• 5 challenging worlds.
  • 4 gameplay modes.
  • 100 mesmerizing levels.
  • Personalized player profiles.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

Review for game: Fairies

Set in a mythical backdrop of forests and elfin lore, Fairies is enthralling puzzle fun for the whole family. Gain wizardly power by sliding rows of fairies that have been captured in jars. You'll need to match sets of three or more like-colored fairy jars together to continue on a journey through more than 200 levels of gameplay. Within the five worlds there are four different gameplay modes, all enhanced by beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, 3-D graphics, and an original soundtrack.


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Explore a mythical world of fairy lore and learn wizardly powers in this fanciful puzzler.

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Fairies game play Fairies game play

A Rainbow of Fairies

This fun, match 3 game captures all the allure and mystical enchantment you'd expect from tiny creatures of nature. Beautiful, mystical music and probably the most delightfulfairies Ive ever seen on these games. If you Love fairies then you'll love this game.Great for the whole family.

A relaxing game

The music is quite soothing, and a gentle female voice says "Level up.." and "Bonus!" (if you're playing the Classic Untimed mode, in which you complete levels while it gets harder). The other modes are Relaxation (untimed, no levels), Adventure (timed, gets harder, and you have to collect puzzle pieces for each environment), and Memory (which I've never played). The best mode in my opinion is the Classic mode, where you need to balance the scales with fairy dust by matching fairy jars and freeing the fairies, to complete each level. Unlike most 'match' games, you don't swap individual pieces, but slide an entire row up, down, left or right, to match at least 3. It gets harder as you go on, with extra colours appearing so matching is harder, but also "locked" pieces which stop the entire row they're in from being moved in any direction. You have to match using a different row or column to 'unlock', or match another set using one of the special pieces which either changes all colours or frees the locked pieces. The visuals and sound effects are fun, though the variety of gameplay - like Bejeweled Blitz and most match-3 games - is limited. However if you're after a fairly relaxing game where matched fairies fly out of their jars to soothing music, then you can't go far wrong with this, despite its age.

A Very Different Match 3!

The function of this M3 is very different than any other. You can move the 'jar' with the fairy in both vertical and horizontal directions to make the match, which can be in a row, L-shaped, or odd shaped. The colors are so vivid and the music is very soothing. I found the timer short, but I also had difficulty 'seeing' the matches in this unusual game as each level changed, but once I made a couple, they all became clear. I enjoyed it more in the Classic Mode.

Beautiful, Addictive Game!

I really didn't know what I was getting with this game, but during the 1 hr demo I fell in love with this game!! Such beautiful music (very mystical and soothing) and very satisfying explosions when you match 3 or more of the colored jars that the fairies are imprisoned in. The colors are vibrant and not the cartoonish drawing type. I didn't realize how addictive this game was until I looked up at the clock and it was 3 AM! Oops! It was well worth it though as I was so relaxed that it made up for the lost sleep!. I wish there was more of this type of game as it really is different and really nice! Totally absorbing and beautiful gameplay. Bright colors and I LOVED that there were 4 different levels of game play depending on how much challenge the player desires. I bought this game before the hour demo was up!!

Best "Blast" Three Game!

I say "blast" rather than "match" because of the nifty sound effects when the matches are made. The gameplay is rather simple: just move the fairy jars to match at least three for the pop and get a certain score per level. What I think is unusual is the soothing music - very suitable to fairies and magic - the sounds when the jars pop, and the voice over during the game. Your object is to match the jars and free the fairies, but you must also reach a certain score or the level ends - depending on which of the four modes you're playing. Replaying the levels for a better score is the only way to proceed, but it's not a detriment to not being able to finish the game. There are no minigames, but you do get puzzle pieces after finishing levels so that you have a different fantastic fairy picture after completing each kingdom. It's a different type of game for this genre, and I highly recommend it when you just want to zone out for a while.

Best Match 3 Ever

Yes, there are match 3 games out there with more game modes, bonus levels, and extra features, but none of them have the charm and fluidity of Fairies. This game came out many years ago when casual gaming was just starting to boom. I loved it then and I still love it now. The simplicity of this game makes it what it is. The visuals and sounds are as good as they get for match 3 games, and the fast-faced gameplay prevents the usual match 3 drag from occurring very often. Worth a game credit, especially if you like match 3s.

Fairies marries Chuzzle

Take Chuzzle, replace the Fur Balls with Fairies, throw in some added magic and you have a really fun game! I love the game. The fact that there are a number of ways to play, the graphics more than excellent, "good" soft music, and challenging enough to keep your interest for a long time makes this an essential one for any game library..

Great 3 match game

This game is fun and different then the other 3 match games.

Its`s a very beautiful and charming game!

It`s so elegant, beautiful and charming game in the Fantasy genre, with nice music, beautiful backgrounds and images of fairies! There are 4 modes: Adventure(timed), Classic(untimed), Relaxed(untimed endless) and Playback(memory game). I like it very much and i so like the atmosphere of this game(my favorite world of Fantasy)!! Happy gaming everyone!

What more to say?

Great graphics, addictive game, the fairies are so beautiful. I had fun played this game.

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