Frankenstein: The Dismembered Bride

  • Fantastic graphics
  • Incredible gameplay
  • Save Janet from Frankenstein!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 92

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Help Brad save Janet, his fiancée, from Frankenstein’s crazy experiments in Frankenstein: The Dismembered Bride! Janet has been missing for several months but Brad has finally tracked her down to Bavaria. Explore the mysterious house owned by Lord Albrecht von Frankenstein and save Janet before it is too late in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

August 31, 2011

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3510 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

"Intense Game''
November 29, 2011

Well, I guess I am "odd man (female) out". Either you like it or you don't. "I like it". Found it rather interesting. The screaming only lasted for a while. I guess you have never watched a scary movie, where you hear blood gurgling screams, like deep bubbling noise that liquid makes when it is poured from a bottle the whole entire movie. What about that? Any way it's a game not a marriage.

Frankenstein: The Dismembered Bride
January 17, 2012

This has to be one of the worst hidden games I have ever played. Thank god I didn't pay for it, I would of been upset to pay to be bored, when was it made in the late 70's. Not even worth the time to download it.

had the potential to be good, but wasn't
July 4, 2012

I had to force myself to complete this game. Really, I did. It's bad on your eyesight, because the objects are so small you're constantly squinting at your screen. I put that it's really challenging because how hard it is to find the objects. Most are so hard to find that you want to just stop playing the game (see first line, lol). The plot was eh. If they'd made the game longer, put better graphics in, and not rushed the whole thing...maybe I'd rate it better. If you go against my word and play, you'll see what I mean. But for me, it was a headache, figuratively and literally. I was grateful it was a freebie game with a two-collector pack I got at wal*mart, or I'd be p'od. Would I play it again? No.

Jokey Frankenstein game - no real blood!
November 2, 2012

This is one of a series of HdO games by Anuman which judging by other reviews people either love or hate. They certainly do things differently, and some objects get lost in translation. Tub, in this game, can mean anything from a jerrycan to a copper pan or a rusty barrel, and at one point it lists canvases when you need to click on cobwebs. But if you do get to like the way the series does things, this just becomes part of the game. My other favourites in the series are Around the World in 80 Days-The Challenge, The Three Musketeers-D'Artagnon and the 12 Diamonds, Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp, and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-The Strange Case. Public Enemies Bonnie and Clyde I found difficult and boring, and 20,000 leagues Under the Sea-Captain Nemo didn't work at all for me. Secrets of the Vatican-The Holy Lance - I've played the trial hour and I'm still undecided whether to buy it. By Googling Anuman I've found the whole list of this series, and though at first I was disappointed at not being able to find all of them on Big Fish, given the variable quality of the ones I have found maybe I haven't missed anything! Instructions in Frankenstein could be better, I don't think it tells you anywhere that you can zoom into some screens with your mouse wheel, and this is the only game in the series, as far as I know, which confuses you with lots of arrows in scenes rather than leading you to the next location. Game length is usually less than 3 hours, and in replay less than 2, but as I said, if you happen to like the series these things don't matter.

Mediocre game
July 22, 2013

Trying to see the HOs was my greatest problem with this game. Some scenes are too dark and squinting at the monitor doesn't help. The plot is silly but that was expected. And with some scenes having 3 or 4 arrows... I didn't always know which way to go so ended going in circles. That got old fast. The puzzles were the type I hate, where 3 items move at a time, so I just skipped most of them. This is not my favorite game and I'll probably uninstall it as I doubt I'd play it again.

Not impressed
December 18, 2011

TERRIBLE GRAPHICS - played 20 mins then trashed it.

Poor graphics & badly designed mini games
January 14, 2012

Well the title sounded interesting so I decided to try the game out but I simply could not last more than 25 minutes. The graphics are average but the scenes were very dark, the music overly dramatic & the background sounds sort of ok; screams, ticking clocks, the type of thing which matches the subject matter; but they did get tiresome. The hidden objects were tiny, not very well drawn & hard to find & although there is a magnifying glass which helps; when you moved the scene in magnify mode it was very jerky. When there is an important object it will be covered by a light, sometimes if you click on the object it will disappear & behind it will be other H0 items, sometimes it will be an item to add to your inventory. There were only a couple of mini games during my short demo & there were too many icons; you can?t just click to swap squares or turn them, you have to click on an icon to determine which move to make then click another icon to make a different type of move. The main character is quite cartoonish & keeps having weird things on his hair, first it was something that looked like a big drop of water, I couldn?t work out if it was supposed to be sweat or a Bluetooth ; then what looked like lightning bolts (presumably he was having a brainwave). At the point when a brain appeared & started talking is when I threw in the towel & stopped the game. It is a shame the graphics & the way the mini games are played are not better as this could have been a funny game to play; it is obvious that the writer has a sense of humour. However I cannot get past the fact that it is awkward & clunky to actually play so it is a no buy for me.

This is a funny, macabre game
July 19, 2013

Okay, I'm juvenile. I liked this game! Sometimes a person just wants to play a short, innocuous game, and this fits the bill. I liked the silly, cartoonish characters and the inane comments. Also, since I'm a "mature" person [all right, I admit I'm a grandma - got a problem with that?], I really appreciated the fact that I could enlarge the screen when hunting for some of the smaller items. Expert players probably wouldn't like this game, but it's great for beginners. Try it - you might like it.

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