Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

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Review for game Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

Find a kidnapped teenage girl and save yourself in Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! After waking up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, you must piece together your memories and figure out why you ended up in Maple Creek. Discover the ancient evil that lurks in the seemingly peaceful lands of Vermont and learn the truth in this thrilling detective story!

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Genre : Puzzle

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September 25, 2011

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A Spooky and Exciting Ride!
January 29, 2012

Enigmatis is my first purchase on Big Fish Games and I was not disappointed. It is exactly the type of game that I love! The storyline was chilling and mysterious. It had me on the edge of my seat! The music was atmospheric, voice acting was well done, and the sound effects enhanced the gaming experience. The graphics were beautiful! I love games that have a hand painted look and style. As for as the gameplay, I thought the hidden object portions were fun and the puzzles were challenging yet still solvable. In some games, I would rather skip the puzzles but I actually liked trying to solve them in this game. Even though Enigmatis was already pretty long, I decided to play it on expert mode (which I never do) to make the game last even longer so that my money would stretch a bit farther. Expert mode was pretty challenging for me. I shamefully had to look at walkthroughs online to get past certain parts and I would always feel pretty stupid every time I looked something up. As others have commented before me, the evidence wall was a fresh content that created variety between the HO and puzzle portions of the game. This game isn't perfect but few games are. However, in the end, it left me with a smile and I even caught myself saying, "that was a really fun game!" TIPS: Play the demo before you buy the game and don't bother with the CE. I read a lot of other reviews and was about to purchase the CE but many people agree that it wasn't worth the extra money and the game was long enough and perfect without the extra content. Happy Gaming!!!

Be a Detective in a Ghost Town!
January 13, 2012

A game that does not let you stop until you reach the end . -Fascinating story! -Realistic characters! -Background music is perfect! -Amazing atmosphere! -Great puzzles! (some of them brand new) -Interactive HOS - possible to finish without using hints! -Good level of challenging! -Cutscenes worth to watch, which does not happen in all games! And something useful and different: a board for evidences, that will help you solving cases. Very good entertainment!

Best Game EVER!!!
January 21, 2012

I am so sad that I am done playing this game as it was one of the most originally done games I have played in a longgggg time. The most unique thing about it was that it had an evidence board that you, the detective, put together yourself so usually when I play games I have no use for the journal but when you find new clues or pictures in this game, you have to put them together into your very own evidence board/journal and the narrator (you) writes out and speaks what she is thinking about who it could of been or where it was committed. It felt like I was watching a criminal tv show and because I was an active participant I was throughly engaged in this game. I LOVE this game. The graphics were superb, the level of difficulty was just right as I was in advanced mode and got lost a lot but not too much that I was frustrated. There were lots of locations, more than I thought originally and the story line is wonderful and the best part is, there will be another one. I've been enjoying this developer a lot lately~!! Cheers to a developer who can think out of the box!! I've played A LOT of games and Id put this one in my top 5 of all time =)

Enigmatic - A Guy's Review
November 15, 2012

*review based on completing the full game in expert mode* This game is made by the developer of one of my absolute favorite games, namely "Nightmares from the deep: The Cursed Heart". This too is an amazingly well created game, and this developer is quickly becoming my favorite one. You play as a female detective that starts off with a bit of amnesia. You have to retrace your steps and figure out why you are there in the first place, and then solve the mystery at hand. It is lovely set up and I have only praise to how this story is written and how the game progress. It is elite. The story is told through inner voices of your character, and through clues, visions and of people you meet. It is all very engaging and you truly feel that you are a part of the story. Top notch stuff. The graphics are beautifully hand drawn even though it is rather dark and gloomy in character. The characters you meet and their animations are mostly really well done. The lip-sync is not however, and other animations are not that grand. Voice-overs vary in quality but are mostly just fine. The music is never intruding though a couple of sound effects can be. The game offers a lot of game play. It introduces something called an "evidence wall" and it truly makes a difference. You actually feel like a real detective that has to gather and compare evidence found and connect them with the right parts. Loved it. The game has a lot of adventure elements to it, and to me that is a big plus. It does cause for some running back and fourth through locations, but there is a map to help you out on that part. That doesn't mean that it is transportable or interactive, but the layout is rather well done, so you won't get easily lost. There is a handful of puzzles as well, and though not of the most brain twisting kind, they force you to pay attention to details. A couple of them are even layered. I don't think they offer any brilliant new ones, but add their own twist to it, and it is

good fun game
May 5, 2013

Relaxing game to play. The HOS are not all that difficult but do have to look good, The puzzles are good. I like that you have a map so if you are unsure of what to do next you can use it for help. Pretty fun game to play.

I love this game!
November 11, 2011

What an awesome game! I play a lot of HOGs and this has to be one of my favorites of the year. I was expecting another run-of-the-mill (yet entertaining) "haunted/abandoned town" type game. The game was a pleasant surprise. It had some unique elements and a great story with exciting twists and turns. I loved the creepiness of that tolling bell (which plays a big part in the story). Just a very well made game.

Purely brilliant
November 26, 2011

This game grabbed me from the very start. You play a detective left with a mild case of amnesia after a car accident, and she must retrace her steps to remember why she's in the quaint hamlet of Maple Creek, what progress she's made on the case she's investigating, and what she found that terrified her so badly. I found it to be a genuinely creepy game, at times full-on scary. It's expertly animated and the puzzles were the perfect level of challenging for me. The more I played, the more I wanted to know the resolution. I found myself fervently hoping that the missing girl would be discovered alive - and not entirely convinced that the detective would get out of Maple Creek! The best thing, of course, is that the ending strongly implies the eventual release of a sequel. I can't wait. If the second "Enigmatis" game is as good as the first, I might grab the Collector's Edition.

Seriously Entertaining!!!
December 20, 2011

Very good storyline. Graphics, sound, and video rendered nicely. A little backtracking, but clickthrough to various scenes very rapid. The only knocks are the use of some items in HO scenes that are not in commonplace usage by Americans, forcing one to Google to figure out just exactly what you are supposed to find. Many of these game developers are in European countries and what may be a normal item to them is a "wassat" to us. Length of game was fairly long. Only other issue was the evidence board. Didn't really like it, but that was where some of the clues were shown. While not a true 5 star game, it is definitely a 4.5.

Very good game!
November 15, 2011

Yes, this was one of those games to play, feeling happy that there is so much to do yet (i.e.: it's not too short) and so many places to go back to because there's still something to solve there. And then feeling sorry to have ended it. The challenge is really good enough. The story is exciting. The people you meet feel natural and real. Great game!

Worth Every Penny
January 17, 2012

What a great game! I was immediately sucked in by the opening scene, which sets the stage well -- spooky thriller in a mysterious town. You play a detective who is trying to find a missing woman, which is the starting point for a story that progresses and unfolds in an interesting way. There are many hidden object scenes, filled with some unique objects, and some nice puzzles that are just tricky enough to be challenging but not frustrating. Best of all, the game is long...it kept me busy for many hours over several days. Every time you think it must be getting ready to end, the story takes another twist and a new area opens up on the map. Because there are so many different areas, it is important to use the map to locate where to go. Otherwise you'll spend a lot of time wandering. It would have been nice if the map could be used to relocate (click and go there), but there were a few times that getting from one place to another led to important cutscenes or surprises. I liked using the wall of clues -- contributed to a sense that my character was solving a crime, not just caught up in things beyond my control. There is a fulfilling ending, but I was happy that it also set things up for a part 2. Yay!

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