• 75 levels
  • Bonus games
  • 2 gameplay modes
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

Review for game: Galapago

Match and collect beautiful island creatures, then watch as they turn to gold! This unforgettable journey will take you from beach to jungle to volcano. But you have to reach the top before the volcano erupts to win the ultimate treasure. Choose your difficulty level and your destiny by following your own path around the island. Lose yourself in this exotic setting


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Collect and match amazing island creatures as you journey from beach to jungle to volcano

AFERON - BigFishGames
Galapago game play Galapago game play

A Cute Match 3!

This M3 is so bright and colorful! While the levels of difficultly are not so difficult, it does take some strategy to succeed. There are a lot of different icons on the board so trying to get those lined up that you need, can be a challenge! Also, the icons don't cascade down in a straight line, so it's unpredictable. The talking heads on the side also add fun to this really cute game. It's a great M3 for just having fun!


my favourite game! for relaxing!

Cute and funny, but...

Pros: cute graphics, timed/untimed options Cons: aggressively timed in timed mode, powerup issues I stumbled upon Galapago while surfing through the M3 back catalog at Big Fish and the graphics looked so cute and colorful that I decided to play a trial and promptly bought it after the demo ended. You are trying to save the creatures of Galapago from the volcano and will journey all over their island home to do so. The playing style is swap M3 and to win each board you must clear it of all gold squares and blocked tiles. There are two shrunken head characters hanging from a tree to the left of the playing field who are hilarious to listen to and are happy to chatter more if you click on them. There's also the just as funny "mute heads" box to check in the game options if you'd rather just play the game. I would strongly recommend that the game be played in untimed mode, as the timer is the most aggressive one I've seen since the first two Bejeweled games. Three to four minutes for a board is doable for an experienced M3er in the first half of the game, but I had to switch to untimed at around 70% completion to keep going. Perhaps I'm missing some logic to the later boards, but I wonder if the devs forgot to extend the timer as the boards got harder. A few other things which I found frustrating about Galapago were the special lightning pieces which the game purports to be silver, but did not appear any different than regular tiles on my screen, the slow powerup recharge in later levels, and powerups not clearing blocked tiles. The lightning strikes remove either a vertical or horizontal row and would have been a lot more useful if it wasn't a case of matching and hoping that a tough spot somewhere else in the board would get cleared, or setting something up only to get that row zapped unexpectedly. There are only two different types of blocked tiles in Galapago which doesn't sound like an awful lot considering the variety of obstacles in some other M3s, but nearly all of the power

fun match 3 game

I played this game and finished it under timed mode a long time ago. I loved it, I was hooked and would wake up and start playing lol. I enjoyed it, it is a very old game as someone stated. I would also LOVE an updated version of this game. May not be for everybody, but as I said I enjoyed it.

Galapago - Match 3 Game

icon setups were not challenging; screen paints repetitive and rather juvenile; although quite fast-paced..

My favourite game in 2006

This was the first game I bought from BFG. Would love to see a more modern version. I love match3 and I love critters so this was gonna be a good one for me anyway. Bear in mind that this game is now 5 years old and things have progressed very quickly since then.

nothing for me

Too colorful to pass each other. It makes me nervous when playing. Too bad, but not for me.

Very Tedious

very boring and repetitive the only thing you seem to do in it is match three & "catch" the critters jumping off the board for bonus points. While in other match three games you can use the points for upgrades,the points in this game seems useless. I guess you would only like it if you like nonstop match three. There doesn't seem to be a plot either. It was so boring I didn't even finish the game nor the hour long trial. PS. Always try the free trial version before buying.

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