Farmers Market

  • Terrific trophies to unlock
  • Unique foods and goodies
  • Build a farm fresh marketplace
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 80

Review for game Farmers Market

Welcome to your own personal Farmers Market! Sell products like eggs, milk, beef, and corn. Combine ingredients to sell freshly-made waffles, barbecue, ice cream, fruit pies, and much more! Attract new customers with a band, and increase the price of your food with blue ribbon contests. Create markets in the city, the desert, at campgrounds, the pier, and many other exciting locations. It’s up to you to build a bustling farm-fresh marketplace in this fun Time Management game!

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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

Date release

September 17, 2010

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962 points

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Excellent Waste of Time!
January 3, 2013

I've never submitted a review before so that's saying a lot right there...great game. And excellent waste of time! lol

Fun Game
January 5, 2012

I enjoyed this game. It is easy enough for basic players but also has advanced levels for those who want a challenge. If you like time managment games give this one a try. I hope they will come out with a Farmer's Market 2

Fun GAME !!!!!!!
December 8, 2011

The game was really addicting. My brother and I loved playing it and we downloaded our free trial on big fish games on my computer and my brothers computer. We nag our mum to but the game for us on her credit card as she just got one almost a year ago or so. I forgot about this game and all of a sudden this game popped into my head. I searched for it and found it very fast. I wasn't surprised to see that it has been rated 5 stars. There was never a thing i didn't like about this game.

Fun Time Management
December 3, 2011

This is a fun little twist on time management gaming that is challenging yet easy to learn. I really enjoyed the farming graphics, seeing my little guys run around frantic and figuring out the Expert solutions to each board. The graphics are excellent, and the music is peppy and fun. Some of the sound effects could use some work, but other than that minor detail, the overall game play is fun and requires some thinking.

Great Fun
January 28, 2012

Lovely TM something a bit different in this genre.

Great game!!
February 18, 2012

This is a nice variation of a time management game. It is more of a puzzle or strategy game than it is just rapid clicking. A couple of things that seemed annoying at the beginning: 1) you can't queue up actions and 2) there are no power-ups to make people walk faster. That being said, once I got used to those quirks, I loved this game!! You go from location to location building up farmer's markets. There are farmer stalls (raw goods like flour and dairy), vendor stalls (products of raw goods like burgers and cookies), and special stalls (boost revenue and crowds). You can only have a finite number of stalls and you can only do as many things at the same time as you have workers for. You can't set up future actions for your workers. The challenge is in figuring out what order to do things, what special stands to employ, how many workers to have, and managing transporting of goods/clearing trash/etc. Beating all the levels isn't much of a challenge, but there are between 5 and 15 levels that are a real challenge. If you get the strategy right the first time, you'll get expert. If you don't get the order of play right, you probably won't. Another challenge is that some levels add a goal once you have the first one or two goals completed. It can be annoying or fun (depending on how it affects you), but if you replay the level, it is the same "surprise" goal. For added self-accolades, there is also a trophy room for different key events such as breaking down 25 stalls and getting gold on every level at a certain location. This is a great time management game that is different from all the dashing. I love the Dash and Mania and Rush games, but this is a nice, different game. It may not be for every one, but I got hooked about 30 minutes into the free trial. The first couple levels were a bit painful to get through.

Hope they make a sequel
December 22, 2012

I love this game. Periodically I come back looking for another version. I REALLY hope they come back with a different one!

my kids loved this game as much as i did!
January 28, 2012

Fun game with lots of levels and fun activites

Suprisingly loved it!
February 11, 2012

I am a TMG junky, but not so much on the farming ones. I tried this just for the heck of it and found it to not be the traditional farming game at all. I loved it. It's fun figuring out what each level needs to win. The pace is great. It's sad when your done and you just want more. Great game to try!

Very challenging!
March 2, 2012

At first it looks at little dull but as the game progresses I couldn't get enough! I've played this game well over 5 times and still can't get enough!

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