Forest Legends: The Call of Love Collector's Edition

  • Revealing and captivating bonus chapter
  • Downloadable wallpapers and soundtrack
  • Bonus concept art
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1908

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Deep in the heart of an enchanted forest, a forbidden love blooms. Guide the human Eveline as she sets out to rescue her beloved from the clutches of a tyrant, learns the truth about magic and discovers her extraordinary destiny! Epic in scope and exploring themes of love and belief, Forest Legends:The Call of Love will captivate you from beginning to end! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

August 4, 2013

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333 points

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A great NO HOS game!
August 11, 2013

There is in fact some games here that is very similar to hidden object games whitout the HOS but with the minigames, unfortunatly they are all rather scary and I so so like them. This is the first really great NO hidden object scenes game that I have liked. good minigames, great graphics & sound and a lot of potion brewing (if you don't like cooking games perhaps you won't like that part but you can skip it). Altogether a fantastic storyline about a human (well, at least mainly so) girl and her Felize fianc? (means he's a werecat). For fantasy lovers this is a great game if you want more of a an interactive book than a challenging game!

Ah Romance----Different Kind of Game (demo only)
August 3, 2013

I tested the Beta and from what I remember of it there were some HO scenes, but when I tried the demo today, it looks as if it were completely revamped so far in the demo no HOs. They've created a new world and a new species werecats; star-crossed lovers; misguided humans; and a cute dragon helper (hint# which you can recharge along the way with fireballs. There are cutscenes where the lips do not move but that is not too annoying; for the hero his voice could have been better #should be stronger sounding#; the others are ok. Otherwise 1--great graphics; not dark but colorful 2--new world created, with different looking creatures 3--2 modes of play 4--hint dragon which you can feed 5--transporter map #beam me up Scotty# 6--diary which you can read or hear the heroine's voice; includes task list 7--make your own potions This game has a different feel to it which some may not like; but if you are in the mood for romance then this is a buy #especially with the sale this weekend!). Since I tried the demo I have been waiting for this game and even though they have revamped it quite a bit I will purchase this game. I find these types of games are few and far between and are a welcome relief from the dark games they usually put out; so when one appears and on a sale weekend I strongly suggest if you are tired of the dark side go for the light; or at least give the demo a try!

Best Game in a while
August 5, 2013

5 stars to the developers!!! This was great. not your typical hidden object game so I didnt get bored with it halfway thru like the others!!! More like this one please!!!

Extremely Entertaining Pure Adventure Game
August 5, 2013

I've been playing games for a very long time and I know what I like. This game stands out for me because I really had fun playing it. I found it very entertaining, the story was very good. I REALLY LIKED THE FACT THAT THERE WERE NO HIDDEN OBJECT SCENES! I am so tired of those. I'm also tired of dark and creepy games (there are so many). I like fairy tale themed games with pretty houses, cute and interesting mythical creatures, and sunny forest glade like scenes with plenty to do. This game has it all. I sure wish there were more pure adventure games like this. The story has some depth and the graphics were bright and beautiful. There were plenty of interesting characters and the game was pretty long. I didn't want it to end! I found some of the puzzles unique and fun. I enjoyed making the potions and reading about the story along the way. I hardly ever write reviews but I was compelled to write this one because this game merits 5 stars in my opinion! It is highly imaginative and I can't see any faults to it at all unless some people don't like the fact that there are no hidden object scenes. Come on, aren't we tired of those anyway? They get in the way of the story for me. The bonus chapter was a good length too and added to the story line. I bought this game and I would recommend it to pure adventure lovers like me.

I Really Enjoyed This Game ... So Give It A Try ...
August 6, 2013

Enjoyable Graphics, Sound, Effects And Voice & Video Bits ... Right From The Start This Games Sets The Ambiance Straight Away ... There Is A Little Bit Of Back & Forth In The Game Play, But You Are Regularly Pushed Forward In Stages To A Point Where You Don't Have To Trek Too Far Back ... The Puzzles Were Enjoyable And The Game Gave Off A Decent Sense Of Adventure ... I Would Suggest More Of Being Entertaining Than An Outright Challenge; And That In Itself Can Make A Seemingly Different Game Very Enjoyable ... The Game Duration Was Up There With Some Of The Real Greats, And The Bonus Chapter Was Also A Fair Offering That Seemed To Be Extensive ... My Only Gripe Would Be That I Am Not A Big Fan Of Prequels As A Finish In A Bonus Game, I Would Sooner The Devs Give You The Option Of Playing Prequels First As I Enjoy The Sense Of A Good Build Up To The Main Event, With The Teasing Feeling That A Sequel May Follow ... The SE Will Be A Very Good Buy At Full Price, And I Got My CE At Almost Half Price Anyway So That Was An Excellent Game For That Kind Of Money On New Release ... Do Not Over-Look This Game ... You Get Several Hours Of Entertainment ...

I want a baby dragon!
August 3, 2013

This truly is a magical adventure game. Beautiful graphics rich with color and imagination just as a magical world should be. Your little helper is the cutest of cutest baby dragons. Although the characters mouths do not move durring coversations, they are physically expressive using body movements whilst they do speak. This does not detract from the game in any way. The puzzles are excellent, some more difficult than others with the skip option still available in the hardest mode of play if needed. Good solid and interesting story, great graphics, music and voice overs. Loveble characters, and of course a dragon of your own. I can really immerse myself in this game, and I hope you can too.

I'm no Werecat yet FINALLY an adventure-style game I can really sink my claws into...
August 7, 2013

Haven't completed playing the CE; had to stop and put in my 5 stars. There is so much imaginative gameplay here, it is a treasure- trove thus far IMO and truly an adventure [ish] game that takes you in and lures you on to continue playing.... deep in and through little village town and forest... where you will utilize/meet and compete with magical beings, flora and fauna, portals and potions to meet your goals. From the graphics, sound SFX, music to cut scenes, the game just screams WOW take me on an adventure I won't forget! Nothing creepy gruesome nor overtly occultish, either; just GREAT, creative, magical, mystical, fairytale-ish, fun. Yay to the developer, team and BFG for a TRULY unique and intriguing game... I am just loving it. Give it a try... don't let the reviews harping on an adorable little dragon scare you away, either [not overly cutesy IMO and blends in, being very game-theme appropriate!]. : )

Re-unite Eveline with her love (who happens to be a Werecat)
August 3, 2013

This is a great new scenario from one of our great developers. It takes a while to build (a bit of talking), but once you get going, there are surprises galore. You are Eveline, adopted daughter of the famous hunter Francis, who is engaged to Aurelio, a Werecat (also known as a Felize). Of course the humans hate them, and her father tries to kill him. So he runs to the Forbidden Forest, which is beautifully drawn and every scene is wondrous. You have to find the healer and make a potion to save him. You get a baby dragon who functions as your hint button, who recharges quickly (and can eat magic balls to make him recharge immediately!) The map is interactive and shows open tasks, which can all be hidden. The mini-puzzles are very unique and interesting. No HOS in the demo. You find 10 memos which help explain the story. Didn't need the strategy guide. Of course there is also a bonus chapter. The forest is beautiful, and sets the mood of the story and makes it not creepy but enchanting. The healer gives you a recipe book and to make the first (of many# potions, you gather some items, then prepare and cook them as if you were in one of the cooking games that make you chop by following an arrow with your cursor, and stir by following a circle -- a nice, different touch. I am hooked and will buy today #with the discount even!).

Refreshingly different in many ways
August 3, 2013

What a pleasant surprise. When I began the demo, I checked out the extras (Music/Wallpaper/Concept Art/Bonus Chapter) and prepared myself for disappointment. * No collectibles nor achievements, which I love in a CE. * Only two levels of challenge (Regular and Expert) When I began to play, there were so many conversations and voice overs with rather unconvincing voices. (Strange eastern european accent for the werecat and a very youthful voice for the mature father character) No lip sinc which some will find annoying HOWEVER, when the game finally got going, it was really quite refreshing. There are: * 70 memos to collect in your journal * An interactive map showing location and tasks * A fiery little helper who also acts as a hint * Lots of new and interesting puzzles (which I skipped in the interest of getting as far as I could). Most are really quite challenging and thought provoking. * NOT ONE HOS! Plenty of pickups but no lists or junkpiles The storyline began to engage me as, although it is another 'rescue fiance' story, it is very different. As well as the rescue story, there is the mystery of our heroine's origins. With the lack of achievements/collectibles, I would normally wait for the SE but, this one has caught me hook, line and sinker. I will just have to buy it and this time I will master those tricky puzzles. Do try the demo and STICK WITH IT for the FULL hour, you will be glad you did!

Wonderful Game!
August 6, 2013

I found this game a little sluggish and over texted at the beginning, but as I got further into the story line, the more intriguing it became. Stick with it and I am sure most of you will enjoy it as well as I did. I rarely review, but some of the negative things that people found as they were rating it prompted me to invite you to please try this game. The graphics were very well done, and the colors and images were excellent. I loved the characters in this game and found myself tossed back into my childhood, recalling all the mystical faery tales that I grew up on. If your a romantic in that respect, I think you will find this game appealing. The only downfall to this game, was the over abundant text, and the way it ended. I have a feeling it was left to include a follow up game one day... I recommend this game for the young at heart, the romantic and those who want something that is just a little less dark than most games on here.

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