Fish Tycoon

  • Fish keep breeding all the time.
  • Breed fish to earn cash.
  • Buy supplies and earn bonuses.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 32

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In this fish-breeding simulation game, you're in charge of a real-time virtual fish store. Start with a small selection of fish, a little bit of cash and a tank. From there, it's up to you to breed, care for, and help your fish grow. Advertise to get a bigger customer base and finance purchases of food and medicine by selling your rare species. Take a break anytime you want. This real-time aquarium simulation will keep going when you're not around even if your PC is turned off!


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Fish Tycoon
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

In this fish-breeding simulation game, you're in charge of your own real-time virtual aquarium and fish store.

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Fish Tycoon game play Fish Tycoon game play


I love playing this game, I get so mad when I have one fish left that won't sell.

Another great form Last Day

I love all of their games. This one is slightly less engaging, but if you have enjoyed their other games you will surely like this as well. There is some challenge to unlocking all the special plants. And like their virtual villagers games there are collectibles to keep game play interesting.

Awesome game!!

This was one of my first big fish games and still love this game to this day and play it. Wish there were more games like this one.

Been Playing for years

I have been playing this game for years. I love my Nintendo DS version as I can carry it with me. I do play for a while off and on and then the fish draw me back in. I have managed 5 of the magic fish. Trust me I have all fish combinations know and still find this game just as fun as day one. The graphics are older, but then that is to be expected as this game is quite old in terms of computer and console game graphics go. Get it and enjoy. Music is peaceful and you will be related for a while.

Challenging game

Loved this games, played for a very long time in order to win. Little slow to play, so lots of time to get things done in-between play.

Fish Tycoon

Extraordinary game! Keeps you wanting to keep on going just to see what will pop out next :) Good for genetic study or just plain play! Would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in life. You make the decisions and the cash! No right or wrong answer! My only problem is I do not always have patience to wait and see what happens. And my only complaint is I can not play any other BFG while I run my fish shop.

FISHTYCOON is an excellent and fun strategy game

FISHTYCOON is an excellent and fun strategy game for all ages from 4 to 100! It is like having a real aquarium with out all the mess! It is also like having a fish store with out all the commotion! C'mon lets all help save Isola and the island of Isola!!!

It's not just for you to look at!

So, back when this came out ... it seemed to be the big thing was fish. Fish tank screensavers, interactive fish tank screensavers, fish tank games, which I'm not really into. This was (and has been) the best fish game I've ever tried and played and then bought. It doesn't go out of style. You aren't just creating a fish tank aquarium. You actually have to breed them and find new breeds, and you get to enjoy trying to be fish savvy by being able to sell them. You have to have money to put things in your aquarium and some fish require high quality things! I usually don't keep it where it can do what it wants even in slow mode, but the time I got back something would have gone terribly wrong. So, of course I sat there and would sit there and eat and watch tv so I didn't miss a second messing with the speed of time flow. I have owned a fish tank when I was younger, and as much as I liked having fish from time to time...I don't really care for some of the yucky that goes with the environment. They might not have unique fish personalities, but I ended up giving certain ones names that I was just really proud of! lol My dog loved watching this fish tank, even though at the time, there was a huge fish tank that he would watch in another area of the house and would sniff and get excited and so he'd sniff the screen and become a slight bit confused! Anyway, if you want to try the trial of this game and want a little bit more time to see some things I'd suggest turning the time speed to fast and seeing how much you can get done in one hour, although I actually believe this is worth the money or club token!

very enjoyable

I played this game for 3 years and it took me that long to complete it and find all the magical fish... I did sometimes put it on just to watch the fish swimming which I find very relaxing.. I had a lot of fun making new breeds talking to others that have played it too.. On the whole an extremely enjoyable game and truly worth the money.

Wish There was a Number 2

I have played this game over so many times. Truely this game will give you hours of enjoyment. Really would love a number two to this game.

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