Fishdom 2

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  • Unique Fishipedia
  • Dive into Match 3 fun!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 144

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Dive into awesome Match 3 fun in Fishdom 2! Swap colorful tiles and earn tons of money to create the aquarium of your dreams! Let your imagination run wild as you unlock and decorate uniquely-themed tanks. Polish your aquarium design skills while having fun with your exotic finned pets. Top it with an educational Fishipedia containing fun facts about Fishdom sea creatures, and a bonus screensaver!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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July 7, 2010

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1141 points

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March 17, 2012

Fishdom 2 is a game that I play on and off when I have time to kill and want entertainment and just plain fun. Initially I played it more seriously, but now I play it just for fun and for mainly short intervals. I wish I knew how many levels it has. Right now I am on level 458. I guess you might say I really like this game. One thing I love about it is the bombs. There are four levels of bomb and they are not too hard to get. I sometimes avoid making matches to end a level, until I can create a couple of more bombs, just to watch them blow up. I love to wait for a bomb to clear the last space and end a level. Fun.

February 9, 2012

You can play this game for a very long time. It's sweet cute and just fun. Love it

Finally new fish
December 24, 2011

Long time coming and love the little challenges and new fish. Not available for IPad! Really, how so yesterday!

fish fun
November 24, 2011

this game is fun and easy to play which makes it very attractive

Instant Addict
May 14, 2012

This game is tons of fun right of the bat. It's a game where you can sit down to play for 15 minutes and realize it's been hours in no time. The match 3 game is fun and there is definitely some strategy involved. I never played the first fishdom and started here and I am glad I did. I can see players of all ages being into this game. I definitely recommend adding this game to your collection, you will not be disappointed.

It has a relaxed mode!!!
September 1, 2012

I got the first Fishdom and thought it was great except for the fact that there was no relaxed mode. I looked at this one and would have bought it right away if it had indicated anywhere in the description or reviews that it had relaxed mode, but nowhere did it tell me that. So anyway, I finally decided to buy it even without a relaxed mode, and glory be: It has it. So now I can play the way I like to. The graphics are great. Even cuter than in Fishdom. There are some new things that weren't in Fishdom, like jewels you can collect for extra money and a camera you can use to take pictures of your aquarium with and then use the pictures as the wallpaper on your computer desktop. So I think this is a great game. If you like match 3 games, this is a really good one.

Just as good as the first Fishdom
April 29, 2012

I would love to see a game for decorating aquariums where the fish aren't so "cutesy" tho.... where they look like real fish.... now THAT would definitely become a screen saver! This game is basically the same as the first one -- only real difference is that you don't upgrade the comfort items... So if you enjoy a relaxing game of Match 3 and the creativity of decorating an aquarium, you'll love this....

Really Addictive !
January 11, 2012

As good as the first, with little differences such as: new fish, new settings and a bit more challenging, the 2nd Fishdom is as addictive as the 1st. This kind of game is the "healing of stress" !!!

Unexpected Favorite
September 9, 2012

I tell myself I don't like these type of games. For the past month I have been playing this game every night before I go to sleep. I have long past bought everything for all the aquariums & it's still fun! There are times that I have to think through so I can get a bonus, but mostly I don't think about what I'm doing. Perfect way to drift off to sleep.

Well worth the $
December 15, 2011

and time spent to play. I have all three now. And spend a lot of time re arranging the tanks etc. A wonderful game for the kids and old kids like me.

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