are hidden behind others with only a corner sticking out so they can be hard to see. There are also other types of games - find the difference game, weigh the objects on scales, and make all rows and columns add up to 15 game. There are no game options to speak of other than sound and custom cursor, no map or journal, no cut scenes, you will go from pulling in a boat to being on the other side of a river. Storytelling is done in comic book fashion and text is just written out on the screen like you are reading a movie script. Music (which usually doesn't bother me) was a bit repetetive. Game ends when she arrives for her first job. Personally, I was thankful it didn't go on for an hour.

I'll Be In The Minority - I Liked It - Review Of Completed Game
September 26, 2012

The story: You take on the role of Dianne a photographer who has dreams of a young couple in some ancient land, and her lover is brutally killed and must uncover the hidden secrets that lies within her dreams. This I would consider a HOPA (hidden object puzzle adventure) very heavy on HOS (hidden object scenes), light on puzzles, and the "adventure" part is there is a bit to do in this game. At times it will be obvious with the indication of a "sparkle" on the screen for something needing to be done however at times not always obvious as you have to take your mouse and move it around the areas pretty thorough to bring up the "gears" or "magnify glass" and "click around a lot" to activate something in a scene. Also at times have to have your mouse near the edge of the screen to find a new location the "arrows." The graphics are a cartoon comic book style and done in cut scenes when the characters do appear in the game. There is no journal, map, voice overs, or choice of play mode. HOS (hidden object scenes): Will be indicated by sparkles and I counted 30 scenes for the whole game Found by word list. .At times you'll do at least 2 or 3 in a row. Most of the time there will be more than one item that is found in the scene that will go into the inventory down at the bottom. Sometimes used in the same scene sometimes not. Outside of these 30 scenes there are items that are found by circle placement. Some of the items to complete the "circle placement" are found in other scenes of the game. Lots of traveling back/forth to this game. HINT: is only available for the HOS and charges up pretty quick however can't use the hint outside of the HOS. You are on your own here. Puzzles: Not a whole lot of puzzles to this game. The usual found in many games like spot difference, jig saw, get ball out of the maze, etc. All puzzles can be skipped and pretty quick. My overall impression: Well to my surprise although

September 26, 2012

Storyline: A photographer has dreams of a young couple in some ancient land, and her lover is brutally killed (the killing is tastefully handled). Graphics are superb, with allluring environments everywhere you look. Soundscapes are reminiscent of olden days when people weren?t in a hurry. There?s no sense of urgency in the gameplay. HOS are not too crowded and objects are well defined. There are also some crisp, fill in the circles scenes and a few spot the differences. A lovely, pleasant game to spend a relaxing afternoon with.

Meh, it's an okay game but ...
September 26, 2012

Game play with no explanations would be frustrating for those who've never played this kind of game before. You have to find the elements pictured in pop-up circles that surround an objective, and those elements have some assembly required which entails finding the parts. Parts may be laying around in plain sight, partially hidden under something that has to be moved (or not) or found in an HO scene or a puzzle/mini game. I was having rainy day fun playing when THE BIG DOWNER hit: the demo has a cut-off which leads me to suspect the game must be very short indeed. Not interested. Can't afford to spend my money on short games. What little money I can spend on games has to provide a good stretch of entertainment. IMO, yeah - it's a fun little game but I'm not buying.

Middle of the road
September 26, 2012

The best way to for me to describe this game is middle of the road--it was OK. The story line hints of an ancient love story with a tragic ending and our modern day heroine is dreaming of these events. OK--not bad. However the graphics are blurry and rather cartoonish, The hidden object scenes, while not particularly difficult in terms of finding some objects, are very difficult in others. For instance, there is a scene where you have to find Roman numerals. The last three are impossible to find without the hint button. Even with the hint, you find that the number is not visible--it's hidden under something! Objects in the scene are often tiny or you find yourself asking "What is that?". Often these scenes are ones in which you have to find several other objects before you can pick up the one you want, which can be fun, if you know what you're looking for and don't have to ask "What's that?" The hint button only works in HO scenes and sometimes you find yourself wondering what you're supposed to do. This game seems to have borrowed from several other games like "Pahelika" and "Eye of the Tiger", but does not pull it off as succesfully as these terrific games do. This is a game I would buy on sale, or if I had absolutely nothing else to do. The demo is very short, so I don't know whether the game gets any better. For me, this game is a definite maybe!

January 26, 2013

I love these games - I love HOS but I am so tired of just finding items from a listof words and running back and forth between scenes. I really Love finding pieces of objects and find objects like in this game. when you come home from work and just want to wind down - this is a great little game I liked it a lot.

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