Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory Collector's Edition

  • Face a deadly threat from the deep in the bonus game!
  • Gorgeous wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art
  • Downloadable music from the game
  • An integrated Strategy Guide
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1366

Review for game Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory Collector's Edition

Solve the mystery of a seaside town and uncover your lost memories in Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory! After waking up on a deserted beach with no memory of who you are, you set out to find the one person who can help you. But when you arrive at the nearest seaside town, you learn that memory loss isn't your only problem. The village is buzzing with reports of terrifying "sea people," and uncovering the truth behind these strange creatures might just be the key to recovering your own lost memories. Hold your breath and dive into this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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July 5, 2013

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July 4, 2013

What a great game! I love these devs...the Fierce Tales Dog's Heart one is one of my favourites and this one is possibly even better. The graphics are stunning, the story excellent and the play value is so high! You have many things to collect along the way; turtles, sea animals and shells. Also, you have the assistance of a beautiful it! The HOs have a lot of interactive play, which is always a plus, but what I really loved were the mini colourful, fun and different..nice job! Even the VOs are good, which is very rare, in my opinion. I purchased after the trial, so now I'm going to start over so I can look for every single thing and enjoy the awesome artwork.

Another great Fierce Tales!
July 4, 2013

I really liked playing this game. What a good story about a woman named Delores who fell in love with Marcus causing their mutual friend to become jealous and in his enragement tries to kill Marcus. Marcus survives but loses his memory and you will try to piece together your life and save Delores from the evil jaded lover. The graphics are good and the surroundings are a nautical theme and you get to find and collect sea creatures, sea shells and turtles! There aren't very many HOS and some are list finds but most are interactive progressive silhouetted items where you use the first find to interact with the second find and so fourth. I think you will like the mini games, many of them are new, most are time consuming but not too difficult such as using arrows to collect all the pearls by passing over the pearls but some of the tiles wont allow you to go a certain direction like no right turn so you may have to choose a longer route. There are a ton of achievements and keep a sharp eye on the zoom in's or you might miss a collectable, enjoy!

Better than the first game!
July 4, 2013

Happy 4th fellow pond pals! I have the first Fierce Tales and really liked that one. Waiting a year for the second in the series was worth the wait. Very nice graphics and game play. Music nice (which is saying a lot for me since I usually turn it way down). Voice overs, scenery and sound FX are very well done and appropriate for the setting. I didn't use the hint, so I don't know how that works yet. SG is very helpful and easy to follow. I like the way the SG tells you which area to return to and not just "go back four, turn left and forward two." Naturally, the jump map is awesome (perfect set up) and most appreciated since you do re-visit areas often. I like the change up in HOG vs silhouettes and the need to find items. Items are not as easy to find as you may really have to look hard for quite a few, but at least the SG shows you where they are in case you miss them. The games are not extremely difficult, but do take some time and thought to complete. The only "minor" complaint I have is that the HOGs are a bit messy. There is a lot of background junk that just clutters the screen. Oh yes, and not listing all the chapters in the game. It's the little things that count, but I am not down-grading this one because of it. Anyway, with the special today, I am getting this one and another that I have been holding on to (both CE's), even though I have sort of sworn off CE games. I do not give 5 stars easily, but this one is well worth the money today and I personally feel this will appeal to all level of players! As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews.

July 13, 2013

when I see that big colored balloon my heart skips a beat!! every one has explained the merits of the game and since I type with one finger ha ha I will just say dido!!! I LOVED this game the genius of these guys blows my mind!! my last review of of the always superior blam game BEGGED to not make me wait weeks for another and TWO!!! appeared magicaly in ashort time don't know you do it ??pay them overtime or give big bonuses !!!im not moving from this comp till I see that balloon again LOL !!THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Extras...Extras...and more Extras
July 4, 2013

I love stories with aquatic theme and who doesnt love mysterious 'sea creatures' that seem to be threatening a town. Our tale begins with with waking up on a beach with a loss of memory. We soon learn that our name is Marcus and apparently I have a girlfriend named Dolores. There is also a third wheel who calls himself Vasco and now he has kidnapped Dolores and it is up to us to save her. A love-triangle always leads to tales of revenge. A beautifully designed HOPA game with so much to offer. I remember these developers and applaud them for their keen insight into what we gamers want. Obviously they took notes and came up with a game full of extras made my head spin. You have three play options to choose from along with the choice of using an interactive map. I love maps that not only allows you to travel but also indicates progress. It keeps me from running around and the memory is not what it use to be. Once the game started, I found that the graphics were bright, alot of colors which I love and alot of ambient sounds which always enhances the gaming experience. My only disappointment was the lag between the scenes which became an annoyance after a while. It disrupts the tempo of the game and caused me mild frustration. I wish something could be done about it, it really is the only fly in the ointment for me. A standard HOPA with terrific HO scenes that are different and interactive. Some even challenging as we need to use items on other items which rates high on my fun meter. Puzzles are plenty, finding items and the odd mini-games are well conceptualized and also entertaining. There is very little hand holding should you choose to play Advance mode or Hardcore. Be prepared for alot of 'something is needed here'. I try to overlook this second annoyance but appreciate the challenge it presents. Extras...Extras...and more extras. This game offers so many enjoyable features that make for a great game. You have a list of achievments, a series of collectables like find hidden turtles,

Great HOPA ! Highly recommended.
July 4, 2013

Marcus lost his memory and does not remember you, but know that you are important in his life. Help Marcus recover his memory and discover the mysteries of the city by the sea. Delightful game, with lovely landscapes, beautiful graphics, great music and VO, and very good plot. An interesting adventure with a good level of challenge. In six chapters of the game, you will go through several environments,, meet and talk with people of the village, looking for tools and use them to solve the mystery of the city. You will have the help of dolphins to fetch objects difficult to reach. You have a whistle to call them. Really interactive and varied HOS, in good quantity. Mini games with a good level of challenge. 3 levels of difficulty It has journal and interactive map 22 Achievements 6 Chapters more bonus chapter LOT TO COLLECT: 19 sea creatures, 35 turtles 44 shells, with which you will buy items for the aquarium. Besides the aquarium, you have an album with sea creatures and a dolphin pool. Surely goes to my collection!!

Great Storyline...Lots of Extras...Challening Mini-Games
July 4, 2013

My review title says it all. In a nutshell, the storyline: Help Marcus get his memory back and save his girlfriend from his "use to be best friend." Extras -- Find all the turtles, find the sea creatures, and find seashells to purchase things. Mini-games -- I played the entire demo and all the mini-games I played so fair are new and some are somewhat challenging. Hidden object scenes -- You have both hidden objects and silhouettes. Additional all scenes have interaction. The silhouette scenes are a bit challenging. Love that! That's the good news. The one bad thing about the game is that some of the hidden object scenes are a bit crowded and objects can be difficult to see. All in all, you can't go wrong purchasing this game. I'm off to purchase to continue the game play. Enjoy!

I?ve Been Dreaming Of A Game Like ThiS
July 4, 2013

BASED ON DEMO Ever since I discovered HOGs, I?ve been dreaming of a really well put together game that was took advantage of the BEAUTY UNDER THE SEA. And although I?ve enjoyed a number of seafaring games on Big Fish, none have quite had what I was imagining. This one has it. There are so many wonderful things about this game, I don?t dare try to cover all of them here, so let?s take some things for granted. We have *GORGEOUS GRAPHICS, *CUTSCENES to die for, *PERFECT BLEND of SOUNDS, *GREAT HOS (PROGRESSIVE SILHOUETTE ? and CHALLENGING ones at that), *ORIGINAL & INTRIGUING PUZZLES/MINI-GAMES. *QUICK SKIP, *DIRECTIONAL HINT, *INTERACTIVE JUMP MAP, *JOURNAL with REPLAYABLE videos. *4 DIFFICULTY LEVELS, *3 SOUND CONTROLS. A STORY that promises to be MORE THAN the RESCUE girlfriend, (a MALE LEAD for the blokes), and UNBEARABLY ADORABLE DOLPHIN HELPERS. To my mind DOLPHINS are the perfect choice, because they are universally loved by everyone and are CUTE WITHOUT THE SCHMALTZ. So, I?m already TOTALLY SOLD on this game, and we haven?t even mentioned the EXTRAS. BONUS CONTENT REVIEW ***** BONUS CHAPTER, of course. STRATEGY GUIDE, the usual GALLERY ITEMS and... SEAWORLD This consists of your ALBUM of COLLECTIBLE SEA CREATURES that you have found throughout the game, with a little info on each. Your AQUARIUM which you can decorate with items bought with your COLLECTIBLE SEA SHELLS. The DOLPHIN POOL where you can FEED & PLAY WITH your dolphin using some more of those COLLECTIBLE SEA SHELLS. These sea shells are assorted colours and shapes, and you get different numbers of them as you go. ACHIEVEMENTS (22) Separate UNDERSEA environment for your trophies, including one for COLLECTING TURTLES. These guys are similar to each other, and start out easy to find, then all of a sudden get sneaky. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS GAME?

now this one is a good game. Better than there first one
July 4, 2013

This is a Blam game and is really put together well. You have 3 modes to play. You also can use the map or not, depending on how hard you want to play. The graphics are done quite well and has voice over. There still is lots of reading to do in finding the items you need. Lots of written clues to read. You get achievements when you find items and progress thru the game and for not using the hint button. The hint button is good, tell you where to go, I do not think you will need it much. The flow of the game is good and not hard to figure out. You have to find and collect turtles thru-out the game. Something fun to do. Not the puzzles are good but the HOS are interactive and really fun. Different also. You have to find things to complete the task to get the item in the HOS. Really interactive as I said. This is a really fun game to play. I think it is better than there first game they put out.

July 16, 2013

I really loved this game, and all the extras make it that much better. The graphics are great, and the storyline just as good. There are things for you to find during the game for extras, and there is options in the beginning that allows you to decide which game you want, like easy, advanced, hardcore, and interactive map, if you want one. The items are not difficult to place, and the HOS are interactive, and allow you to place items in the scene. I liked the entire game, Though the first game was cute..I was so happy it was much better than the first game!!!

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