Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story Collector's Edition

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Wonderful Wallpapers
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1344

Review for game Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story Collector's Edition

Take on another incredible mystery in Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story! Investigate a strange murder and get to the bottom of a complicated case. After making it to the scene of the crime, a deputy is kidnapped by a terrifying ghost house that appears out of nowhere! Discover the connection between the latest murder, and another killing that occurred many years ago. Put your detective skills to use and appease the ghosts in Fear For Sale: Sunnyvale Story! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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December 9, 2011

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A Very Good Buy
December 8, 2011

This game took quite a while for me to do. In between baking cookies and brownies and making peanut butter and chocolate fudge (Christmas gifts) this game took a long time to finish. Graphics and scenery were good and music was good toned down. Good story line in the trial made me purchase the game. I like the built in strategy guide in any game, specially with these old eyes. Hard to find objects with cataracts. Even old folks like me like a challenge for a change and not a kids game. I can't wait for the next game to come out. Been couped up inside with the cold temperatures and occasional snow flake . This is a good way to spend the day. With the up and holiday season soon approaching, may all you fishies and BFG tech's have a very safe and happy holiday. Someone tell Santa to give me some nice and warm long johns (preferably mens as they last longer), and new floor length dressing gowns and new slippers as it is getting colder every day and landlord will not insulate apartment building. Thank you.

Collectors' Edition worth the money
January 1, 2012

I just finished playing the whole game (indcluding the bonus material in the C.E.) and the game is great! The bonus material was lengthy and I feel it was worth the money to purchase the C.E. version. I used the built-in strategy guide quite a few times and was glad it was available in the game. I highly recomend this game.

Fear for Sale
January 24, 2012

I really enjoyed playing this one. The hidden object scenes were artfully done and challenging without being frustrating. I love taking extra steps to find objects. Some were quite clever little riddles. Unlocking areas by solving a variety of puzzles and the use of earned and collected inventory items was great fun as well. Keep a sharp eye out for useful items. They turn up in unexpected ways and in odd locations! I thought the music and voice acting were really good. The characters seem a little tense, but overall the artwork is terrific. I happened to buy the Collector's Edition on sale. Love those sales, Felix! The bonus game is not essential to the central story but is a well rounded chapter that takes you to more great locations and deeper into the story. I think either edition is a good value. Game on!

Good Sequel
December 14, 2011

You don't need a SG for this game. Hint system is good. Not too many HO's. I've found the Fear for Sale games to always be good games.

Great Game well worth the CE price
December 14, 2011

This game I would like to give 10 stars for Gorgeous Graphics, Great voice overs, interesting storylines,beautiful journal, beautiul easily understood stragedy guide, great map. CEl extra with CE is another game that adds to the ending that took me at least 1 hour to complete. Well worth the CE price. I buy CE for bonus game, I am not impressed with CE games that only offer screensaver,wallpaper, or music extras,I never use them. Many times because of my impatience of not wanting to wait for the game or stragedy guide not included unless you purchase a CE, I purchase the game and regret it afterwards because the bonus game many times is a few extra screens. The screensaver,wallpaper,music cost nothing extra for a Game Designer, this really isn't fair to charge for it in my opinion. CE in my opinion should have voices, and extra full bonus game. The extra game makes the CE price worth it! I don't regret buying it, very beautiful graphics, great voice overs, interactive. I expect great quality in this game company have never been disappointed. The game length is long and the journal was excellent. When the stragedy guide was used it is easily understood. I Will continue to buy every game this company releases and look forward to next game. One small flaw I would have liked less Hidden objects but that is just because I am so burned out with normal lists of hidden objects. However the way this is done, beautiful and big graphics, fast refill for hint, made it less of a bore. I am an adventure gamer at heart.

Hidden Object
December 9, 2011

REALLY enjoyed playing this game!!!

Hours of Fun
December 16, 2011

The storyline has twists and turns that make game play specially intersting. The wonderful graphics give the hidden object puzzles that extra intrigue, the method of solving the mystery is spell binding, which leads to hours of fun. I could not stop, but played right through to the end. Yes, a must buy.

Immensely Enjoyed!
December 9, 2011

I had a whopping good time playing. . The games diary was incredibly well done. The art work was amazing, I cut the music down in all HOGS and in this game I found that I liked the music. Puzzles are never that easy for me in any game and this one was no exception. I never had to use the Strategy Guide -- with close attention to detail players will feel this success. It does feel like a bit of an accomplishment. I loved the characters -- nice twist but I was on to the culprit when evidence was poo poo'd. I was pleased with myself when my assumptions proved true. Let me add my thanks to all for bringing us this game. It played with out a hitch. Happy gaming!

Loved the game but wasn't very long
January 15, 2012

I really loved this game; the graphics & artwork were excellent, there were good voiceovers with clickable dialogue & melodic music. The scenes filled my widescreen. In the early chapters there are some lovely little touches, click on a leaf & it will blow away or click on a lamp in an office & it will turn on & off; I would like to have seen these extras in the later chapters as they add to the enjoyment. There are two modes of play, regular with a 1 minute hint recharge, sparkles & glints to give you clues where to go next. The expert mode only has sparkles for the hidden object scenes & a 2 minute hint. You get a diary & you really need to read this as it gives you directions where to go next & also fleshes out the storyline a lot. There are a lot of areas to play in the game & although there is no map it is not so hard to become oriented although the going back & forth can get a little tedious. The hidden object scenes are well drawn & have interactive items to play with; some of the items are well hidden; a few were rather like junk piles but most were not. The mini games were fun to play & had varying degrees of difficulty. The storyline was good & there were a few twists to add interest; all in all a great game to play. You do not need to get the Collector?s Edition to get a proper ending although the CE does augment the final chapter. It only took me 40 minutes to play the bonus chapter so I?m glad I was able to get this in a sale as I would not have wanted to pay full price.

Really enoyed this game
December 26, 2011

Loved the graphics and the game. Also loved the quick hints when I was not sure where to go next.A fun and entertaining game.

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