Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief

  • Customizable difficulty levels
  • Cinematic storyline
  • Discover the origins of the Puppet Thief
  • Get the Strategy Guide!
  • For a more in depth experience, check out the Collector's Edition
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 835

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Once upon a time, there was a man who went from town to town with songs and poetry, capturing the souls of children. From generation to generation, the tale was told. But every fairy tale has its true bitter beginning. Now a new evil has visited the town of Arbourshire, and children have been going missing. A mysterious puppet theatre seems to be at the centre of their disappearance. The town is in an uproar! A mob roams the streets and the Brothers Grimm have assigned the task of discovering the truth behind the Fairy Tale Mystery to you! Discover the truth behind the myth and save the children!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief
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The Brothers Grimm have assigned the task of revealing the truth behind missing children in the town of Arbourshire; it is up to you to discover the secrets of the Fairy Tale Mystery, before it is too late.

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Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief game play Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief game play

a game with awesome, crisp graphics!!!!!

not too hard and the hints really help by showing you where to go , but not so much what to do. not hard to figure out though because you don't carry many inventory items around at any given time. hint and skip charge pretty fast in casual. i played casual with no sound. i really enjoyed the game. it has been set up as the beginning of a series and if the following ones are as nice as this i will be looking forward to lots of them. the graphics really were awesome. the HO scenes were so much better for that but so was the rest or the game.

Beware the Angry Mob!

This game has a playful creep factor without being disturbing. Items in the puzzles were cleverly disguised/camouflaged which made for a nice challenge. I enjoyed the historical tidbits in the journal that gave a bit of background information. The lack of a map and task log are a bonus if you want to figure things out on your own but might be confusing for a player who suddenly finds themselves lost. My only complaints were two objects hidden off-screen that required me to use the hint button to find them and the angry mob spokesman's facial expressions didn't change while ranting and raving in the cut scene.

Definitely Five Stars!

This game has some of the most beautifully detailed and clearly executed art I've seen in any game. That does not mean that the HOS scenes are easy. They most definitely are not, but even on my laptop screen, they're not impossible. Challenging would be an apt description. If you like searching for hidden objects as I do, waiting for your eyes to adjust and something to suddenly pop out, you will love these. The hint system is directional (yea!), and the hint and skip buttons fill quickly enough that I don't get impatient waiting to skip the puzzles/ mini-games. The voiceovers and cut scenes are well done -- good acting appropriate to the character -- and the cut scenes are short and work to advance the story. I knew within just a few minutes of playing the demo that this game would be a buy for me, especially with the twofer sale.

Fairy Tale Mysteries: the puppet thief

Fun, interesting, challenging-not frustrating!

For lovers of magic, mystery and mayhem

I just started this game and what an excellent game it is! HOS are clear, voice overs are truly real, and hint button charges so fast and actually helps you to move! WOW! You find yourself in a nightmarish situation but you have excellent guide book which not only records important events but also gives you advice how to be a Grimm Brother's Detective Extraordianaire. Love this game - it suits me to a T!


STORYLINE: Play a Brothers Grimm detective and find out why children are disappearing while the puppetshow is in town. Classic Grimm tale where someone is in danger. Remember that the world we think we live in and the world as it actually exists are different places. BASICS: Casual and advanced modes of play. Journal. No map. Can mute dialogue if you prefer to read it. GAMEPLAY: Lots to do and places to see. The HOS are beautifully defined, not too crowded, and objects are nicely sized. Nice variety of puzzles and mini-games with varying degrees of difficulty. Adventure outweighs the HOS and puzzles; proportion of HOS to puzzles is right. Memorable characters. Some sudden surprises in gameplay. OTHER STUFF: Music is unobtrusive, yet sets the mood for a mystery. The locations are beautifully designed and detailed. A lot of thought went into developing this gorgeous game into a very polished game with smooth and fluid gameplay. First rate by all standards.


BASED ON COMPLETED GAME ON ADVANCED LEVEL I had a good time playing this game. No, it's not the most intellectually challenging game I've played, but it was relaxing, enjoyable and easy to follow. The story was familiar with a twist, but I found it sufficiently entertaining. I liked the way the devs made the game so that the tools you find are used pretty soon after discovery. I agree with those who complained that the HOS were revisited and often had "card x 4" objects. That doesn't bother me, but it does annoy some people. The HOS were NOT JUNK PILES yet at times, some of the objects were slightly challenging to find. The cutscenes were plain fun, nothing too scary, nothing too tame. The reason I'm giving this game a 4 instead of a 3 is because of the scenic layout. The places I had to visit were so visually interesting that I kept moving quickly because I was curious as to what I'd find in the next scene. I really loved the way the Brothers' Grimm were attempting to reach me to help. That was cool. Also cool was when a letter from them would get through the magic barrier to advance the story. I hate to be repetitive here, but I can't express it any better than by saying it's fun without being too challenging. I'm glad I bought it. Bottom line: interesting, easy, fun game.

Intersting and fun game

Loved the sounds, visualy it was pretty good. The storyline is interesting...love that it includes the Grim brothers and that it doesn't seem to move along to slowly. Has a little bit of everything, hidden objects and puzzles. Also like that you have to go back and forth to work things out but as long as you look at everything you don't get lost. Keeps you thinking.

Well constructed game

The storyline is good, and so are the graphics. But the best part is how the game is constructed. Too often developers rely on an interesting storyline and gorgeous graphics to get away with a sprawling mess that has you running from place to place, trying to remember if what you have in inventory, and where to use it, and be thankful tht you have a map. When the graphics are not so pretty or the storyline not so compelling, it is hard not to be irritated with the mess, which makes you rely on maps or even worse walkthroughs instead of being able to reason things out. In this game it flowed logically from an area to the other. And when you started with an area, you stuck with it using your inventory there. Until you opened a new area, and there you found something to finish the previous area, which you no longer have to visit. This makes for more enjoyment of the game, as the irritation factor is not there. The HOS are easy to handle. The objects are clearly delineated and it does not take long to find them. The minigames are fun, (the one about the identical rooms is a winner), and the storyline has some nice twists.

Well, actually, I liked !!

I read so many negative reviews that I almost quit playing ... but thankfully I played. Ok, not the best game, but it's not so bad. The story is good, the graphics are crisp and colorful, the cutscenes beautifully done, with great VO, good ambience and soundtrack. Lot to do, many locations to explore. The HOS are well made - yes, small objects, but you can play even in notebook. Have fun mini games, some with good level of challenge. Other fairly easy, as the colored discs. If the function is to provide fun, this game fulfills its role.

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