Fairy Treasure

  • 120+ levels.
  • Amazing power-ups.
  • 3 difficulty levels.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 26

Review for game: Fairy Treasure

Gather parts of a magic scroll to find hidden treasures, solve puzzles to unlock secret areas and collect keys to unleash the might chain ball. This brick buster will send you on an adventure to find the Fairy Treasure, which has been stolen by an evil and greedy troll. May the fairies be with you on your quest for the Fairy Treasure!


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Fairy Treasure
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

May the fairies be with you as your quest for the Fairy Treasure begins in this exciting brick buster!

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Fairy Treasure game play Fairy Treasure game play

A True Treasure

Fairy Treasure is a great brick busting game, a classic already. Game play starts easy, but not too slow, and progresses to really challenging levels. Don't just break bricks, catch falling coins, gems, and other treasures that will help you with your score and game. Watch what your ball comes in contact with because it can change the ball's performance, mostly for the good, but not always. Beautiful music, visuals, and fun characters that will help, or hurt, your progress. Fairy Treasure is a game I think everyone should have.

As Breakout Games Go, This is a Great One

Look, we all need a little mindless entertainment, once in a while. This is it. A very well done breakout-style game. Witches and goblins populate the forest and you need to destroy them with little balls. What makes this different from most of these kinds of games is the great graphics and the interesting power ups. Sure, you have your strong ball and multiball, etc. But, there are a few that are interesting. Explosive ball and crazy ball come to mind. (I do not like crazy ball.) There are lots of different types of blocks to break. Witches that launch little light thingys that can make your ball 'weak' or replace destoryed blocks. You can collect falling scrolls and, when you collect enough, play a bonus level for more points/ lives. You can catch medalions and when you get enough you get an explosive charge on a chain you can use several times. One of the best features is the fairies that appear as you get close to finishing a level. They will help by destroying some of the last few blocks. Nice! The graphics are great. The music is fine. Lots of levels. Three modes of play #easy, normal, hard#. Replayability is high. It is a great game. If you don't have your fill of breakout games, you should get this one.

Beautiful Arkanoid-style game

I'm not that interested in brick-buster games, but this one is so beautiful and clever that I have been playing non-stop. The items to hit are many and varied and have wonderful powers. Even the sound effects are perfect. (I don't like music with my games, so I haven't tried it with the music.) When you lose a ball or an item, it drops into the lake below with the most beautiful "sploosh" that I almost want to miss on purpose. And there are fairies to unlock who give you a little help if you only have one block left, so that you don't spent 10 minutes trying to hit it. Give this a try even if you aren't interested in block-busters.


lots of challenges, fun, don't want to stop playing

Fun, Pretty Graphics, Nice Music, Relaxing Game

If anyone had told me I would like a "brick shooter" I would have laughed in disbelief, but I *love* this game. The graphics are charming, the music is pleasant, and the game is relaxing. I like the easy mode. I think the reason it is relaxing is that it does not rely on quick reflexes. You can chill out, operate on automatic, and just use your right brain. Very soothing. I really do like the music, the sounds and the graphics, too.

Lots of replay value and a brick breaking game with a story line that is cute

There are 3 difficulty levels so you can listen to the relaxing music and take it easy, or the highest level and go insane. I liked the power ups, explosions and layout of the game. My one complaint is; the fairies tend to distract and made me want to hit them. You can't of course because you are supposed to be helping them. I liked that you could replay any level and not lose progress in the story. The graphics are castle style with some interesting layouts. Definitely worth having bought it.

Loved it!

I've played this game once, many years ago and was sold after 15 minutes I just had to own this game.

Magical graphics and game play

I'm not much of a bat-and-ball gamer, but Fairy Treasure surprised me with its excellent graphics and animations: the moody scenery, flaring torches, mystical symbols, magical creatures, treasures, charms, and captured fairies in orbs that all created a playing "experience." The ball bounces around moss-covered castle stones, cauldrons, gargoyles, and other animated artifacts, while power-ups, coins, and jewels rain to the ground. Small glowing fairies flit in and out near the end of each level, that sometimes seemed to help, sometimes seemed to get in the way. I usually get uptight about losing my lives in these games, but I got so involved in all the visual elements that I forgot to worry and actually played well. But it was still good to know that I didn't have to start all the way back at the beginning when I did lose my lives. A wonderful game.

the best brick buster ever

This is the best brick busting game ever created...I have played it over and over and will continue to do so!! I have downloaded this game on every computer I have owned since it came out. It doesnt have a million bells and whistles it just has enough to be challenging!!!

This game is a unique little treasure!

I love the theme of fairies and mystic. Its fun and magical with all the jewels and trinkets, treasures, charms and coins. All kinds of good powerups. All the sounds for the different things you break is fascinating. The music is nice. You should try this game. It is pleasant and colorful.

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