Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess

  • Thousands of riddles to solve.
  • Over 30 beautiful scenes.
  • Innovative game play.
  • Don't forget the newest riddle! The Moonlight Sonatas
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 49

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As the Chief Archaeologist and most experienced in Mayan culture, the Embassy has sent you to investigate the mysterious demise of the last known royal Mayan family. The royal family supposedly died in 1536, yet artifacts left by the Mayan princess have been uncovered dating back to 1556 - twenty years after her supposed death. Your mission is to solve the riddles surrounding the artifacts to uncover what really happened to the royal family.


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Genre : Puzzle

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Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess
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Game Description:

Solve the riddles surrounding ancient artifacts to uncover what really happened to the last known royal Mayan family.

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Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess game play Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess game play



Different, worth trying

I'm reviewing the demo. The game relies primarily on riddles. It was refreshing in the beginning, but there wasn't enough variety of tasks to keep up my interest enough to buy the game. Strangely, I still recommend you at least try it, partly because of its original gameplay, and partly because it doesn't fall into the gothic-cutesy pit that most BF games do.


Been a while since I played this game but what I remember the graphics are great (big fan of drawn graphics) and the level of challenge was good. Not a difficult game to play but enough of a challenge to keep going.


This is good alternative to and HO game, had different little mini-games as well as the riddles (some are a little too abstract and perhaps Americanised than a 'over the pond' player may have needed or wanted. The storyline was good and a good 'history lesson' as I discovered the history of the Mayan. The hour was over quickly and as this game was an 1/2 price offer I decided to buy. I would probably only recommend if you were to use a 'punch', voucher, game credit, or if it is on offer, don't think I would have paid full price. Though good for the price it is now.


This game was part of the bonus material at the end of Enlightenus II and what a surprise. I mean the entire game was provided; 19 levels that took me over 7.5 hours to play. This was my first experience with a riddle game and I really liked it. It did get repetitious at times; same locations and often the same riddles, but the storyline was something that made me want to see the next chapter. In this game, you are given a riddle that you have to solve in order to figure out what object you must find in the accompanying HOS. After solving x number of riddles and finding the matching objects, you then played a rotating tile puzzle to read the next chapter about the fate of the Mayan princess. I played the timed mode and I think I ran out of time about 3 times and had to start all over. The time limit includes both the HOS's and the puzzle at the end of each level. So if I was slow solving the riddles and finding the objects, then I didn't have time to solve the puzzle. Some of the puzzles were difficult also. You are only allowed 5 hints for each level. I do have to say that, even after figuring out what object I was looking for, they were sometimes very hard to find as the majority of the objects are extremely small. But, then, that was part of the challenge. After this, I'm sure I will be playing more riddle games.

Not fun at all

First of all, I HATE timed games. I bought this game based on other reviews and would not have bought it had I known it was timed. The riddles are ok but so repetitive that I got bored within the first 10 minutes. I won't even finish playing it. The answers to the riddles are quite hard to find - not because they're challenging but because the graphics are quite poor. Just not a fun game at all.

Riddled with riddles

I should had read the reviews and the description of this game closer. I had no clue that this was a game filled with riddles. In order to find the hidden object, you have to be able to solve the riddles. This wasn't one of my favorite games, but far from being the worst. The graphics are great. The riddles get harder as you go along. I fought a few with trying to solve the riddles then the puzzles in the alotted time frame. If you are into riddles, then this game is for you. I got agrivated and had to take several breaks with this game. It was just too many riddles all at once for me.

This is mediocre at best

Someone said that the graphics were nice in this game which was one part of why I bought it. I'm an artist and take great pleasure from some of the art in games - it is astonishing sometimes. Not this time - really boring and uninspired. Not at all evoking anything to do with the time frame. And Pizarro conquered Peru, not Mexico! Also, the objects can be hard to discern - did the makers feel that darkness would substitute for imagination? I think I'm going to remove this from my computer.

Too repetitive

An ever increasing grid of static hidden object puzzles where the clues are riddles rather than directly descriptive words. The riddles are hard/easy depending on your general knowledge/intelligence/observational skills and there IS a background story that is shown as a puzzle between chapters of the HOGs. It was interesting, but too repetitive both in style and repeat showings of the same puzzle screens, I left the game after a few hours because I suddenly realized I no longer wanted to live and I don't feel it deserves the overall 4 stars it's received by voters.

Unusual and absorbing

OK I'm no expert, but it took me five and a half hours spread over two days to complete this, and I'll be happy to replay it quite soon. I've owned Forgotten Riddles Moonlight Sonata for nearly two years now but have only just discovered Mayan Princess. The graphics are not so clear and the scenes are more cluttered than in Moonlight Sonata, but the riddles are just as much fun and the scenes are varied and interesting. More like this, please!

Very fun!

Much like the first game in the 'Forgotten Riddles' series this game includes a great storyline along with a very unique way of finding clues. Much like the first game also my major problem was that it was way too short and I had it finished within an hour or two of buying it. It was a little longer than the first but not enough to really get your moneys worth. It also gets less interesting when you replay it as by that time all those hard riddles before come easily and there is no longer a challenge, as once you solve the riddle, finding the item is most often not difficult at all.

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