Echoes of the Past: The Revenge of the Witch

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Review for game Echoes of the Past: The Revenge of the Witch

Save the kingdom of Orion in Echoes of the Past: The Revenge of the Witch! Once again black powers have seized the land and this time the witch is more determined than ever to take her revenge on you. The entire city is gripped by fear and it's up to you to save them, and yourself. Exorcize the evil and defeat the witch once and for all!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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August 18, 2012

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PuzzleMatch 3

A "busy" hog.
August 17, 2012

A fun story without all the blood and gore that some games have. There are challenges galore throughout. If you need help it shows you just where you need to be in picture form. Fun, fun, fun.

Another VERY High Quality EOTP Game!
January 3, 2014

ALL of these Echoes of the Past games are of VERY high quality and this one is no exception. The artwork is very breathtaking, the storyline interesting and immersive, the puzzles are challenging; unique; and loads of fun, and the sound effects are startlingly realistic and set a good ambiance for the game. The objectives are straightforward and are in no way confusing in any part of the game. You never find yourself wandering around not knowing what is next. The music gets to be a bit repetitive, but most HoG games have that problem so that is nothing that detracts from the game but is the only complaint I have about this game. Each successive EOTP game I have played has kept the game series progressively interesting, fun, and leaves me looking for the next title in the series. I never tire of this series of games at all and I hope BFG keeps them coming. I recommend this game and all games in this series to anyone. You will be very glad you dove in and played them all.

Another Winnter
August 17, 2012

Love this game as much as the other Echoes of the Past. I've developed enough confidence in the developer to now buy the Echoes games without a trial; the quality is terrific and reliable. This time, a magician's staff has been taken by the witch and its gems scattered about. You need to undo curses and find the missing gems. Lots to look at and do, plenty of interactive HOS and Put the Item Back scenes. There is quite a bit of backtracking. Although not excessive, an interactive map would be helpful. Has numerous puzzles that have been around awhile, but with a creative and refreshing twist. Gorgeous artwork and animation. Hints recharge swiftly, I've always found the Echoes games to be a good length for my casual play, but then I'm not one for 7+ hours for a game.

awesome, great, just what we've been waiting for!
August 17, 2012

what a fantastic offering! this is a continuation in the Echoes of the Past series, and dthe best so far in my opinion. this is a standard hidden object puzzle adventure with a good storyline, variety of hidden object scenes (list, find x items, place the items where they belong). the puzzles are of differing challenge levels, and so far some have a slight twist on what you're used to seeing (and in a good way, which is nice!). it's not so easy that you're simply clicking through, some of the inventory items require a bit of thought in their usage. a bit of back and forth, usually within a few scenes, though there are one or two things to unlock that are back near the beginning. lots of things to remember where they are before you complete them. each scene has multiple things to do - hidden object scene, a puzzle or two, a couple of inventory items to find or use. this is not light on the interaction at all. the graphics are worthy, the audio was unobtrusive. no lag in between scenes. while this is not the most challenging game I've played, it has definitely kept my interest throughout the entire trial. it's rare that I buy a game the day it appears, but this is definitely the exception.

Echoes of a Winning Combination!!
August 17, 2012

A Big Fish "Thank You" to Developers at Orneon--Producer Sergey Bigas, Denis, Natalia and all the Staff and Support. A warm and friendly Southern "Y'all are awesome"! Won't re-hash other reviews and just wanted to write a few observations i.e. how much I appreciate the Game's LARGE Journal. Yay! No squinting! The Artwork is rich, vibrant, crisp and my computer screen just came to life! Game started with something to do right off-and it wasn't about me around looking for a key to gain access to something--later on in the game, yes, but not right away! There is V-A-R-I-E-T-Y too with fun, clear, different puzzles. I don't even care if they're not the most challenging. Have taxed my brain with hundreds of games and I just wanted to have fun so this game is perfect and a fresh breath of air! Immediate purchase! Enjoy! -Mama Mia-

get passed the demo!
August 18, 2012

While I was demoing the game I kept thinking well maybe its just an alright game but beings I hadnt boughten a game for a while I bought this. boy am I glad I did. Its outstanding! The makers came up with something different. As the game progresses so does the fun. You gradualy collect more power and with that you are able to do more things. The house is amazing, so many things to do, I love it. I had no idea it was going to turn out this good. Dont base your descion on the demo, it gets so much better.

Great for puzzle lovers
August 23, 2012

I've seen some reviewers didn't like the game because of its extensive puzzles but for me that is what makes a game fun. I prefer puzzles over HO screens any day. I would have liked a map but the hint feature certainly made it clear where to go and what to look at. I like the fact that it did not actually tell you what to do, too specific a hint can ruin the game. The story line was clear, the graphics good and the length was great.

great game a must buy
December 19, 2012

Fun game all around. All the echoes of the past are worth buying. Keep up the good work. The CE has the bonus chapter.

The 4th game of the great series "Echoes of the Past"!
August 17, 2012

I've played the CE and now the SG, and I chose to buy the SG. Even though CE offers, in addition to the five chapters, a bonus chapter, extra mini-games and strategy guide, and I loved all the Echoes of the Past, (and this is also very entertaining and well made), this is not the best of them. The witch came back? to revenge and casts a spell over the kingdom of Orion. To help them, you have to find the 10 gems of the magic staff, to have strong powers against her. Interactive gaming experience, many locations with a lot to get, use and do. Most times things found are used soon and close. Not much comes and goes. Great sound, nice, colorful and crisp graphics, immersive atmosphere, well-made cutscenes, VO appropriate to the characters. Two types of HOS - classic (but interactive), and after you will place what you found in another scene, also interactive; and - you have to find several pieces of an object. They are not very difficult and HO scenes are repeated. Usual mini games, like "turn on all the lights" , but with something more, eg. there are some who need one wire and others that require two wires connecting them. They recur, and although increasing the difficulty, they are not exactly challenging. Three levels of difficulty, and you can change during the game. No map, but it has a journal. Certainly great moments of fun for the Weekend !!

Weak Story but Good Game Play
August 17, 2012

I bought the CE version of The Revenge of the Witch and although I did enjoythe gameplay, it did fall short of being a great game that I expected, mainly because it unfortunately presented us with a rather weak plot that did not end with a bang but rather a dismal finish to what I hope will be the last that we see of this Witch. Isn't that the same with many sequels at the movies, some get better with each installment and then there are those that just should not have been made, ie: Speed 2 comes to mind. Not that this game was bad but still I was disapointed with the storyline and the lack of challenge in the overall gameplay. Once again the Witch is back and this time we need to save the city from her powers. Visually the game was up to par, supported by sharp graphics, good artwork and good voice-overs. Despite the weak story, it was a relatively good HOPA with three modes of gameplay that unfortuantely you cannot change during midplay. I really like to switch sometimes when things get hairy. Game features no map but a notebook. The inventory is ontop and that too was a bit of a distrction, I guess old habits die hard but I do love my inventory on the bottom. You have 5 chapters that do offer you a rather long gameplay. If you are a lover of puzzles then you are in luck, there are plenty of them, all fairly good and very well designed; I especially thought the acquarium puzzles were fun to play and somewhat frustrating. There were three types of HO scenes that were a mixture of finding objects, reverse objects and finding 20 of similar objects. I really enjoyed the game and despite the story, if you missed out on the CE version, then this is an ideal game for the price of a SE. I do congradulate the developers for the overall series and do look forward to a new storyline with great gameplay. I think we need to put this witch to rest now please and now need a new villian.

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