Dreamscapes: The Sandman

  • Incredible dream worlds to visit
  • Astonishing cutscenes in 3D
  • Dozens of achievements to earn
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 2.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1486

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Young Laura didn't have bad dreams after her father gave her the Dreamcatcher. But one day Laura loses the Dreamcatcher and she gets trapped in a nightmare that might never end. Be the one to save her! Travel to Laura’s dreamworlds, fight her deepest fears and solve numerous puzzles to find hints to Laura's salvation in this breathtaking adventure game!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Dreamscapes: The Sandman
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Be the one to save Laura from her nightmares

AFERON - BigFishGames
Dreamscapes: The Sandman game play Dreamscapes: The Sandman game play

YES, this is a definite buy!!! :) No HOS...

I was extremely surprised, that this great game is ?just? a SE release!!! I count lots of Collector?s Editions which are not as good and offer less extras than this one!!! Played 20 min. and decided to purchase it? Graphics are very clear and welldone, characters are very good animated. Story around Laura, a young woman, who is captured in her own nightmare is eerie and thrilling. Through a special machine, we are able to step into her dream to rescue her? What comes along? An uncomplete diary (he have to search for the 14 lost pages), 2 modes to choose from (regular/ expert), direction giving hint (hint refills quite fast in regular mode), no map, 11 chapters. 100 well hidden beholders to find (?eye-things? with spiderlegs, wings or with a tail), achievements to earn. And we have to collect parts of a dreamcatcher to put it back together. No hidden object scenes!! But lots of lots of very interesting minigames!! Some new and some really tricky ones!!! :) We have a lot to do and to explore!! Expect an extremly exciting adventure!!! :)

Review of Finished Game

This is a great game. It doesn't have hidden object scenes, but plays like it does. I played the Premium edition from another site. It contains Diary pages to find, Dream catcher pieces to collect, and also Beholders, which are creep, crawly eyeballs. A pop out screen on the side tells you how many are in each scene. You don't have to collect anything except the Dream Catcher. There are also Achievements in the version I played. There are lots of options on the menu screen. The hint is different, you drag the item to the hint button and then do a rotation puzzle with it. You don't really need many hints, sometimes I got some just for fun! (There was also an achievement for using the hint x times) The game takes place in a dream world, so lots of neat scenery. This game is set in Chapters, so if you don't have time for the whole game at once it is easy to stop and start, and it also means there isn't a lot of backtracking. There are only a half dozen scenes in each section. This is a wonderful game, I don't understand why we didn't get the CE version of it. I still have a screensaver from it on my PC! Even without HO scenes and a lot of backtracking it still took me hours to play and I wanted it to last longer. Enjoy it!

Must Try

I love this game it has a great story line and good humor to it too. I love the fact that you get to look for collectables, and for a regular version you also get achievements, that's great too.the music, and graphics are good and overall a must get, LOVE THIS GAME.

All the bells and whistles!

Based on the trial 2 levels; regular and expert tutorial great voiceovers nice graphics many, many extras, such as a tube to travel to different locations, collectibles etc no list style HOS as far as I played nice puzzles, many of which you must collect parts of before you can begin to solve After Laura falls into a coma, you volunteer to enter her dreams in the hopes of saving her. Not a particularly new idea, but extremely well done. I was pleasantly surprised by all the extras, normally only found in a collector's edition. As far as I played, gameplay was smooth and the story easy to follow. The only negative comment I have would be the spelling error right in the intro. Please note developers: You do not LOOSE consciousness. You LOSE it. Tsk tsk. Having said that, I did love the game and it is on my 'BUY' list!

Unique, adorable, and extremely enertaining

This is such a surprise! It's unlike most of my favorite games (I love complicated HOPAs, often with grim plots). But the artwork is beautiful, it has an amazing amount of special objects (similar to Beyond objects, but much more), and we earn achievements. It's fun to play and rewarding, too. My trial hour sped by. I'm buying it immediately!

Different puzzles + Great Atmosphere

A great game with surreal dream landscapes and a variety of puzzles that are different from run-of-the-mill set we see often. Although different the puzzles aren't difficult (boo). Nice graphics, items to collect and achievements but nothing that is too obtrusive and distracting from the game. No Hidden Objects during 50 minutes of demo. I turn off all sound so can't comment on music or voiceovers.

just a good adventure

Played 30 min and will buy. A good game. No HOS but a good adventure. You have 106 devices to find thru-out the game. Just a fun game. Music and graphics are good. I did need the hint button and it works great. Give it a try and will will be hooked.


When we wake from what feels like a long dream, we sit and remember how strange it all was and all the people we met and all the thing we did, and we have a sense of the weird and wonderful. That is how the word "surreal" originated. This game is just like that. Beautifully done, with wonderful graphics and music. The Sandman is indeed a sinister and disturbing entity. I lost count of all the different locations and landscapes I visited and all amazing things I saw. Your helper is a gremlin called Benny, who is equally weird but sweet and harmless. At first the graphics seem too dark, the sounds are too loud and I wondered doubtfully whether it would be any good. But that all changed very soon. It became lighter and quite fast paced. There are achievements and collectibles but no map or wide screen so I do not know if this was originally a CE, but if it was, for some reason BF rejected it and only bought the SE. The hint and skip are fast. Half the puzzles are easy and half are hard. I only came across a few new ones. But it is the way it is made and the atmosphere that is the big draw with this one. It is a Puzzle Adventure, so no HOS. I ceased to notice quite early on, the game is so gripping. The hint button is directional, although it is fairly easy to understand where to go next and what to do. Still, I did need a few tips now and again. There are no sparkles, just cursor changes for various different interactions. It is very well made, with instant navigation and no glitches. The cut scenes and voice overs are excellent and there is a lot of animation from the characters in the cut scenes, which I instantly picked up on as it is most unusual. They perform actions and activities, which I have not seen before. As well as the collectibles, you have to find pieces of a dreamcatcher to defeat the Sandman at the end. It took me 4 hrs and I really, REALLY enjoyed it. I do not know who these Devs are. The little green dragon people distributed it but did not make it and I think they mad

Love this game!

Interesting creepy story! Cute fluffy creature and scary beholders makes me crazy. Why this wonderfull game is not a COLLECTOR'S EDITION? Waiting for sequel!

Superb Adventure-lite!

Dreamscapes: The Sandman CE (Adventure-lite) Played through full game twice Options include separate sliders for voice, music, sound, and ambient volume. You can choose between two modes of play (regular and expert), plus full-screen and custom cursor. The tutorial is optional, and the HINT button is refillable. You can drag and drop inventory items on to the hint button to find out where the item should be used (there's a mini-game to get your hint, and doing so ten times will get you an achievement.) If there is nothing else to do in a particular location, using the hint button will show you which direction you should go. There is a ton to do in this game: Besides playing the game and all that entails, you also need to find 120 beholders (if you don't know what one is, you willll~! ) and find pieces of a shattered item and put it back together. We have a diary which gives us the back story. Each time we find "a" page, it will go into your diary. The thing is, the page we find is actually a group of about five pages (each time), which you will have to enter your diary to read. This is great for those who don't want to interrupt gameplay to read, and for those who don't care about the story. I personally LOVE a lot of story, and enjoyed reading every scrap of information I came across There are a few localization problems, ie. "loose" instead of "lose" and oddly-worded phrases such as "Searching the sand with bare hands is useless," but it's not terribly distracting, because it only happens occasionally, and because the game is otherwise so brilliantly-made Keep an eye out for a joke early on in the game... just keep in mind that the developers are Russian, and you won't miss the funny ;) This is my favorite kind of game -- it plays like the very best IHOG, but with no hidden object scenes! We have achievements (always fun!), a deliciously creepy atmosphere, interesting story, and gorgeous graphics/cut scenes. The only thing I don't love about

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