Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands

  • Unique levels
  • Complete various quests
  • Find your way home!
  • Play Dreamsdwell Stories
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 78

Review for game Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands

The inhabitants of the Dreamsdwell Valley have discovered a mysterious portal and are trying to activate it when you are brought into their world! Discover the portal’s secret and find your way home in this fast-paced Match 3 game ! Connect the magic spheres together and help your old friends explore the new islands, as you collect gems and gold. Build different structures and sail the seas in Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands!

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Genre : Match 3

Match or swap items into groups of 3 or more in wild and colorful settings.

Date release

December 9, 2010

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WordBrick Buster

A Fun and Different Kind of Match 3!
October 22, 2012

This version is NOTHING like the first Dreamswell Stories. The premise of the game is entirely different. There isn't a set game board, but instead it has floating colored spheres that you chain together to make the longest possible match to gain the highest points and number of gems. The story is heavily riddled with self-read text that guides you through the game, provides you with your goals and tells you where you are going on your next adventure, but it IS necessary, so DO read the dialog or you'll be lost. The timer is introduced after the first few boards, as are the blocked, frozen and chained spheres, as well as the upgraded spheres with coins that you need to collect to gain points and gems used to build homes, towers, ships, etc. It's a nice break from the usual match 3, and I find myself seeking these out more and more for the diversity of the match 3 experience. Enjoy!

Surprise! Great Little Game!!!
May 26, 2014

Storyline: Didn't quite get it. Somehow you entered into a portal that took you to this "other dimension" Once there, you have to build a tower and various other buildings but to what purpose? I didn't get it. Graphics: Surprisingly, graphics were good. Although tiny, you could make out the wizard, etc. by the clothes' colors, hats, mill blades running, etc. Sound: Very relaxing, calming. Didn't feel the need to tune it out at all. Gameplay: Now, this was very interesting. You had conversations with 2 characters throughout the demo. They would instruct you to go on certain quests and retrieve a particular object, etc. To do this you needed to make chains of 3 or more colored balls. The longer the chain the better the bonus you get. Then, once your quests are completed, you go to this gray diamond and click on it and ...... it builds......a tower for you.....a ship in the bay. I played on the Adventure level, which always tells a story. But, this story I got bored with - fast. There was just so much talking going on. So very, very, very much talking that I started to skip it and go right to my quest. For that reason listed above re the overload of talking, I chose to give only a 4 star rating. This Glam-ma definitely thinks you should try this little gem of a game. You may find it as equally delightful as I did. In fact, I got that "oh no" feeling when the demo ended - what I refer to as my "wow" factor. If not for all the talking, this Glam-ma would certainly purchase this game. Try it - all you have to lose is an hour. This review is based on this Glam-ma unbiased opinion of the game - my opinion only. If you found this review helpful, please click on the "yes" button below. If not, there is also a "no" button. Seriously, though, would you give your Glam-ma a "no". Kidding. Happy Gaming.

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